Premier League wrap - Round 10


Game 1

Tiwi Bombers 2.3 4.3 6.7 11.10 (76)
Southern Districts 4.4 9.7 16.11 19.12 (126)


Tiwi Bombers: Patrick Heenan 2, Dionysuis Munkara 2, Adam Tipungwuti 2, Roy Farmer, William Huddleston, Jack Munkara, Harley Puruntatameri, Ross Tungatalum

Southern Districts: Jess Koopman 5, Leroy Jetta 3, Samuel Smith 2, Dean Staunton 2, Lee Dale, Josiah Farrer, William Farrer, Charles Mcadam, Brandon Rusca, Shane Thorne, Harrison Wheeler


A seven-goal quarter sealed the win for the crocs in their game against the bombers

The Bombers kicked the first goal in the opening term, however the Crocs then kicked away with the next three goals. For much of the rest of the quarter play was back and forth, both teams kicked a goal each in the last few minutes ahead of the first break.

The Crocs kicked five goals to two, controlling most of the second quarter as conditions improved and the ground began to dry up. The Bombers showed flashes of class, with their chase and tackle pressure but couldn't withstand Southern Districts stronger ball movement. The Bombers kicked two late goals, both brilliant long running goals to end the first half.

In a dominating final quarter by the Southern Districts they slotted an impressive seven goals to two - pretty much sealing the game by the end of the third term. The Crocs kicked the first of the last, but it was all Tiwi after that, winning the final term with 5 goals to 3, to finish the game. The Crocs just had to many winners all over the field with their defense blanketing the Bombers forwards for much of the game. It was a little too late for the Bombers, but they could at least hang their hats on their final term, something they'd like to do for four quarters next week when they looked to bounce back from a tough loss at home to a very good Southern Districts outfit.

Game 2

St Marys 3.1 6.5 13.10 14.11 (95)
Wanderers 1.3 2.5 5.8 6.11 (47)

St Marys: Nathaniel Paredes 3, Raphael Clarke 2, Mathew Jeffery 2, Shannon Rioli 2, Matthew Ferguson, John Harvey, Francis Kinthari, Tylah Saunders, Nick Yarran

Wanderers: Simon Bates 2, Davin Ferreira, Nook Mansell, Aaron Motlop, Mabo Mununggurritj


Saints score a run-away win against rivals Wanderers.

It was an exciting and fast opening term with Saints Nat Paredes kicking the first goal of the game from a set shot. It then wasn't until the 16th minute before Simon Bates got one on the board for the Muk Muks after the ball hovered in their forward 50. The Saints were quick to respond after that with some fancy footwork along the boundary and a goal thanks to Francis Kinthari. Plus, a late goal by John Harvey for St Mary's.

The Saints kept their momentum going in the second quarter with three goals. Saints Captain Shannon Rioli scored one on the run before teammate Tylah Saunders got his major as the result of a 50-meter penalty. Likewise, the Aaron Motlop kicked the only goal for the Muk Muks that quarter thanks to a 50. Then ex AFL player Matthew Ferguson got his first for the game at the 22nd minute mark. 

No time was wasted in the third term with Saints peppering three goals in the first four minutes thanks to Matthew Jeffrey, Nat Paredes and Shannon Rioli. Mabo Mununggurritj then got one on the board for Wanderers, trying to keep them in the game. Simon Bates fed of this gained momentum to score his second goal for the game in style with a speedy run on snap. Shortly after, this was followed by two impressive mid-air soccer goals from the Camden Vigona-Ross and Nat Paredes (his third for the game). Davin Ferreira responded with a goal for the Muk Muks before Raph Clarke kicked truly banging out two goals ahead of the siren.

With only two goals scored in the final quarter it was clear to see that the damage was already done before the final term. John Harvey kicked his second goal for the Saints while Wanderers 150th game milestone player, Nook Mansell got a major in the 17th minute. It's the Saints fourth victory for the season, running away with it in style

Game 3

Darwin Buffaloes 3.1 9.4 10.6 12.8 (80)
Palmerston Magpies 7.4 9.7 12.12 14.16 (100)


Darwin Buffaloes: Steven Anderson 3, Cameron Stokes 3, Darren Shillabeer 2, Arnold Punch, Jarrod Stokes, Chris Williams

Palmerston Magpies: Ian Milera 3, Mishai Perry 3, Kyle Emery 2, Mitch Bunworth, Broderick Church, Josh Grabowski, Raven Marika, Jesse Marshall, Jonty Patrick


Magpies snatched a much-deserved win from their Saturday night game against the Buffaloes.

