Premier League Wrap - Round 4

Buffaloes vs St Mary's

Game 1

Nightcliff 7.3  13.6  16.10  22.12.144
Tiwi Bombers 2.3  6.7  10.10  14.13.97


Nightcliff: T. Melville 10, W. Derksen 4, B. Filo 2, S. Deery 2, M. Bricknell, N. Green, L. Holt-Fitz, C. Ilett

Tiwi Bombers: D. Munkara 5, A. Tipungwuti 3, B. Palipuaminni 2, G. Cunningham 2, K. Kantilla, R. Tungatalum

The Bombers kicked the first goal of the game but it was the Tigers' ball movement that was too good and helped them kick the last four goals of the term to jump out of the blocks on the Islands and lead by five goals at quarter time. 

A great spectacle with 10 goals kicked in the second quarter the two teams went goal-for-goal at one stage but the Tigers' centre clearance work has them on top after the first half of play. The third quarter was more even with the Bombers missing some gettable chances early but their speed started to cause some problems for the Tigers. 

Nightcliff steadily regained possession and control after the two teams traded goals early.  The Tigers seemed to score at will in the last term and their defenders thwarted any attempts of a Bombers comeback, rebounding plenty of Tiwi's inside 50 attempts. So the Tigers are back on the winner's list and the Bombers will pick themselves up and try again next round.

Game 2

Waratah 3.10  5.2  9.3  10.6.66
Wanderers 1.3  3.3  6.4  6.6.42


Waratah: A. Ankers 3, R. Bullus, A. Ellis, A. Aurrichio, S. Godden, J. Stevens, C. Barrett

Wanderers: TBC

Wanderers started with intent and in the opening 20 seconds, young Mabo Mununggurritij from Gove laid a series of tackles to win a holding the ball decision. That was followed up by Joel Jeffrey marking at the 50 near the boundary and then moments later he burst through a pack and his snap on goal drew first blood on the scoreboard. Joel Stevens got the Tahs their first goal when he kicked truly from a Wanderers kicking in danger free before Abe Ankers, in his first game for the season, snapped one for himself. A minute later the big American, Alex Aurrichio converted a free kick as the pressure on the Muk Muks defence intensified. The young Eagles continued to impress though, with Tyrrell Lui and Keelan Fejo laying big tackles to get the ball moving forward and the game feeling more even. 

Tyrrell Lui picked up the good play where he left off in the opening quarter, kicking the first goal of the second but the Tahs got one back after Ryan Bulluss was the recipient of a free kick from a deliberate rushed behind. Lui added a second to his name, also from a free kick and the Muk Muks drew within three points. The ball was heavily contested as both team's midfielders worked over time. The Tahs had the next few chances but were wayward before captain Justin Beugelaar was on the receiving end of clean play and hands to get the lead back out to 11, where it stayed for the remaining minutes before half time. 

Once again Wanderers kicked the first goal of the term, with experienced players Jarred Erlandson and Aaron Motlop having their hands in Joel Jeffrey's toe-poke on the goal line, the youngster showing he's capable of second efforts after running off the back of the pack. The Tahs hit back through Cameron Barrett, who kicked a beautiful set shot goal from just inside the left boundary. 

Again Tahs looked to have cleaner hands around the ground, with Wanderers' pace sometimes not keeping up but allowing them to work into good position. Justin Beugelaar was at his intercepting best for Waratah but couldn't do much to stop Tyrrell Lui from taking another mark close to goal and kicking his third for the game. At the 12-minute mark, the Wanderers defenders were unable to kill a well set-up kick that landed in the goal square and onto the toe of Abe Ankers, who followed up 60 seconds later with a beautiful running shot. And just like that, the margin was back out to 17 points before Thomas Motlop took a nice mark deep in the right pocket and kicked truly. 

The Wanderers continued to press hard but an Ankers run through the middle that led further afield to a Godden mark and goal seconds before the siren has the Tahs in a comfortable position heading into the last quarter. There was still a fair bit of pace left in both teams as they ran up and down the length of the field but with only five minutes of game time left they had only registered a point each. Experienced players Aaron Motlop for Wanderers and Sam Godden for Waratah led the way in how to lay a good tackle and as the Muk Muks continued to press, the Tahs stood firm with small forward Andre Ellis putting the icing on the cake in the final minute

