Mark Dodge (President) - 0408 583 447
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Home ground
PSC BM Oval, Nightcliff
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PO Box 761, Nightcliff NT 0814
TIO NTFL Men's Premier League
TIO NTFL Men's Division 1
TIO NTFL Men's Division 2
TIO NTFL Under 12 Atkinson
TIO NTFL Under 12 Deslandes
TIO NTFL Under 14 Gundersen
TIO NTFL Under 14 Lewfatt
TIO NTFL Under 15 Girls
TIO NTFL Under 16 Hickman
TIO NTFL Under 16 Leverence
TIO NTFL Under 18 Boys
TIO NTFL Under 18 Girls
TIO NTFL Women's Premier League

Nightcliff Football Club has competed in the NTFL competition in Darwin, Northern Territory since it entered as the Works & Housing team in 1950.

The Club has its own home ground at the Nightcliff Oval (PSCBM Insurance Oval) situated adjacent to the Nightcliff Sports Club. 

The Nightcliff Football Club was originally formed as Works and Housing Football Club in 1950 and competed in the 1950/51 NTFL season; the club was renamed Nightcliff Football Club in 1963/64.

In the early 70’s the football club established the Nightcliff Sports Club which is now an icon of the suburb and the football club is the proud senior affiliate of the Sports Club.