Brother John Pye
Hall of fame

Brother John Pye


The late Brother John Pye, MSC, OAM was an extraordinary man. Famed for bringing the game of football to the outlying parts of the Territory, he has a special place in the hearts of all football loving Territorians.

It was not long after arriving at the Bathurst Island Mission in 1942 that Brother Pye introduced Australian Rules Football to the Islanders. He used football as a means of promoting relations on the islands and regularly organised inter-community matches.

In 1951 Brother Pye was involved in the formation of St Mary’s Football Club and was the driving force behind the formation of the Tiwi Island Football League (TIFL) in 1969/70.

Affectionately described as ‘Mr Football’ Brother Pye’s vision, wisdom and leadership resonates today. It is impossible to say how many thousand of lives Brother John Pye touched by introducing football to the Tiwi Islands and other remote parts of the NT but by enshrining this wonderful man into the AFLNT Hall of Fame thousands more will know of this great man and his contribution to football in the Northern Territory.

Years active
1941 to 1995