Future NT AFL stars on show for selection

The U18 boys: Redtails vs TopEnd

AFLNT will host two NAAFLS Future Stars games between the best 16 and 17-year-olds in the NT when a team from Alice Springs (Redtails) travels to Darwin this weekend.

The games will take place at 7pm on TIO Oval 2 on Friday and Saturday night, in what AFLNT High Performance Manager Wally Gallio said is an exciting opportunity for aspiring footballers to put their case forward for under 18 academy selection.

“The Redtails team is made up of players from all around Central Australia, including some of the remote Indigenous communities.

“And the Northern NT/Darwin team also consists of players from outside our immediate reach of Darwin and Palmerston. We are pleased to have players from Katherine.

Thanks to NAAFLS (North Australia Aboriginal Family Violence Legal Service), it is the first time selection for the AFLNT State Academy U18 squad has been run this way.

Friday night’s game will be between Redtails vs Northern NT and Saturday night’s game will be between the best players from both squads.

Gallio said adding the Futures games to the calendar was the culmination of hard work performed by talent staff and AFLNT remote development managers (RDMs) in the different regions.

“The RDMs are out there every day kicking footies around so they have become a reliable source of knowledge to feed back into the talent program.

“Running selection this way allows us to see players we may otherwise not be exposed to.”

Central Australia’s AFLNT Pathways Academy Coach Andy Hood said his players were eager for the opportunity.

“It’s an exciting challenge that we really respect and we have selected a squad of players who like to excite and run with the ball.

“The Redtails Academy has been training since early February and have been looking forward to this game for a long time. The Academy is made up of the CAFL junior teams and also the Remote Community Junior competition,” Hood said. 

Patrons wishing to spectate are welcome to come down and watch the future stars in action.

The sqauds are listed below:

Top End/Darwin

1          Jacon Lampton - Palmerston FC

2          James Quinn - Nightcliff FC

3          Dillen Brown - Wanderers FC

4          Ryan Althouse - Cooper - Nightcliff FC

5          Brandon Rusca - Southern Districts FC

6          Bruce Oxtoby (Jnr) - Kununurra

8          Will Gilmour - Southern Districts FC

10        James Box - Wanderers FC

11        William Bruce - Big River Hawks FC

12        Warren Rankine - Darwin Buffaloes FC

13        Marly McGregor - Nightcliff FC

14        Matthew Baker - Big River Hawks FC

15        Steven Rory (Jnr) - Big River Hawks FC

16        Kevin Turner - Big River Hawks FC

17        Malcolm Rosas - Darwin Buffaloes FC

18        Jarryd Gardner - Big River Hawks FC

19        Nelson Sonntag - Nightcliff FC

20        Jack Palmer - Southern Districts FC

21        Mitch Musgrove - St Mary’s FC

22        Brodie Lake - Southern Districts FC

23        Joel Stevens - Nightcliff FC

24        Lachlan McFarlane - Big River Hawks FC

25        Timothy Smith - Waratah FC

27        Joel Jeffrey - Wanderers FC

28        Coen Hutt - Waratah FC

29        Cody Taylor - Southern Districts FC

36        Barrindi Ngurrwuthun - Gove

37        Marcus Valastro - Waratah FC


1.         Shannon Club - Pioneer

2.         Darius Kenny - Pioneer

3.         Byron Cole - South

4.         Shawn Foster - Pioneer

5.         Isiah Stuart - South

6.         Kane Sellvallos - Pioneer

7.         Francis Bruce - Pioneer

8.         Lachy Keeble - Federal

9.         Waylon Dixon - South

10.       Adian Hookey - Federal

11.       Lazurus Ryder - Rovers

12.       Beau Lord - West

13.       Jackson Cole - Pioneer

14.       Jed Edmonds - Rovers

15.       Joshia Butter - Rovers

16.       Tory Muller - Rovers

17.       Matt Cotterill - Rovers

18.       Jamal Lynch - South

19.       Dom Forbes - Federal

20.       Ishmael Nandy - South

21.       Reggie Gallagher - Pioneer

22.       Sabian Liddle - Pioneer

23.       Caleb Gerrard - Pioneer

24.       Michael Braedon - South

25.       Mumpy Conway - South

26.       Liam McDonald - Pioneer

27.       Kendrick Hayes - South

28.       Stanley Kenny - Pioneer

29.       Dylan McCormack - South

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