It has been a big year in remote and regional NT, with AFLNT staff busy coordinating the different grand finals.


Here are the 2017 results from the senior divisions, right across the NT:


Galiwinku Football Association (GFA) 
Saturday 17 June 2017
Blues 11.13.79
Bombers 10.7.67
Best on Ground: Quinton Gurruwiwi – Blues

Maningrida Football League (MFL)
Saturday 22 July 2017
Lions 15.10.100
Malamalarra (Seagulls) 11.11.77
Best on Ground: Xavier Darcy – Malamalarra

Gove Australian Football League (GAFL)
Saturday 2 September 2017
Djarrak 11.6.72
Gupu 9.12.66 
Best on Ground: Matt Campbell – Djarrak

Big River Football League (BRFL, located in Katherine)
Saturday 16 September 2017
Eastside 12.10.82 
Camels 4.6.30
Morris Medal: Stephen Rory – Eastside

Barkly Australian Football League (BAFL)
Saturday 16 September 2017
Spitfires 8.10.58 
Hawks 8.7.55
Best on Ground: Tyler Horwood and Matthew Green won in a hung vote – both from Spitfires

Central Australia Football League (CAFL)
Saturday 23 September 2017
Rovers 14.11.95 
Federal 9.12.66
Everingham Medal: Dylan Barry – Rovers

Groote Eylandt Football League (GEFL)
Saturday 23 September 2017
Cats 9.13.67
Hawks 7.2.44
Best on Ground: Basil Bara – Hawks
Best Under 18 on Ground: Byron Marawili – Cats

Wadeye Football League
Saturday 9 December 2017
Peppimenarti Bulldogs 9.5.59
Nanga Crows 7.6.48
Best on Ground:  Adam Sambono - Bulldogs

The Northern Territory Football League (NTFL) season kicked off on Friday, October 6 2017 and is scheduled to conclude with the Men's Premier League Grand Final on Saturday 17 March 2018. 

Here are some of the best shots from the different AFLNT remote grand finals.