Inaugural Central Australia Redtails vs Top End Storm match set to delight the nation

Redtails vs Storm this Sunday

AFL Northern Territory (AFLNT) is pleased to announce the teams for XYZ game, which will be played as a curtain-raiser to the Toyota AFL Premiership Round 10 blockbuster between Melbourne and the Adelaide Crows in Alice Springs this Sunday.

The two teams consist of some of the best talent Territory football has to offer, with players from Alice Springs and Darwin being joined by their remote teammates from regions such as Galiwin'ku, Gove, Groote Eylandt, Hermmansburg, Katherine, Lajamanu, Papunya, Tennant Creek, Ti-Tree, Tiwi Islands and Wadeye. 

In a coup for Territory football and what is the AFL’ s launch of Sir Doug Nicholls Round, the Central Australian Redtails vs Top End Storm game starts at 11:40am ACST and will be televised nationally via the AFL’s broadcast partner, Channel 7.  The broadcast commences from 11:30am. 
The Redtails will be coached by one of their own, Matt Campbell. Alice Springs raised Campbell is a former AFL player with North Melbourne and is the current Darwin Buffaloes NTFL player-coach and also a current NT Thunder player.

Not to be outdone, the Storm team will be under the guidance of former Melbourne AFL player, Tiwi Island product and experienced footballer, Austin Wonaeamirri. 

The two teams will wear specially designed guernseys featuring work by local artists.

The Redtails guernsey is designed by Curtis Haines who is from Ti-Tree but now resides in Alice Springs. 

The guernsey pays homage to a common sight in Central Australia, the beautiful red-tailed black cockatoo. Haines explained that the bird remains the focus of the design as it sits front and centre, and the surrounds represent the story of the Redtails Football Club. 

“The stick figure on the front bottom right side represents the young man who lost his life through a domestic violence incident that happened in 2010 and was the catalyst for the Redtails Football Club's inception. It is also placed there in honour of him and in recognition of another young Redtails player who we lost far too early, in 2015.

“The patterns represent all communities in our region coming together to represent Central Australia through Australian football. We come together to strengthen our region and develop ways that together we improve not only our footy but create a future that addresses our issues and celebrate our successes. 

“The guernsey is a powerful statement of unity, opportunity, pride and honour. It embraces all of us to achieve greatness,” he said. 

The Storm guernsey is a re-creation of the 2018 NT Thunder Indigenous guernsey by Nathan Djerrkura.
The former AFL and NT Thunder player is also a Yolngu man from the Wangurri clan and lives in the remote Arnhem Land town of Yirrkala and will be playing for the Top End team on Sunday. 

Djerrkura said his design was inspired by watching the spectacular storms that roll in over the ocean.

“When the lightning strikes the water, it lights up the sky and the ocean followed by a monstrous roar that shakes the earth."

“I like to relate this to our Territory teams and how they light up the oval and the crowds with their speed, freakish skills and monstrous physical attack on the ball.”

The blue colour in the Top End Storm design represents the sea across the top of the Territory, and the colours in the lightning bolt represent the colours of the traditional garments worn by different tribes and clans across the Top End.

AFLNT Manager of Talent and Pathways Wally Gallio has been overseeing the Darwin and Alice Springs contingent and said a great occasion awaits both the players and spectators.

“Australian football is the language of the NT, and the opportunity these young men have to showcase their natural flair and that fast, exciting talent we are renowned for is too good to miss.

“When they run out on Sunday they will not only do themselves proud but will carry with them the pride of their families, communities and the whole Territory,” he said. 

Fans in Alice Springs who want to get to the game at TIO Trager Park will need a valid AFL entry ticket. There are still some general admission tickets available for purchase at

