On the back of The Pathway To Excellence Strategy and Vision presentation, AFLNT will be making a formal bid for the 2013 National Women’s Championships to be held in Darwin.

“We are extremely proud of the progress we have made in Women’s Football and we feel we are one of the leaders of developing and embracing Women’s football,” said AFLNT CEO Tony Frawley.

The Northern Territory has the largest per capita participation rates in the Country for Women’s football but also has the largest league in the World per head of population in Galiwinku.

“Galiwinku is a prime example of the passion and drive that women in the NT want to be part of the football scene and we at AFLNT want to assist breaking down the barriers and negative stigma that is attached to Women’s Football.”

Since 2007, AFLNT have set up five new youth girls competitions and numerous other new women’s senior competitions.

The AFL School Ambassador program has 75 females on board out of the 160 in 2012.

Jan Cooper, AFL Women’s Development Manager was at the AFLNT Conference this week and has thrown her support behind the concept viewing Darwin as at the forefront of women’s football.

“Game development in NT is run by a group of very dedicated personnel, who are doing an outstanding job in engaging young people in our great game,” said Cooper.

“When you consider the remoteness of many of the communities and complexities of other communities they are achieving incredible results.”

“In respect to female football, AFLNT are a model of best practice, they have performance measures across all departments strategically and boast an inclusive talent pathway, something I am keen for other states to adopt.”

AFLNT will continue in discussions with the AFL to a submit a tender for the 2013 National Women’s Championship Carnival.