Eni Australia

Eni is an integrated energy company, active in around 70 countries, with more than 78,000 employees. Eni operates in oil and natural gas, refining and marketing, power generation, petrochemicals, engineering and construction. As part of its growth strategy for the South East Asian region, eni began acquiring assets in Australia in 2000.

In Australia, eni operates the Woollybutt oil field (65% equity) in the Carnarvon Basin and is developing two new projects: the Blacktip Project (100%), to supply gas for the generation of electricity in Northern Territory and the Kitan Oil Project (40% and Operator) in the Joint Petroleum Development Area (JPDA) in the Timor Sea.

The Blacktip Project comprises an unmanned fixed Well Head Platform (WHP), located at the Blacktip gas field, approximately 110 kilometres offshore from Wadeye in the Northern Territory, a subsea pipeline from the WHP to the coast at Yelcherr Beach near Wadeye and an Onshore Gas Plant (OGP) two and a half kilometres inland from the coast.

A Social Impact Assessment was undertaken for the Blacktip Project to identify and assess the social consequences that might arise from the Project, particularly the construction and subsequent operation of the OGP. A resulting Social Impact Management Plan indentified potential social risks and opportunities that might arise and proposed strategies for mitigating adverse impacts and enhancing opportunities.

The primary objective of eniís support of AFL NTís activities in Wadeye is mitigation of the risk that the Project causes significant increases in vandalism and theft, leading to rises in negative youth engagement with the police and the justice system.