NTFL Club of the Year Award

Thanks to Statewide Super

Congratulations to the Waratah Football Club on winning the Big Club division award and the Tiwi Bombers Football Club on taking home the honours in the Small Club division for the 2018/19 season. See here for the end of season results here

For the 2018/19 TIO NTFL season, the Statewide Super NTFL Club of the Year Award was re-introduced with a focus on encouraging club development and positive behaviour.

The clubs have been broken into two divisions based on their size and the number of teams they manage across the different NTFL grades (and divisions). In season 2018/19 the average number of teams across the 14 clubs is 7.5 teams per club.

Any club with 8 or more teams was put into the Big Club division. Any clubs with 7 or fewer teams were put into the Small Club division. 

The purpose of separating clubs into the divisions is to make it equitable for the clubs to compete against similar sized clubs that face comparable challenges and opportunities. 

The criteria remain the same for both Big Club and Small Club, and is broken down into distinct areas (listed below), with the awards to be presented on the night of the Nichols Medal in March 2019.

Big Club division

  • Darwin Buffaloes
  • Nightcliff
  • Palmerston
  • Southern Districts
  • St Mary's
  • Wanderers
  • Waratah

Small Club division

  • Banks Bulldogs
  • Big River Hawks
  • Jabiru
  • PINT
  • Tiwi Bombers
  • Tracy Village
  • University Rats

On field performance

A score out of 100 will be awarded simply by calculating the club’s wins in all home and away games played by that club, in the form of a percentage (maximum of 100 points).

Teams playing in Under 14 competitions and above will be included in these calculations.


For each instance of the below list, the associated point score will be deducted from the club’s total.

  • Red cards/send-offs (10 points)
  • Suspensions (10 points)
  • Breaches of By-Laws, Rules & Regulations (10 points)
  • Code of Conduct breaches and breaches of the Racial Vilification Guidelines (20 points)

Strong club

Points will be allocated to each club for the following:

  • AFL Club Improvement Program (10 points)
  • Good Sports Program (10 points)
  • Current Club Business or Strategic Plan (10 points)
  • Current and Active DV Action Plan (10 points)
  • A club will also get 7.5 points for each team it has entered in any grade (including the divisions) of the 2018/19 NTFL season (7.5 points per team)

Prize money for 2018/19 season

Big Club division

1st Prize: $7,000
2nd Prize: $3,000
3rd Prize: $2,000

Small Club division

1st Prize: $2,000
2nd Prize: $1,000
3rd Prize: $500

From the 2019/20 season, there will also be a 'Most Improved Club', which will carry a prize of $2,000.