Premier League wrap - Round 3


Game 1

Southern Districts 3.1 6.6 9.11 13.13 (91)
Tiwi Bombers 1.4 4.4 6.7 10.7 (67)

Southern Districts: William Farrer 3, Bradley Vallance 3, Charles Mcadam 3, Dylan Mclachlan 2, Brandon Rusca, Shane Thorne
Tiwi Bombers: Ross Tungatalum 2, Dion Munkara 2, Austin Wonaeamirri 2, Adam Tipungwuti 2, Harley Puruntatameri, Dwayne Anderson Jr
Southern Districts came out on top scoring a 24-point win over the Tiwi Bombers in Saturday’s opening Men’s Premier League game in the No More Round.
The game started with a Ross Tungatalum three-bounce run through the middle but only resulted in a point downfield. Charlie McAdam scored the Crocs first major when he picked up a loose ball cleanly and threw it on his left boot but the Bombers edged their way back in front when Tiwi Bombers’ Michael Cooper threw it on the boot from the pack and got the same result. A fast-paced, pressure-filled 10 minutes ensued until Brandon Rusca took advantage of a Tiwi turnover, dodged a few Bombers players and slotted a second goal for the Crocs. In the short time before the siren, Districts' captain, Will Farrer found space after a perfect pass from a Crocs free that had him lining up for his first set shot that stamped his team's authority on the opening term.
Will Farrer snapped his second goal of the game within three minutes of the second term, only a couple of minutes later some relentless Tiwi pressure as well as quick movement resulted in the ball landing in Ross Tungatalum's hands, who then used some dancing to clear the space and a great ball thrown on his boot bounced through the posts for another major. Michael Cooper changed it to a five-point game when he slotted the next goal on the run. The Crocs then went on to pepper their end but it wasn't until the 17th minute of the second term when a free kick to Brad Vallance scored them another major. Tungatualum had the opportunity to bring the margin back with a set shot from 40 metres out but it sailed to the left. Less than a minute later a miskick from a Crocs player resulted in the hands of the experienced forward Austin Wonaeamirri, who facing a swirly breeze, kicked truly. Just as the Bombers were building on the momentum, Farrer popped up as he had at the end of the first quarter and slotted another set shot before the half time siren.
Shane Thorne added his name to the Red, Balck and White goal sheet when he slotted the opening goal of the third term. The two teams traded possession up and down the field before Adam Tipungwuti pounced on a ground ball. Will Farrer took his tally of majors to three, Charlie McAdam scored another upping his count to two and Dion Munkara's hard running had paid off.
The Bombers came out firing in the final quarter, kicking the first four goals to snatch a one-point lead. It started when Adam Tipungwuti had an on-the-run goal which made it a 15-point game early. A missed Crocs opportunity had the Tiwi Bombers passing the ball through the middle resulting in a solid mark from Austin Wonaeamirri. His set shot from 30m out had the Bombers come within 10 points. As a pack descended in the Bombers' forward 50, a free kick to Tiwi was given for a below the knees hit that put Dwayne Anderson Jnr on the goal kickers list for the first time in Bombers colours. A couple of minutes later a sure goal went begging for Districts when Will Farrer's handball over the top had just missed Shane Thorne in the goal square and bounced through for a minor score. With the next opportunity up popped Dion Munkara, some would call it a throw on the boot that got lucky but those who know Munkara would say it was his typical Tiwi Bombers magic that stole the lead. The Bombers had another opportunity but the reigning premiers steadied and prevailed. Brad Vallance booted his second for the day and Dylan McLachlan, two easy shots in the space of a minute with Charlie McAdam scoring his third for the last goal of the game.

Game 2

Wanderers 1.0 4.1 6.5 7.6 (48)
St Mary’s 0.7 2.9 5.10 8.13 (61)
Paterick Fairhead 2, Marlon Motlop 2, Tyrrell Lui, Gibson Turner, Joel Walsh
St Mary’s: Mathias Liddy 4, Benjamin Taylor 2, Shannon Rioli, Matthew Wilkinson
The Saints by 13-points against Wanderers for their first win of the season in a nail-biting match.
Raph Clarke had the first set shot of the game but the ball went wayward, and from early in the quarter there was some heat between the two rival teams, with players tussling inside and outside the boundary. As the rain came down at TIO Stadium, the Saints continued to pepper the goals, holding better possession in their forward half than the Eagles. In the 11th minute of the term, Shannon Rioli found some space and when he hit Mathias Liddy hands out a goal for the Saints looked certain but the conditions planned otherwise. It only took one strong press and some chaos from Wanderers and they were on the board for the first time, with the first major of the game scored by Patrick Fairhead. Locked at 6-6 the rain got heavier which resulted in hevey boots and ball, it soon became a game of gaining as many metres along the ground as they could. 
The Saints got the first centre clearance of the second term but only managed to score another point so it left Wanderers with the first goal of the second term after Jarred Erlandson the milestone man got a beautiful clearance, kicked it forward in the direction of Joel Walsh who kept his feet to toe poke the ball over the goal line. In the following three minutes, two free kicks handed St Mary's forwards Ben Taylor and Shannon Rioli set shots and goals. At the 14-minute mark of the term, it was the Wanderers new recruit, and a very fit looking Gibson Turner who marked hard up against the boundary and steered a beautiful shot through and with that, Wanderers started to gain some ascendancy. Neil Vea Vea's hard work in his ruck position paid off and Patrick Fairhead was able to add his second major to nudge the Eagles in front with a five-point lead. Vea Vea almost went from favorite to villain when he gave the Saints the opportunity to score when he gave away a free kick that was followed up by a 50m penalty that placed them in their forward line but resulted in a missed opportunity for them with no score registered.
It was the Muk Muks who scored the first goal of the third term with Tyrell Lui marking off a Gibson Turner kick after previously missing an opportunity at goal. A wobbly kick by Benjamin Taylor got Saints on the goal kickers list for the third quarter after some hard work in the midfield by Jacob Long. Mathias Liddy kicked a major after receiving a free kick at the 17-minute mark of the quarter to nudge the Saints noses in front once again with a one point lead followed by a snap into goal from Matthew Wilkinson, however, the Wanderers got back in front thanks to Marlon Motlop intercepting a Tom Davies kick back in their defense. Nate Paredes and Shannon Rioli showed their class throughout the third term as did experienced Muk Muks players Motlop and Mitchell Taylor.
A one on one contest between the two players Mitchell Taylor and Mathias Liddy ended with Liddy winning and scoring the first goal of the last term to put the Saints back in front, and from there the Saints didn’t look back with Liddy adding to his growing number of goals and the Saints running away with the game. Shannon Rioli played an outstanding game for the Saints while Marlon Motlop and Jarred Erlandson were great for the Muk Muks.