Central Australia Redtails squad

Note: Final team selection will be known on Thursday morning

Player Name Football Position/s Previous/Current Football Clubs played for
Abe Ankers Midfield/Forward Federal (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL), Redtails
Ankin Abbott Defender Pioneer, Rovers (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL), Darwin Buffaloes (NTFL), Sturt (SANFL), Redtails
Baydon Ngalkin Utility Rovers, Hermannsburg (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL), Nightcliff (NTFL), Redtails
Bradley Turner Wing/Forward Federal, South, Plenty Highway (CAFL), Redtails
Braydon Weily Defender Federal, Papunya (CAFL), Redtails U18
Caleb Hart Midfield/Defender NT Thunder (NEAFL), Rovers, South (CAFL), Nightcliff (NTFL), Redtails
Cameron Glover Midfield/Defender Rovers (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL)
Curtis Haines Utility South, Rovers, Ti-Tree (CAFL), Redtails
Dominic Forbes Defender Federal (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL)
Dylan Barry Midfield/Forward Rovers, Jervois, Plenty Highway (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL), Southern Districts (NTFL), Redtails
Eric Williams Utility Pioneer (CAFL)
Faron James Utility Pioneer (CAFL), Spitfires (Barkly Australian Football League), NT Thunder (NEAFL), Nightcliff (NTFL), Redtails
Francis Bruce Midfield/Forward Pioneer (CAFL), Redtails U18
Gibson Turner Forward/Utilty Richmond (AFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL), Rovers Federal, Pioneer (CAFL), Nightcliff, Palmerston (NTFL), West Adelaide (SANFL), Redtails
Jackson Cole Defender/Utility Pioneer (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL), Redtails U18
Jamie Hampton Utility Pioneer (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL), Port Adelaide (SANFL)
Joe Roberts Midfield Federal (CAFL)
Kane Sevallos-Sedan Midfield/Forward Pioneer (CAFL), St Arnaud (North Central Football League), Redtails
Lachy Summers Ruck Wests (CAFL), Redtails
Lauchlan Lake Defender Pioneer (CAFL), Spitfires (Barkly Australian Football League), Darwin Buffaloes (NTFL), Redtails
Lee Melky Ruck Wests (CAFL)
Liam Mc Donald Midfield/Forward Pioneer, South (CAFL)
Lloyd Turner Utility South, Rovers, Santa Teresa (CAFL), Redtails
Luke Farrows Defender Rovers (CAFL), Palmerston (NTFL), Redtails
Matthew Bannister Defender/Utility Rovers (CAFL), East Fremantle (WAFL)
Michaelis McMasters Midfield/Forward South (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL), Darwin Buffaloes (NTFL), St Arnaud (North Central Football League), Redtails
Mikey Tilmouth Ruck South (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL) Redtails
Nigel Lockyer Jr Utility Rovers, South, Yuendumu (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL), Palmerston (NTFL), Redtails
Peter Nash Defender West, Rovers (CAFL), Palmerston (NTFL), Redtails
Robert Smith Midfield/Forward South, Santa Teresa (CAFL), Redtails
Rohan Armstrong Utility Rovers, South (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL), Redtails
Royce Close Utility Rovers (CAFL), Coffs Harbour Breakers (AFL North Coast)
Shanley Malbunka Defender Federal, Hermannsburg (CAFL), Redtails Country
Shawn Foster Wing Pioneer (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL), Redtails U18
Thomas Gorey Forward Federal, Pioneer, South, Santa Teresa (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL), Redtails
Toshie Kunoth Utility Rovers, Plenty Highway (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL), Redtails
Zane Clarke-Edwards Utility Rovers, Plenty Highway (CAFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL), Darwin Buffaloes (NTFL)

Top End Storm team

Player Name Football Position/s Previous/Current Football Clubs played for
Alex Lantjen Forward Wudapuli Nama Dockers (Wadeye Football League)
Alistair Darcy Forward Tiwi Bombers (NTFL), Imalu Tigers (Tiwi Islands Football League)
Austin Wonaeamirri Midfield/Forward Tiwi Bombers, St Mary's FC (NTFL), North Cairns Tigers, Cairns City Lions (Cairns AFL), Modewarre Warriors (Bellarine Football League), Melbourne (AFL), Norwood (SANFL)
Frank Burarruwunga Jerry Gapirri Defender Djarrak (Gove Australian Football League), Darwin Buffaloes Football Club (NTFL)
Harley Puruntutameri Midfield/Forward Tiwi Bombers (NTFL), Myrtleford (Ovens & Murray League), Walama Bulldogs (Tiwi Islands Football League)
Jack Munkara Midfield/Half Forward Tiwi Bombers (NTFL), Coolamon Hoppers (Riverina Football League), Pumarali Thunder and Lightning (Tiwi Islands Football League), NT Thunder (NEAFL)
Jamie Mununnggmurra Midfield Baywara Football Club (Gove Australian Football League)
Jermaine Ratjparrwarr Wunungmurra Forward Palmerston (NTFL), Old Carey (Victorian Amateurs Football Association), Hawks (Galiwin'ku Football Association)
Kayle Kossack Utility Nightcliff Tigers (NTFL), Eastside (Big Rivers Football League), NT Thunder (NEAFL)
Liam Patrick Ruck/Forward Gold Coast Suns (AFL), Lajamanu Swans (Big Rivers League and Lajamanu Football League), Wanderers (NTFL), NT Thunder (NEAFL)
Lionel Dhakuwarr Wing/Midfield/Defender St Mary's (Galiwin'ku Football Association)
Louie Narndu Defender St Mary's (NTFL)
Marcus Hamilton Midfield/Forward Eastside (Big Rivers Football League), Southern Districts (NTFL)
Mark Lee Nyalik Wing/Forward Djarrak (Gove Australian Football League), Darwin Buffaloes Football Club (NTFL)
Nathan Djerrkura Midfield/Forward Nguykal Football Club (Gove Australian Football League) Geelong Cats (AFL), Western Bulldogs (AFL), Wanderers (AFLNT)
Nelson Wurramara Midfield Tigers (Groote Eylandt Football League)
Patrick Kossack Utility Nightcliff Tigers (NTFL), Eastside (Big Rivers Football League)
Pio Puautjimi Wing/Forward Tiwi Bombers (NTFL), Pumarali Thunder and Lightning (Tiwi Islands Football League)
Quinton Gurriwiwi Midfield/Forward Blues (Galiwin'ku Football Association)
Robbie Campbell Forward Eastside (Big Rivers Football League), Big River Hawks (NTFL)
Robbie Murrungun Midfield/Forward Swans (Groote Eylandt Football League)
Robert Tchinbururr Midfield/Forward Yekwhun Magpies (Wadeye Football League)
Winston Yunipingu Defender Gopu Football Club (Gove Australian Football League), Djarrak Football Club (Gove Australian Football League)

Please note: There were some late adjustments to the Top End Storm list published on Wednesday morning, and four new players were added to the team:

Player Name Football Position/s Previous/Current Football Clubs played for
Rick Ashley Midfielder Ramingining, NT Thunder Academy
Dillen Brown Utility Wanderers (NTFL), Tiwi Islands, NT Thunder Academy
Roy Farmer Forward Tiwi Bombers (NTFL), Imalu Tigers (Tiwi Islands Football League)
John Warnir Utility Yekwhun Magpies (Wadeye Football League)

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