Out of the 10 goals that were kicked that quarter there were impressively only four goal scorers. Within the opening minute, Ian Milera had kicked a major for the Magpies, he then went on to kick another two for the quarter. The other goal scorers for Palmerston were Jacon Lampton 2 and Mishai Perry 2. While Steven Anderson was the sole goal kicker for the Buffaloes, slotting all three of their much-needed goals that opening term to keep them in the contest. 

The game really tightened up in the second quarter with the Buffaloes peppering six goals through Darren Shillabeer 2, Cameron Stokes 2 and Jarrod Stokes. Cameron's second goal was right on the siren, leaving the Buffaloes within three points of Palmerston. While Broderick Church and Raven Marika were the players who kicked Palmerston's goals in the second term. 

Palmerston reinstated their hunger for the footy in the third term with Kyle Emery from a set shot scored the first goal for the quarter. Palmerston's Mishai Perry then kicked his third major of the game before Emery went back to kick another goal for the Black and White. It wasn't until the 18th minute that Chris Williams of Darwin Buffaloes scored a much-needed goal for the Double Blues to keep them in the game in the third quarter.

After leading all game Palmerston have done enough to hold off last season's finalist in their fourth win of the season. Despite the efforts of Cameron Stokes kicking a goal within the opening minute of the final term for the Darwin Buffaloes. The Magpies soon responded through Jesse Marshall and then sealed the deal for the last quarter with a snap goal from Jonty Patrick in his first goal for the match

Game 4

Nightcliff Tigers 7.4 14.7 18.8 21.15 (141)
Waratah 2.1 2.2 4.4 4.4 (28)


Nightcliff Tigers: Cameron Illet 4, Trent Melville 3, Danny Butcher 2, Micheal Hagan 2, Liam Holt-Fitz 2, James Tsitas 2, Matthew Bricknell, Simon Deery, Hugo Drogemuller, Clayton Holmes, Jonathon Peris, Phillip Wills

Waratah: Brodie Carroll, Raven Jolliffe, Kim Kantilla, Zack Westerberg


The Tigers come out on top after a high scoring game against the Tahs

The Tigers came storming out of the gates in the opening term kicking the first seven goals of the match through James Tsitas (2), Cameron Ilett (2), Hugo Drogemuller and Trent Melville (2). Nightcliff were playing with great speed and playing on at every opportunity with the Tahs struggling to keep up. James Tsitas was on fire in the first ten minutes with clearance after clearance and kicking two goals. Waratah eventually settled, kicking the final two goals of the quarter through Brodie Carroll and Zach Westerberg. 

Nightcliff continued their way kicking seven goals to zero in the second quarter. The Tigers have been dominating in the midfield, with Jonathon Miles getting on top in the ruck. Waratah had been fumbling the ball and dropping easy marks, including inside 50 which saw the Tahs only add one point in the quarter. The Tigers’ goal kickers were Cameron Ilett, Phillip Wills, Matt Bricknell, Michael Hagan, Trent Melville, Simon Deery and Clayton Holmes. 

Waratah bucked the trend by kicking the first goal of the third quarter through Raven Joliffe. It was a much more even quarter in the midfield with Waratah managing to get more clearances than the first half. It was goal for goal in the first half of the quarter, but then Nightcliff slammed on three in a row. Night cliff’s goal kickers were Michael Hagan, Liam Holt Fitz, Danny Butcher and Cameron Ilett. Kim Kantilla joined Joliffe in the goal kicking for Waratah. 

Scoring dried up in the first part of the final quarter with only one goal scored in the first ten minutes, through Nightcliff’s Jonathan Peris. It was a low scoring quarter compared with the first three quarters with Nightcliff kicking the only three goals of the finishing quarter and keeping Waratah to no score. Danny Butcher and Liam Holt Fitz were Nightcliff’s additional goal kickers to Peris.

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