Premier League wrap - Round 7


Game 1

Tiwi Bombers 1.3 5.7 14.8 20.15 (135)
Darwin Buffaloes 7.4 9.9 10.11 13.13 (91)


Tiwi Bombers: Kim Kantilla 5, Ross Tungatalum 5, Michael Cooper 2, Dion Munkara 2, Pio Puautjimi 2, Jack Monigatti, Bradley Palipuaminni, Harley Puruntatameri, Austin Wonaeamirri

Darwin Buffaloes: Matt Campbell 3, Adam Sambono 2, Jarrod Stokes 2, Jackson Clark, Brayden Culhane, Michael Heenan, Ryan O’Sullivan, Arnold Punch, Bradley Stokes


It was a game of two halves that got Saturday’s triple header underway and it had the fans on their feet when the Tiwi Bombers stormed home with a 15-goal-to-four second half!
The Buffs made a fast start to the game, with the first three goals going the way of Matt Campbell, Jarrod Stokes and Adam Sambono in the opening five minutes. The Bombers had their first forward entry moments later but a Joe Anderson chase down had the Buffs switching quickly and finding the open space. By the 10-minute mark of the first quarter, it was five goals to zip as Bradley Stokes added his name to the scoresheet and Campbell again, after his centre clearance and bomb from outside 50. Young Brayden Culhane in his Premier League debut celebrated his first goal next. The Bombers weren't without hope though, gathering the next three inside 50 entries and starting to show their usual run and carry. In the 16th minute Austin Wonaeamirri was first to kick truly on the run but just as quickly as the Bombers scored so too did Sambono up the other end, the Buffs hitting up centre-half forward perfectly and passing it to Sambono in the goal square.
The Buffs got the first centre clearance of the second term through captain Jarrod Stokes and were also first to add to their score but it was the Bombers with the excitement and forward pressure. Adam Tipungwuti with his trademark run was quick to goal and Simon Munkara could've made it two quick goals in-a-row but miskicked the footy while running directly into the goal from only a couple of metres out. Thankfully for Tiwi, last round's NTFL Rising Star, Jeffrey Simon started to fire and find some space, as did captain Patty Heenan who hit up Bradley Palipuaminni 40 metres out. The Bombers’ stalwart kicked truly to bring the deficit back to 26-points and over the next five minutes, the crowd started to find their voice as the momentum was clearly in Tiwi's favour. In the 16th minute Stokes found Ryan O'Sullivan inside the Buffs' arc, who then passed truly to Jackson Clark in space 35 metres out and from in front he kicked Darwin's first major for the quarter. That was followed up by some Buffs' movement in the forward line and a Matt Campbell goal off one step. The Bombers weren't done with yet though, and Kim Kantilla needed less than two minutes to kick two sneaky goals, first from a Darwin defensive blunder and second when the Bombers didn't put anyone up for the ruck contest and he pounced on the ground ball. They could've ended the half with the final three if not for some scrambling in defence that saved the Buffs.
In the third quarter, Jarrod Stokes had the first centre clearance again but the Bombers had the dream start. Ross Tungatalum put on his burners and linked up well with Kim Kantilla, whose gut running saw him on the end of his third goal for the game. Not to be outdone, a minute later Stokes weaved through traffic, threw the footy on the end of his boot and also goaled for the Buffs. Tungatalum was next to goal, a set shot on the slightest of angles and when the Bombers linked up seamlessly again, moving the ball quickly it was Pio Puautijimi with the most beautiful of goals that lessened the margin to only 15 points. By the 13th minute, the Bombers were only 10 points adrift when Dion Munkara ran into goal, and less than 10 minutes later the Bombers had kicked the next four, through Tungatalum, Michael Cooper, Munkara and Jack Monigatti to snatch a 14-point lead. Monigatti's effort especially impressive after collecting it from a throw-in and kicking what would usually be a smaller player's goal. By the end of the third the Buffs defence was finding themselves coming up short against a quick Bombers outfit who was moving the ball goal side at pace. Mukara's third running goal for the term which came just before the siren made it a 21-point lead in favour of Tiwi, a massive 46-point turnaround from half time.
At the start of the final quarter Ross Tungatalum picked up where he left off, marking the ball cleanly on his chest and kicking the first goal of the final quarter to make it a 27-point lead. As the calls of "run, run!" came from the Tiwi bench the players followed but were also measured enough to lower their eyes and find the sideways options. Michael Heenan, nephew of Bombers' captain Patty but playing for the Buffs, hit back quickly, keeping his feet and kicking a goal in his Premier League debut. Adam Sambono started pushing up the ground in an attempt to provide a marking link for the Buffs and Matt Campbell moved into defence but the Bombers players swarmed to every contest, outnumbering their opponents which led to a peppering of the goals. At the 12-minute mark it was a 25-point lead in favour of Tiwi and 90 seconds later Kim Kantilla made it 31 with his fourth goal for the game. Tungatalum added a cheeky fourth goal also, a toe-poke on the line set up by another Dion Munkara forward press and a snap by Kantilla. Arnold Punch of the Buffs kicked his first goal for the game from a free kick and big ruckman Ryan O'Sullivan also kicked his first late in the game but it was a little too late as Munkara took his tally to four and in typical Tiwi amazement, Harley Puruntatameri and Pio Puautijimi put the icing on the cake with goals of their own.

