Premier League Wrap – Round 11

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Game 1

Tiwi Bombers 0.3 5.7 7.8 9.13 (67)
Wanderers 1.6 4.7 9.11 14.15 (99)


Tiwi Bombers: Jack Munkara 4, Travis Tambling 2, Michael Cooper, Harley Puruntatameri, Liam Wale-Buxton

Wanderers: Joel Jeffrey 4, Stanley Tipiloura 4, John Tipiloura 2, Simon Bates, Scott Meyer, Waylon Walters, Daniel Weetra


Wanderers win their third win of the season against rivals Tiwi Bombers

It was a high intensity opening quarter with the ball quickly making its way from end to end. There wasn't a shortage of opportunities but both teams were struggling to convert. The first and only goal during the opening quarter went to Wanderers young gun, Joel Jeffrey after an impressive grab from the pack, this low scoring start meant for a short quarter.

Joel Jeffery continued the momentum Wanderers gained in the opening term, scoring his second goal for the day at the three-minute mark. But then the Muk Muks let their guard down with the Bombers going on a five-goal rampage thanks to Harley Puruntatameri and brothers Dion (3) and Jack Munkara. After this peppering of goals, Wanderers did respond with a snap goal from Stanley Tipiloura and Joel Jeffery to continue adding to his goal tally. 

Wanderers really asserted their dominance in first 20 minutes of the third term, taking the Bombers by surprise. There was an array of goal styles on display from turn around snaps to the ball bouncing over opponents’ head to go through the big sticks. Wanderers goal scorers were Waylon Walters, Stanley Tipiloura, Daniel Weetra, Joel Jeffrey and Simon Bates. The Bombers then responded in the same way that the Muk Muks had in the second term, slotting two goals thanks to Liam Wale-Buxton and Michael Cooper after the siren.

Going into the final quarter with 15 points the difference the Muk Muks kicked away sealing themselves a 32-point victory. Tiwi's Liam Wale-Buxton got the first goal for the final term but it was then it was all Wanderers from there on in, kicking the next five goals for their third win of the season.

Game 2

Darwin Buffaloes 1.1 3.4 5.7 11.8(74)
Southern Districts 4.2 7.4 7.8 8.10 (58)


Darwin Buffaloes: Darryl White 3, Chris Williams 2, Shaun Ahmat, Christopher Atkinson, Ryan O’Sullivan, David Paull, Adam Sambono, Jarrod Stokes

Southern Districts: Lee Dale 2, Ed Barlow, Jared Brennan, William Farrer, Charles Mcadam, Dylan Mclachlan, Michael Mummery


Buffs come out on top in their grand final rematch against Districts

Lee Dale kicked the opening goal for the game, getting the momentum going for the Crocs. While AFL legend, While Darryl White provided a target for the Buffs

Buffs added two goals to their tally with goals to Darryl White and Chris Atkinson. Crocs answered with goals to Lee Dale, Charlie McAdam and Will Farrer. Matt Campbell has been outstanding for the Buffaloes along with Chris Atkinson and Cameron Stokes working hard but the Crocs have been too strong and take a 24-point lead into the main break

A low scoring quarter which saw no goal scored until the 14-minute mark when evergreen Buffalo Darryl White kicked a set shot after a lovely mark. Teammate Chris Williams then kicked another to draw the margin to 15 points as the Crocs remained goalless. The Crocs managed just four points that quarter to go into the final break 14 points ahead of the grand final re-match. They went into the second half without Sam Smith who seemed to have injured his knee but was walking around.

The final quarter opened with each team scoring one goal apiece but the double blues crowd erupted when big man Ryan O’Sullivan unleashed a long bomb from well outside 50 to take the Buffs to a 7-point lead. Darryl White was the recipient of a 50 metre penalty which saw him kick a goal from the square which brought the margin back to just one point and the pressure in TIO Stadium was palpable. Brandon Rusca’s run out of the backline for Crocs was exceptional but the Buffs kept pushing forward. Big David Paull roved the pack off a Jalen Clarke kick to run into goal and the Buffs were suddenly in front by 5 points. Jarrod Stokes then did a trademark snap to take it out to 11 points. The Crocs finally got the ball into their 50 where Michael Mummery market and went back to have a shot but it went through for a point. Adam Sambono kicked a sealer and Buffs held on for an upset win.

