Premier League wrap - Round 8


Game 1

Palmerston Magpies 0.2 3.9 6.13 10.15 (75)
Nightcliff Tigers 6.6 7.6 9.9 14.10 (94)


Palmerston Magpies: Kyle Emery 3, Samuel Autio 2, Aaron Lonergan, Adam Diamond, Ezekiel Frank

Nightcliff: Trent Melville 4, Shaun Wilson 3, Matthew Bricknell 2, Brodie Filo, Cameron Illet, Faron James, Jonathan Peris, Liam Holt-fitz


Palmerston got to within two points in the last quarter but in the end, it was the first quarter where Nightcliff kept Palmerston goalless which secured the win.

It was all Nightcliff in the first quarter who dominated the play. Palmerston could not get their hands on the ball, and when they did, Nightcliff’s defensive pressure ensured they got the ball back quickly. Brodie Filo has was industrious in the midfield providing first use for the Tigers.

Palmerston lifted in the second quarter and it all started in the midfield with Alwyn Davey and Matt Stokes getting first use of the ball. Brodie Filo was again fantastic thanks to his efficient ball use, including setting up Nightcliff's only goal. 

Nightcliff started the third term off with the momentum but struggled to capitalise on the scoreboard. Palmerston came with a flurry with clearance after clearance and quick ball movement into the forward line. Palmerston kicked to the grandstand end and the home crowd definitely been helping the Magpies. 

It certainly got very close there with Palmerston getting to within 2-points. However, Nightcliff used their senior experience to slow the game down and maintain possession of the ball. It was a high scoring final quarter, but Palmerston just couldn’t stop Nightcliff scoring despite scoring themselves. 

Game 2

Tiwi Bombers 3.4 6.7 8.11 11.15 (81)
Waratah 2.3 4.6 7.7 9.8 (62)

Tiwi Bombers:
Dion Munkara 3, Ross Tungatalum 3, Christian Burgess, Michael Cooper, Patrick Heenan, Harley Puruntatameri, Bradley Palipuaminni

Waratah: Thomas Toma 3, Andre Ellis 2, Cameron Barrett, Matthew Blake, Timothy Mosquito, Jaxon Neagle


In their third home game this season the Tiwi Bombers took home their third consecutive win of the season. 

In wet conditions on Tiwi Oval it was an evenly contested opening quarter. After a few points were scored by both teams Ross Tungatalum of Tiwi got the first goal of the game in the eighth minute before the Tahs retaliated with two majors from Jaxon Neagle and Matthew Blake. The Bombers were quick on their feet, managing to snag two more goals before the quarter was out by the likes of Dion Munkara and last week's Rising Star nominee Michael Cooper.

To kick the second quarter off William Puruntatameri took a spectacular mark in the back pocket. The Tahs' Thomas Toma kicked two goals that quarter to close the gap on the scoreboard. However, inbetween these goals, the Bombers' Harley Puruntatameri showed why he was named NTFL Play of the Round winner last week with a great running goal. In the 22nd minute, Tiwi's Patrick Heenan was able to slot a major to go into the half time break 13 points up. 

The sun was back out which made it very steamy on and off the field. The Tahs' Andre Ellis snapped his first goal for the game at the 4 minute mark before the Bombers' Ross Tungatalum kicked his second for the game. Then from a set shot Thomas Toma slotted his third major for the Tahs. Following on from Toma's lead, Cameron Barrett got another one for the Red and White. However, with just minutes to go Christian Burgess got a goal for the Bombers extending their lead heading into the final break.

With only 10 points the difference before the last quarter the Bombers ended up kicking away through the likes of Ross Tungatalum, Dion Munkara and Bradley Palipuaminni to secure their third consecutive win this season.

Game 3

St Mary’s 0.1 0.1 2.3 4.5 (29)
Southern Districts 0.3 3.6 6.10 11.10 (76)


St Mary’s: Ben Rioli 2, Sonny Dann, James Quinn

Southern Districts: Michael Mummery 4, William Farrer 2, Jesse Koopman 2, Shane Thorne 2, Dylan McLachlan 

The Crocs got back on the winners list after a 47 point victory over St Mary’s at TIO Stadium on Saturday.

During the first quarter St Mary’s Tylah Saunders tackle pressure early in defence worked well with Ben Rioli. Nate Paredes and Sonny Dann moved the ball into Saints 50 within the first four minutes but they didn’t capitalize on goal. Half way through the first quarter Saints had most of the play but the score was still one point apiece. The Crocs had trouble getting past Jack Long in defence. Josiah Farrer provided some run through the middle in his first game of the season for Crocs but couldn’t hit a target in the forward 50. No goals were scored in a short quarter which went for just 20 minutes and17 seconds due to the lack of scoring.

