Around the Camp Fire Cup - results

Pinktails at the Around the Camp Fire Cup

The Pinktails went away to represent the Central Australian Community in the Around the Camp Fire Cup the results were very positive. 

Game 1

Pinktails v Port Adelaide

Pinktails 6-12 - 48 
Port Adelaide   0-0 - 0
The pressure and team 1 percenters were good but the kicking in front of goal was less than average leading to many rush behinds potentially from over-excitement.  
Lauren Taylor 2, Shoneeka Abbott, Kirstin Remfrey, Charlotte Birch and Tahlia Holtze 
Ebony Miller             6
Sarah Carmody        5
Lauren Taylor           4
Laissa Crowby         3
Rhaionnon Banner   2
Anya Riley                1

Game 2

Pinktails v SA Aboriginal All stars
Pinktails 8-4 - 52 
SA All Stars 2-1 - 13
With the pressure building and lifting from the previous game coupled with a much calmer thought process in front of goal, the result speaks for its self with the Pinktails ending on top.
 Lauren Taylor 3, Cindy Drover, Besse Renehan and Charlotte Birch
Viviana Petyarre           6
Moesha McCormack    5
Lauren Taylor               4
Melissa Hayes             3
Rhainnon Banner        2
Jordann Hickey           1

Game 3

Pinktails v Adelaide Uni
Pinktails 0-3 - 3 
Adelaide Uni 2-2 - 14
The score board did not reflect the actual game, with the Pinktails controling the majority of the match but with rushed and tired decisions in front of goal they simply did not take their opportunities. The second half was dominated by the Pinktails with the ball camped inside their 50. However with poor decision making came bad shots on goal. Jordann Hickey was outstanding all day but this particular game she was exceptional well backed up from Ebony Miller, both of these ladies were exceptional all day.
Jordann Hickey       6
Ebony Miller            5 
Kirstin Remfrey       4
Rhainnon Banner   3
Anya Riley                2
Kara Dennis             1

Grand Final

Pinktails v Adelaide Uni
Pinktails 0-0 - 3 
Adelaide Uni 4-5 - 29
The entire team did not stop trying though right to the end. The Pinktails certainly looked tired with all shots on goal not making the distance even from 12 meters out or they were out of bounds on the full.  
Ebony Miller            6
Jordann Hickey       5 
Kirstin Remfrey       4
Rhainnon Banner    3
Anya Riley               2
Kara Dennis            1