U16 Boys NT Thunder Academy squad announced

ML Cup

AFL Northern Territory (AFLNT) is pleased to announce the NT Thunder Academy Under 16 Boys squad following the PUMP Michael Long Cup that was held last weekend.  

NT Thunder Academy Development Coach Jimmy Driscoll said the talent on show was exceptional and the games were played both competitively but in good spirit over the duration of the carnival.
“The speed of the game stood out and the skill level was extremely high and the calibre of the squad chosen reflects that,”
“There were some players that did not play due to either representing Australia in the Flying Boomerangs, injury or travel”.  

“Talent staff have previously identified these players and feel they more than adequately meet the selection criteria,” Driscoll said

“From here is a number of opportunities for the players including the Diversity Championships which have the Kickstart and All Nations teams, School Sports NT teams and the NT Thunder Academy Under 16 team.”

The players will train as part of their regional academies and will be available for NT representative duties once the national academy series and diversity championships begin next year.

Squad below:

Tom Barrett 
Jaden Bray
Jason Davern Jnr
Darby Geier
Antonio James
Bruce Oxtoby
Tristan Gowley
Jermaine Kidney
Theo Kortesis
Andy Moniz-Wakefield
Graham Moniz-Wakefield
Kieren Mu
Ned Stephens
Waylon Walters
Jason Baird
Clarence Baird 
Sandy Brock
Joshua Hollamby
Levi Nichaloff
Jonty Patrick 
Luke Roberts
Jaeden Watts
Southern Districts
Taj Buitenhuis
Jake Crawley
Bailey Hume
Brett Johnson
Brodie Lake 
Max Palmer
Harry Price
Kobi Russell
St Mary's  
Kye Alden
Ben  Brown
Taj  Clements
Braith Hodges
Jacob Long
Brayden Rioli   
Maurice Rioli Jnr
Thomas Swan
Colin Wilson
Tom Bara
Michael Cooper
Jai Jeffrey
Joel Jeffrey 
Tyrell Lui
Kurt McCurry-Parriman
Kshaun Rivers
Jonathon Sattler
Mark White