Game 3

Darwin Buffaloes  4.3  8.4  13.8  15.14.104
St Mary’s 2.1  3.5  5.6  7.7.49


Darwin Buffaloes: TBC
St Mary’s: J. Cullen 3, J. Quinn 2, N. Paredes, M. Liddy

Through Jarrod Stokes, the Buffs got the first centre clearance and when a high-flying Matt Wilkinson mark went unpaid due to a free kick going Jalen Clarke's way, the Buffs were on the board. It was followed up nicely a few minutes later when younger brother Thomas Clarke marked at the top of the 50 and in his debut game he went back and slotted it before being swamped by his happy teammates. Big Darren Shillabeer added his goal not long after, set up beautifully by a centring Jarrod Stokes kick. As bodies crashed into one another James Quinn showed persistence and skill and a lucky throw on the boot curled its way to goal to get the Saints their first major but the Buffs hit straight back through a perfectly worked David Paull left foot. It was clear the Buffs had settled faster than their opponents so it was almost against the run of play when Jordan Cullen kicked the Saints' second.

After starting the game in the backline, it was Buffs' coach Matty Campbell who threw himself forward and within the opening 90 seconds had kicked one of his trademark goals. When Thomas Clarke kicked his second goal from similar circumstances as his first he was swamped once more and a few minutes later Ishmael Palmer made it three in-a-row. In the following 10 minutes, the Saints had few chances as both teams started to pepper the goals. It was a great quarter for milestone men Tim Eldridge and Cam Stokes who were thwarting and spoiling all the balls coming into their defence. Before the half ended Thomas Clarke set Jackson Clark up beautifully for his first goal of the night and Jordan Cullen kicked his second for the Saints against the flow of play.

Jordan Cullen continued his good goalkicking, marking a difficult ball and giving the Saints an ideal start but minutes later Darren Shillabeer was left unmarked and a kick around his body for his second goal of the night. Jalen Clarke booted his second, a bouncing ball along the ground, not too long after and the Buffs were out to a 36-point lead. Unfortunately, midway through the term, a collision in the middle saw Matt Jeffrey take a hit and receive a heavy concussion. The play was stopped for just over six minutes as the medical staff from both teams and St John's ambulance helped move him safely from the ground. When play resumed the Saints kicked the first goal but the Buffs went on to kick three more, with a Malcolm Rosas run, gather and quick left foot the highlight.

Darren Shillabeer opened the scoring in the final quarter by booting his fourth goal but it was James Quinn's snap in the second minute for the Saints that got people excited. The two teams traded goals, with Shannon Rioli, Tylah Saunders and Nate Paredes trying their guts out for the Saints, while Malcolm Rosas came into his own in the second half and Jarrod Stokes, Tim Eldridge and Joe Anderson covered the ground well for the Buffs to make it three wins for the season. 

Game 4

Southern Districts 5.3  12.7  14.12  18.21.129
Palmerston 1.0  1.1  3.1  5.6.36


Southern Districts: D. Staunton 3, D. Barry 3, B. Schwarze 3, D. McLachlan 2, D. Abbott, S. Thorne, C. Gallio, C. McAdam, W. Farrer, I. Wyatt, L. Ogden

Palmerston: B. Church 2, S. Autio, N. Lockyer Jnr, B. Cripps

Palmerston got the early start with a goal through Nigel Lockyer. It was all Southern Districts from then on kicking the next five goals through Dylan Mclachlan, Dean Staunton, Dylan Barry (2) and Shane Thorne. Will Farrer has been lively in the forward line for for the Crocs but has three behinds to his name. Palmerston are certainly in the game but it has been the Crocs who have had all the answers so far.

Southern Districts took full control of the game kicking seven goals in the quarter to zero. Palmerston were not able to capitalise on their limited inside 50s whilst nearly all of the Crocs' inside 50s led to goals. Districts' goalkickers were Dean Staunton, Dylan Barry, Dylan Mclachlan, Clint Gallio, Beau Schwarze, Brodie Lake and Izaak Wyatt.  
Palmerston have managed to restrict Southern Districts' ball movement this quarter and limited their scoring, but still managed to play an attacking style and kick goals of their own. Both sides have had plenty of intercept possessions which kept the scoring low. Palmerston's goalkickers were Sam Autio and Broderick Church, while Will Farrer and Beau Schwarze kicked one each for the Crocs.

The Crocs were just too good in the end with their seven goal to zero second quarter setting up the win. The sting went out of the game in the fourth quarter which allowed the game to open up, however, Southern Districts failed to kick straight, kicking 4.9 for the quarter. Their goalkickers were Dean Staunton, Darren Abbott, Charlie McAdam and Will Farrer. Broderick Church and Bailey Cripps kicked truly for the Magpies.  

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