Gove and Big Rivers regions gearing up for representative football

Gove Miwatj Cup

Football players and officials from the Big Rivers region arrive in Gove tonight after a long 12-hour drive for a weekend of representative football between the two regions vying for the Miwatj Cup.

The best male and female football players from Gove and the Big Rivers regions are eagerly preparing to take to the field and play representative football on Friday 28 September.

Players from as far as Lajamanu and Kalkarindji will represent the Big Rivers team while players from Elcho Island will fly in to pull on the Gove representative jumper. 

The first game will be the Women’s match at 5pm followed by the Men’s game at 7pm under lights at Yirrkala Oval.

The event has been supported by many organisations and there will be some high-profile figures in attendance including Steven Motlop from the Port Adelaide Football Club, Charlie King and Adrian McAdam from the NO MORE Campaign and NT Police Superintendent Tony Fuller. 

Representatives from NTFL clubs Darwin Buffaloes and Wanderers are also going to be in attendance as they have strong relationships with clubs from the regions.

Traditional custodian of the Yidaki didgeroo in Gove, Larry Gurruwiwi will perform a special ceremonial Bungul dance on Sunday for the participants which will be a highlight.  Katherine players will also enjoy local cultural experiences such as fishing and visiting waterholes across the weekend, which their hosts have kindly offered to organise. 

AFL Northern Territory (AFLNT) Remote Projects Manager Cassidy Fitzclarence said both regions are excited about playing local representative football.

“There’s a massive buzz around the event and there has been fantastic support from so many community organisations who are passionate about having representative football back in these strong football regions of the Northern Territory. 

“This event is more than just a football game and it is very important to the people of both regions to represent their communities,” he said.

AFLNT would like to acknowledge and thank the key supporters who have enabled this event to reignite representative football for the regions including Miwatj Health, Laynhapuy Homelands Aboriginal Corporation, Gove AFL Committee, the Walkabout Hotel, Gumatj Aboriginal Corporation, Woolworths Gove and Kalano Aboriginal Corporation.

Gove Women's Team
R. Mununggurritj, S. Gurrawarra, B. Gumana, G. Mununggurr, W. Mununggurritj, K. Wununggmurra, P. Mununggurr, L.Dunn, W.Wanambi, L. Ratten, A. Mununggurr, B.Gurruwiwi, R. Marika, R. Gurrawarra, N.Roe, G. Maymuru, E. Dunn, K. Mununggurr, P. Dhagapan, M. Koops, J. Weo, R. Dunn, B. Mununggurritj, B. Yunupingu

Gove Men's Team
D. Marika, S. Dhurrkay, L. Maymuru, L. Dhurrkay, B. Ngurrwuthun, I. Burrawanga, B. Bromot, N. Djerrkura, R. Marika, R. Gurruwiwi, S. Christie, M. Gurruwiwi, G. Wurramarrba, W. Yunupingu, D. Maymuru, D. Mununggurr, R. Dhamarrandji, M. Gurruwiwi, J. Wunungmurra, T. Ferrier, D. Dhamarrandji, Q. Barrawanga, B. Mununggurr, M. Mininggurritj, M. Mununggurritj, N. Mununggurr

Big Rivers Women's Team
M. Blaney, N. Fridd, T. Hohn, M. Dunn, S. Ashley, L. Turner, R. Shark, E. Murphy, G. Runyu, J. Moore, R. Bush, D. Robinson, H. Forbes

Big Rivers Men's Team
K. Turner, P. Farrell, T. Seccin, M. Harrison, D.. Hood, D. Law, J. McDonald, A. Bostock, D. Ricky, A. Donald, P. Alec, B. George, L. George, S. Ladd, D. Hall, C. Davies