Game 3

Palmerston Magpies 0.2 2.6 5.8 5.8 (38)
Darwin Buffaloes 2.1 4.4 8.5 13.9 (87)

Palmerston Magpies: Ian Milera 2, Leo Harrison, Kris Brown, Ralph Dhamarrangiji
Darwin Buffaloes: Christopher Williams 4, Adam Sambono 3, Ishmael Palmer 2, Jarrod Stokes 2, Christopher Atkinson, Bradley Stokes 

Darwin Buffaloes bulldozed their way to their second win of the season against Palmerston.
A low scoring opening quarter saw both teams tussle for the ball but it was the Buffs who managed to score the two and only majors of the quarter. Magpies player Kyle Emery had a shot after the siren from outside 50 but was unable to convert. The first term turned out to be a pretty scrappy part of the game with the slippery conditions making it hard for players to have clean hands and to keep their feet.
After an exiting on the run goal from Magpies speedster Ralph Dhammarandji, the Magpies finally had a major on the board while Aaron Lonergan also goaled truly. Buffaloes midfielder Chris Williams worked hard through the middle and was rewarded with a goal while his teammate Joe Anderson was a tower of strength all over the field.
The Buffs had the upper side of the score for most of the third term with players Chris Atkinson and Chris Williams kicking goals along with Jarrod Stokes and Adam Sambono. The Magpies caught up late in the quarter with two majors scored by Ian Milera and one to Froggy Davey to draw within striking distance. Tim Eldridge and Dayne Hancock had been super speedy through the centre for the double blues while ruckman Matt Dennis had been an absolute workhorse for the Magpies.
A strong finishing term for the Buffs held the Magpies goalless for the entirety of the quarter. Chris Wiliams worked outstandingly for the Buffs kicking yet another major as did Adam Sambono, Jarrod Stokes and Ishmael Palmer. Matt Dennis and Alwyn Davey were standouts for the Magpies.

Game 4

Waratahs 4.1 6.6 9.7 14.9 (93)
Nightcliff 4.2 10.2 13.3 13.7 (85)

Waratah: Lachlan Collihole 2, Cameron Barrett 2, Timothy Mosquito 2, Jamie Smith 2, Raven Jolliffe, Brad Rayson, Brodie Carroll, Mitchell O’Donnell, Ryan Bulluss, Thomas Toma
Nightcliff: Matthew Bricknell 4, Trent Melville 3, Liam Holtz-Fitz 2, Wade Derksen 2, Jess Budarick, Faron James
Waratah snatch an eight-point win against opposition Nightcliff after being down by 20 points heading into the final quater.
The opening term was played with high intensity from start to finish and within the opening minute the Tahs had a major on the board thanks to the silky skills of Jamie Smith. Motivated by the efforts of Smith the Tahs then went on to kick another three goals before Matty Bricknell kicked Nightcliff's first goal in the 19th minute. Bricknell continued to dominate and kicked another two majors ahead of the first break which was enough for the Tigers to be up by one point heading into the first break.
In the second quarter, Jamie Smith once again opened up the quarter firing with a goal for Waratah. His moment was short lived though as Nightcliff’s Wade Derksen slotted a goal on the run to inspire the rest of his team. Continuing with the momentum gained, Liam Holt-Fitz slotted two goals and Jess Budarick one for the Tigers. Towards the end of the quarter the Tahs responded with a hand over the top to Lachlan Collihole into an open goal. This set the two teams up for a very big second half.
The third term saw some pretty scrappy ball movement, meaning that there were quite a few unnecessary turnovers by both teams. Wade Derksen and Trent Melville both kicked their second majors for Nightcliff. While Timothy Mosquito the 2016/17 Nichols Medallist booted his first goal from just outside the 50 for Waratah to end the third quarter.
Waratah continued the with forward line momentum they gained in the third quarter to pile on another five goals and keep Nightcliff scoreless in the final term. In a toe poke over the line and his second for the game, Timothy Mosquito kicked the ever important goal that nudged the Tahs in front of the Tigers for the first time since late in the first quarter. This was the only quarter that Waratah had won and it was the most important one too. The Tahs made an impressive comeback in the nail biter last term of the game to secure their second win of the season by 93 points. 

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