Big prize up for grabs for the NTFL Club of the Year

Banks Bulldogs celebrate U14 grand final win

The NTFL Club of the Year Award is back for the 2018/19 season, with a revamped points system which will make it easier to identify and reward the best and fairest club with $7,000 come season’s end. 

There is also a $3,000 prize for the club that finishes second and $2,000 for third place.

All 14 NTFL clubs are eligible and have the same opportunity to win, with the scoring taking into account three key areas:

On field performance

A score out of 100 will be awarded simply by calculating the club’s wins in all home and away games played by that club, in the form of a percentage (maximum of 100 points).
Teams playing in Under 14 competitions and above will be included in these calculations.


For each instance of the below list, the associated point score will be deducted from the club’s total.

  • Red cards/send-offs (1 point)
  • Suspensions (1 point)
  • Breaches of By-Laws, Rules & Regulations (1 point)
  • Code of Conduct breaches and breaches of the Racial Vilification Guidelines (2 points)

Strong club

Points will be allocated to each club that has completed the following (maximum of 40 points):

  • AFL Club Improvement Program (10 points)
  • Good Sports Program (10 points)
  • Current Club Business or Strategic Plan (10 points)
  • Current and Active DV Action Plan (10 points)

AFL Northern Territory (AFLNT) CEO Stuart Totham said the award had previously existed but this year’s reintroduction had clearer criteria, with a focus on ensuring the health and long-term viability of the NTFL clubs. 

“We’re excited to start this award back up and look forward to working with clubs to encourage positive behaviour both on and off the field. Strong clubs mean a strong competition and the financial incentives are a reward for the hard work they put in throughout the season.

“And come the 2019/20 season we will also be in a position to award a ‘Most Improved Club’ based on the points system,” he said. 

The AFLNT football operations team will be responsible for keeping a running tally of the scores, and the winning club will be revealed at the 2019 Nichols Medal. 

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