Central Allies selection about to get underway in the NT

Central Allies 2017

Round 1 of the 2018 NAB AFL Women's Series where players will vie for Central Allies team selection kicks off in Darwin this Friday when NT Thunder Academy take on South Australia at TIO Stadium.
There are two games that will be played, 8:00pm Friday 25 May and 8:30am Sunday 27 May. From these games a combined team will be selected to form the Central Allies. *Note: Friday night was originally scheduled for an 8pm start but has since been changed to 8:30pm.
The Central Allies will be heading to the Gold Coast in July to participate in rounds 2 and 3 of the NAB AFL Women’s Under 18 National Championships. 
A squad of 30 Northern Territory players (see below) will participate in the two games aiming to secure a Central Allies spot. 
The NT Thunder Under 18 Women’s Academy consists of players from Alice Springs (Shoneeka Abbott, Rachel Hartung, Shaquille Swan), Gove (Shanita Garrawurra), Katherine (Billie Byers, Mavis Dunn) and the Tiwi Islands (Arthurina Moreen, Michaline Mungatopi, Freda Puruntatameri).
There is also plenty of Darwin-based talent, with all players being given guidance under the direction of NT Thunder U18 Women’s Academy coach and NTFL Nightcliff Men’s Premier League coach, Chris Baksh. 
Overseeing the program is AFLNT Development Coach, Jimmy Driscoll who said he is pleased with the number of second year academy players that have been named in the NT squad. 
“A lot of girls named this year played last year and I believe the experience they already have will prove invaluable. 
“This is a fantastic opportunity for our young Territory footballers to showcase their talent in the hope that they make it into the Central Allies squad.
“This year we’ve a talented pool of players to choose from and I can’t wait to see what they’ve got,” said Driscoll.  

The 2018 NT Thunder Under 18 Women's squad

Jumper # Name Height DOB League Club/ local Club
1 Emily HILL 155cm 25/11/2000 Wanderers Football Club
2 Madeline GAULT 157cm 9/2/2000 Waratah Football Club
3 Tabitha MAY 157cm 17/07/2000 Palmerston Football Club
4 Tayla HART-ALUNI 162cm 4/8/2001 Darwin Buffaloes Football Club
5 Joelle KANTILLA 160cm 25/10/2000 Waratah Football Club
6 Sherayane PURUNTATAMERI 158cm 10/11/1999 Waratah Football Club
7 Tishara DAVERN 168cm 19/10/2000 Wanderers Football Club
8 Danielle PONTER 161cm 1/8/2000 St. Mary's Football Club
9 Michaline MUNGATOPI 157cm 22/12/2001 Tiwi Bombers Football Club
10 Janet BAIRD 160cm 1/12/2000 Palmerston Football Club
11 Mavis DUNN 162cm 11/11/2000 Big Rivers Hawks Football Club
12 Stevie BROWN 155cm 9/3/2000 St. Mary's Football Club
13 Dominique CARBONE 155cm 25/09/2001 Darwin Buffaloes Football Club
14 Elouise CALMA 156cm 14/06/2001 St. Mary's Football Club
15 Shoneeka ABBOTT 158cm 15/10/2001 Alkamilya Football Club
16 Shaquille SWAN 161cm 13/12/2000 Pioneers Football Club
17 Stephanie WILLIAMS 159cm 27/01/2002 Darwin Buffaloes Football Club
18 Billie BYERS 162cm 10/1/1999 Big Rivers Hawks Football Club
19 Alysha HEALY 167cm 29/09/2000 Waratah Football Club
20 Martha DE SANTIS 158cm 13/04/2000 Darwin Buffaloes Football Club
21 Brittne HAYES 170cm 19/04/2000 Wanderers Football Club
22 Kiarra WILLIAMS-BROWNE 161cm 28/06/2000 Wanderers Football Club
23 Arthurina MOREEN 167cm 3/2/2000 Tiwi Bombers football club
24 Yasmen ROE 168cm 25/12/2000 Alkamilya Football Club
25 Rachel HARTUNG 171cm 14/06/2001 Rovers Football Club
26 Bella CLARKE 172cm 22/05/2001 Southern Districts Football Club
27 Shanite GARRAWURRA 171cm 15/01/2000 Djarrak Football Club
28 Freda PURUNTATAMERI 172cm 20/03/2001 Tiwi Bombers Football Club
29 Molly ALTHOUSE 173cm 7/5/2002 Darwin Buffaloes Football Club
30 Jessie BROCK 180cm 16/09/2000 Palmerston Football Club