Game 3

Nightcliff: 4.1 7.4 9.5 12.9 (81)
St Mary’s: 3.1 3.5 5.8 6.8 (44)


Nightcliff: Matthew Bricknell 4, Blake Grewar 2, Trent Melville 2, Shaun Wilson 2, Harry Williams, Phillip Wills

St Mary’s: Jack Musgrove 2, Mathias Liddy, Jack Long, Nathaniel Paredes, Brayden Rioli


Nightcliff celebrate a well-deserved win against St Mary's

In a frantic first quarter, it was the Saints who got themselves on the board early through Mathias Liddy. Before Nightcliff responded with the next three thanks to Harry Williams, Matthew Bricknell and Shaun Wilson. Then Saints young gun, Brayden Rioli got one back to keep the Saints in the game. While Matthew Bricknell again had other plans, slotting his second major to end the quarter.

The Saints were kept the goalless that quarter with the Tigers peppering the scoreboard through Blake Grewar and Trent Melville got two even launching one from tight in the rear pocket.

A furious third term which saw tempers flare and it was the Saints who started well with superb delivery into Nate Paredes to hit him on the chest but he managed to hit the post. Paredes had another shot but also missed and the ball went down to the Tigers end where Cam Ilett missed. Jack Musgrove finally scored a 6 pointer for Saints after receiving a 50 metre penalty and kicking from the square. Matty Bricknell has been a good target for the Tigers and kicked a goal and Shannon Rioli worked the ball well down the wing for Saints in that term.

Harry Wililams had an early shot for the Tigers but missed followed by another miss from Cameron Ilett and the Tigers could have had a massive lead early. Blake Grewar finally got the Tigers a goal at the ten-minute mark after winning a free kick and a 50 metre penalty in front of goal. Phillip Wills kicked a brilliant snap goal on his left to leave the game in no doubt. Jack Musgrove managed to get one to peg the score back for Saints. Jono Peris did plenty of work out of the backline and got the ball into Matty Bricknell who kicked his fourth for the night. Cam Ilett was outstanding in his 150th game

Game 4

Waratah 1.4 3.7 11.9 13.10 (88)
Palmerston 3.1 5.3 7.4 14.5 (89)


Waratah: Michael Newton 7, Matthew Blake 2, Raven Joliffe, Kim Kantilla, Shem Tatupu, Thomas Toma

Palmerston: Mishai Perry 4, Aaron Davey 2, Sandy Brock, Broderick Church, Alwyn Davey, Matthew Dennis, Ezekiel Frank, Josh Grabowski, Jonty Patrick, Ryan Warfe


Palmerston score a 1 point victory in their nail biting match against Waratah at Gardens

It was a hotly contested first quarter with both teams aware that the Christmas break is ahead. With plenty of heavy bumps and tackles, the match has been a bit spiteful so far. Waratah goaled first though Michael Newton. Palmerston then kicked the next three through Josh Grabowski, Mishai Perry and Matt Dennis. Waratah has had most of the play in their forward half, but were struggling with accuracy, kicking two posters in the quarter.

Both teams managed to find more space compared with the first quarter, however, they struggled to get significant chains together which led to a low scoring quarter. Matthew Blake was on fire in the forward line and midfield for the Tahs, kicking their only two goals of the quarter and gaining plenty of centre clearances. Waratah once again had most of the play in their half, but struggled for accuracy with big forward Michael Newton missing easy set shots. Broderick Church and Mishai Perry were Palmerston’s goal kickers.

What a quarter it was by Waratah kicking eight goals to two! Palmerston had the run of play early kicking a goal through Jonty Patrick. Waratah then had the momentum and the Magpies just could not stop them. The Warriors kicked five goals in a row through Raven Joliffe, Michael Newton (2), Thomas Toma and Kim Kantilla. Sandy Brock then broke the run of play with a goal at the 19-minute mark. However, Waratah quickly replied with a goal to Shem Tatupu. Michael Newton had the final say with with the last two goals of the quarter for the Tahs.

Just when it seemed all over, the Magpies made a huge comeback kicking five goals in a row through Aaron Davey (2), Mishai Perry (2) and Ryan Warfe to get within four points. Despite it being a Waratah home game, Palmerston had huge support with the Palmy Army making their way up the highway. Michael Newton kicked the Tahs’ only two goals of the quarter including the goal to break Palmerston’s run. Alwyn Davey kicked a goal with a few minutes to go. It was then Ezekiel Frank who kicked the goal after siren for the win and what a celebration it was!

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