Game 2

Wanderers 1.1 1.4 4.5 5.6 (36)
Nightcliff 3.4 6.5 10.10 15.12 (102)


Wanderers: Joel Jeffrey 3, Braedon McLean, Mark White

Nightcliff: Trent Melville 4, Matthew Bricknell 3, John Butcher 2, Blake Grewar 2, Faron James 2, Phillip Wills, Liam Holt-Fitz


Nightcliff got the early jump on Wanderers and rolled on to record its fifth win of the season.
The Tigers were away early through John Butcher and Matt Bricknell before some to-ing and fro-ing had the footy travelling up and down the ground without any major impact on the scoreboard. In the 14th minute 15-year-old Mark White showed some real class in his first Premier League game for the season, collecting the ball on the run, faking a side pass and snapping on the right for the Muk Muk's first goal. Trent Melville was third to goal for the Tigers as their cleaner possession helped them get the jump on the game. 
The second quarter continued how the first ended, the Tigers got the first centre clearance and the first goal of the to make it a 21-point lead, Trent Melville marking a few metres in from the right boundary only 15 metres out. A few minutes later and Matt Bricknell recorded a carbon copy goal, built off the back of hard running and Nightcliff's ability to find space at the contests. Much like the first quarter, there was quite a lot of up and down play, with Braedon McLean leading the way for Wanderers, throwing himself from running in the middle to help out in defence and Phillip Wills penetrating the midfield for the Tigers. With little forward pressure, the Muk Muks were unable to add a goal in the quarter while Blake Grewar added the Tigers’ sixth for the half.
Phillip Wills neded only 11 seconds of the third quarter to continue the scoring for the Tigers, with a grubber along the ground. That was followed up by Faron James adding his name to Nightcliff's scoresheet and Matt Bricknell booting his third. To Wanderers' credit, they dug their boots in and the Joels rose to the top. Joel Jeffrey kept presenting and by the end of the term had two goals of his own, with Joel Walsh bagging the Eagles' third. Jarred Erlandson did his best to drive movement out of defence, while Gavin Greenoff was also collecting defensive ball for the Tigers. It seemed the two teams would finish on an even ledger until Nightcliff outscored Wanderers late in the term when Trent Melville kicked his third goal for the game, from directly in front after being paid a 50m penalty.

It was the Wanderers who opened the goal scoring in the final quarter with young gun Joel Jeffrey kicking his third. John Butcher then kicked a nice goal from tight on the boundary line for the Tigers first goal of the quarter to answer back after a great clearance from defence with Simon Deery who mopped up when the Muk Muks didn’t hit a target. It was back and forward for much of the middle of the quarter with both teams defence working hard. Braedon McLean, Thomas Motlop and Daniel Weetra got plenty of the ball for the Muk Muks while the Tigers' Hugo Drogemuller and Joel Budarick collected well at their end. Faron James scored at the 13-minute mark for the Tigers with a lovely running goal after a sensational Liam Holt-Fitz intercept and quick hands by Shaun Wilson. Blake Grewar also kicked truly. Holt-Fitz was again brilliant kicking the ball into the goal square which allowed John Butcher an easy major. The easy scoring going Nightcliff’s way seemed to coincide with Tyler Brimacombe coming off to ice his leg early in the last quarter which left the Wanderers short after he had been great in defence all game.

Game 3

Palmerston 0.1 2.5 3.6 5.9 (39)
St Mary’s 5.1 7.3 11.6 13.9 (87)


Palmerston: Kyle Emery 2, Sandy Brock, Adam Diamond, Joseph Thompson

St Mary’s: Kieran Delahunty 4, Mathias Liddy 3, Brayden Rioli 2, Shaun Edwards, Nathaniel Paredes, Benjamin Taylor, Anthony Wilson


After two consecutive wins, Palmerston went down to St Mary’s in ideal playing conditions at TIO Stdaium.

