MLLLC Education Programs

Improving educational outcomes for remote indigenous children.

The Michael Long Learning and Leadership Centre (MLLLC) education programs are an AFL initiative designed to improve educational outcomes for remote Indigenous children. Since the establishment of the MLLLC in 2015 more than 1,200 students have participated our programs.

Using football as a vehicle to increase school attendance, MLLLC’s Make Your Mark and Employment Pathways Leadership Programs, focus on improving school attendance and engagement, student behaviour, completion of secondary education, work readiness and awareness of opportunities.

The MLLLC Make your Mark Leadership Program encompasses 15 weeks of community-based education and leadership lessons and a one-week education residential program at the MLLLC. AFLNT’s team of Remote Development Managers support the delivery of the community-based elements of these programs.

The program includes AFL-themed literacy and numeracy lessons, team-building activities, healthy-lifestyle education, AFL game development and NT Thunder mentoring sessions.

The program simulates a short-term boarding school experience and includes visits to and engagement in, classes at local Darwin boarding schools, visits to Parliament House, the museum, the beach and other local attractions. These experiences help to develop student confidence and awareness of activities and opportunities available to them.

Launched in 2018, the MLLLC Employment Pathways Program caters for students aged 14 to 17. This program includes a one week stay at the centre and provide students with awareness of employment opportunities and pathways to achieve, through engagement with local education and employment agencies.

The MLLLC works with schools to customise the program to suit individual needs. Our core content is aligned to the National Australian Curriculum.

The MLLLC is committed to continual development and improvement, whilst also expanding our programs to provide more opportunities for young Territorians.

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