The 2010 Quit Now Cup was held on the 9th of September at Cazaly’s Oval, Palmerston. This year’s format was different to previous years in that it was a round robin carnival.

Four teams took part in the competition after some late withdrawals. 

•    Palmerston High School                
•    Taminmin High School        
•    Darwin High School
•    Kormilda Senior College

Once again the competition was given great support from the Government Department of Health and Families and the ‘Quit Now’ smoking initiative who kindly donated sporting goods for the winning schools. Ted and Jody (picture below) came out for the day and opened the competition in the morning with a valuable talk on the dangers of smoking tobacco and other substances.  
They had a table set up with information regarding these issues. The main attraction was a preserved lung of a smoker who had smoked two packs a day for 25 years. The sight of this should have been enough to turn anyone away from smoking as it was blackened throughout from tar and had a tumour the size of a cricket ball. 

On the field, a high standard of football was played throughout the day despite the warm and humid conditions. It was unfortunate that Casuarina Secondary College, Marrara Christian College and St Johns College were unable to partake in the completion as they boast a lot of good players in this age group. However, this did not dampen the atmosphere of the day or the standard of the competition.

Kormilda Senior College were the dominant team of the day, producing an exciting brand of football and winning all of their games finishing in first place. Taminmin and Darwin High Schools were in a close battle for 2nd and 3rd place with Darwin narrowly winning one more game to put them above on the ladder. Palmerston High School was gallant all day but lost some close games and finished in fourth place. 

1st place – Kormilda Senior College        Best Player:  Matt Duffy
2nd place – Darwin High School              Best Player:  Brandon Quinn
3rd place – Taminmin High School           Best Player:  Brett Rice
4th place – Palmerston High School        Best Player:  Lionel Odgen

Despite some injuries, it was an enjoyable day and each school played with great sportsmanship and earned some valuable sporting goods for their school. A big thankyou to all participating schools, Palmerston Magpies FC for the use of their facilities, and Ted and Jody from The Department of Health and Families for coming out and showing their support. Hopefully each participant took something out of the purpose of this competition and will endeavour to live a healthy active smoke free lifestyle.