Two time Saints Best and Fairest Nate Paredes kicked off the scoring at the two-minute mark after Palmerston had much of the ball in the opening seconds.  Former Geelong premiership player Matt Stokes lined up with the Magpies for the first time this year and immediately provided strong body work.  Shaun Edwards got a lot of touches in the midfield back up by the dynamic duo Jack Long and Ben Rioli running out of the backline. Normally known for his running goals, speedster Anthony Wilson kicked a set shot from the 50 for a big goal at the 8 minute mark. Saint Keiran Delahunty kicked a goal after receiving a free kick in the ruck duel. Kyle Emery had a shot on goal but it crossed the goal face. Mickitja Rotumah-Onus and Liam McDonald provided some exciting drive out of the backline for the Magpies but they just couldn’t score. Mathias Liddy kicked his first goal then Steven Lampton hit Nate Paredes on the chest late in the quarter for his second for the Saints to go into quarter time with a strong lead. 
Palmy made some positional changes early in the second quarter moving former Geelong player Matty Stokes forward to backline who offered a strong body against the speed of Saints small brigade. Brayden Rioli kicked a trademark quick goal for Saints after a great handball into the goal square from Mathias Liddy. His teammate Nick Yarran was very busy all quarter mopping up in the backline for Saints. Full forward Kyle Emery finally kicked the Magpies first goal at the 15 minute mark much to the crowd’s delight. Adam Diamond then kicked their second with a thrilling goal seconds before the half time siren to reduced the margin to 28 points.
Saints tall man Kieran Delahunty kicked a goal 10 seconds into the third quarter while strong man teammate Nate Paredes went in hard for the ball time and time again. Jamie Damaso received a 50 metre penalty after a high tackle and umpire dispute and had a shot on goal at the ten minute mark but was unable to convert. 
Tom Davies received a free kick downfield to score from the goalsquare for Saints after tempers flared.  Sandy Brock pushed forward into the Magpies forward line to kick a great snap response just seconds later. Not to be outdone Shaun Edwards ran into goal straight away. 
Ryan Smith and Matty Dennis are having an entertaining duel in the ruck working their way around the ground in a battle of the big guys. Edwards was again dominant in the backline running it out of defence with two bounces to hit Ryan Smith on the chest who in turn his Kieran Delahunty on the chest who turned and bombed a long goal for his third of the evening.
Adam Diamond kicked his second goal for the game after some hard work from Magpie teammates Alwyn Davey, Sam Talbot and Jacon Lampton.  Saint Tylah Saunders has come into the game in the second half putting a great tackle on Sam Autio. Joseph Thompson kicked the Magpies fifth goal which was well deserved after trying hard all game. Both teams are mixing player positions as we see Jack Long sneak into the forward line. Kieran Delahunty kicked his fourth goal after getting out on his own in the goal square with a quick reply.

Game 4

Southern Districts 3.2 5.4 6.8 9.15 (69)
Waratah 1.0 6.1 11.5 14.7 (91)


Southern Districts: Shane Thorne 2, Bradley Vallance 2, Darren Abbott, Dylan McLachlan, Clinton Gallio, Michael Pemberton, Richard Tambing 

Waratah: Michael Newton 6, Abraham Ankers 3, Ryan Bulluss, Brodie Carroll, Jordan Gardner, Raven Jolliffe, Samuel Weddell


This was the upset of the Round with Premiers and being undefeated all season Southern Districts went down to the in-form Waratah at Norbuilt oval on Sunday.

Both teams had an all star line up, however, it was a very congested opening quarter with the first score taking five minutes. Clint Gallio kicked the first with a snap around the body. Southern Districts then went on to kick their second straight away through Brad Vallance. Former AFL player Michael Newton was the main target for Waratah and is their sole goal kicker. Shane Thorne kicked the final goal in the quarter.

In the second quarter Waratah came storming back into the game! The Tahs kicked the first three goals through Raven Jolliffe, Abe Ankers and Brodie Carroll. Sean Martin was playing very well on Michael Newton which forced the Warriors to lower their eyes more and have more scoring opportunities. The Crocs gained momentum back and kicked the next two through Mitch Pemberton and Brad Vallance. Sam Weddell and Abe Ankers kicked the final two of the quarter which sees Waratah narrowly in front at half time.

It started to fall apart a bit for the Crocs in the third term with undisciplined play leading to Waratah goals. The ball lived inside Southern Districts’ half for most of the quarter, but just couldn’t get significant shots at goal. Waratah kicked the first four goals of the quarter through Jordan Gardner, Michael Newton (2) and Ryan Bulluss. It took until the 22-minute mark before the Crocs kicked their first through Shane Thorne. Abe Ankers had the final say, kicking a goal with less than a minute to go.

The Tahs were just too good in the end, dominating the game from the second quarter. It also just wasn’t the Crocs’ day with a few shots missed straight in front of goal. Michael Newton kicked three for Waratah in the final term, with Dylan McLachlan, Darren Abbott and Richard Tambling kicking one each.

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