The first goal of the game was finally scored at the 2 minute mark of the second quarter by Shane Thorne after a St Mary’s turnover. Jack Long and Willie Farrer were having a great duel in the Crocs forward line. A big tackle by Brayden Rioli on Michael Mummery at the 14 minute mark brought the crowd to life. Crocs finally got the ball forward for Willie Farrer to run into goal and score after a free kick was paid to advantage. Lionel Ogden came into the game and combined well with Farrer again who got the ball to Michael Mummery for the Crocs third goal and Saints really needed to look to stop their momentum. Crocs were keeping their feet better than Saints and Farrer was starting to get away from young defender Braxton Ah Mat. Ruckman, Ryan Smith and Seb Guilhaus were putting on a show in the ruck but it Saints who failed to score in the third term needed to re-assess at half time.

Willie Farrer had the chance to put Crocs further in front in the opening minutes of the third quarter but his kicking was wayward. Ben Rioli pushed forward to kick Saints first goal of the game at the eight minute mark after receiving a free kick and kicking a banana from the boundary and following up with his trademark ‘Benny’ celebration. Crocs were quick to answer though returning fire with a goal to Jesse Koopman with a snap in the square only 90 seconds later. Benny Rioli pushed forward again to kick his second at the fifteen minute mark after a free kick was paid advantage but again the Crocs responded within 90 seconds as Josiah Farrer kicked his first goal. Saints veteran Luke Stapleton did some good stuff in his first Premier League game in a couple of years. Crocs Shane Thorne came off later in the quarter holding his shoulder as did Gavin Dhurrkay for Saints, sore after a heavy clash. 

In the final term, Michael Mummery kicked an amazing up and under goal at the four minute mark to get the Crocs off the mark followed by another goal within two minutes. Mummery then kicked his third goal for the quarter after hanging at the back and waiting for the ball to spill. Sonny Dann kicked a ripper 50 metre banana for his first goal for Saints after throwing the ball to his boot on the run. James Quinn followed up with a goal for Saints but Jesse Koopman and Dylan McLahlan goaled to extend the Crocs victory margin. 

Game 4

Darwin Buffaloes 1.5 3.6 8.7 11.10 (76)
Wanderers 4.2 10.5 12.7 13.8 (86)


Darwin Buffaloes: Javadd Anderson 3, Christopher Williams 3, Jarrod Stokes 2, Joe Anderson, Steven Anderson, Jackson Clarke

Wanderers: Joel Jeffrey 4, Davin Ferreira 2, Jobastin Priest 2, Thomas Motlop 2, Adam Cook, Mabo Mununggurritj, Liam Patrick


The Wanderers recorded their second win for the season running home 10 point victors over the Buffs who challenged them in a last quarter nail biter.

In the opening quarter Eagles Liam Patrick kicked to Jordan Jeffrey within 40 seconds to have a shot at goal from the boundary 45 out. There was a mark paid to Adam Cook who kicked a goal and get the Ealges off to a great start.  Liam Patrick was instrumental again getting the ball into the Muk Muks forward line again with Jobastian Priest kicking their second at the three and a half minute mark. 

Anderson kicked his second in an exciting goal in the opening minutes of the second quarter in a good start for Buffs taking advantage after a free kick. Davin Ferreira responded after kicking a great goal from the boundary and celebrating with a chest punch to the crowd proud of his blue and yellow guernsey. Joel Jeffrey was busy again marking and kicking a goal at the eleventh minute mark after some great work by Liam Patrick to bring the ball down. Thomas Motlop then ran down Dayne Hancock to receive a free kick and get the ball down for Patrick to turn on his magic for a class goal. Davin Ferreira was able to kick an amazing goal after a great forward fifty entry by former AFL player Sam Gibson. Ferreira then had a hand in Thomas Motlop’s goal after a desperate chase across the goal face and kick backwards. Javadd Anderson kicked his third and Buffs third at the 20 minute mark. Young Joseph Salmon took an impressive defensive mark in the backline and Thomas Motlop kicked his second goal for the Muk Muks to take a 7 goal lead into half time

Early in the third term it became apparent that Jarred Erlandson had sustained a calf injury and Nathan Grant hurt his ribs in the first quarter so both were off for the rest of the game hurting the Eagles rotations.  Javadd Anderson continued as the Buffs sole scorer kicking his fourth at the 4 minute mark after Marcus Hamilton took a strong grab and kicked into him. The Buffs managed to score two in a row when Chris Williams kicked from the 50. Mabo Mununggurritj was able to kick a set shot to increase the Muk Muks lead but Steven Anderson was able to pare it straight back with a running goal for the Buffs. Jobastian Priest lit the crowd alight after running around the player on the mark for goal but the Buffs managed two quick goals right before the siren to go into the final change 24 points down.

Sixteen-year-old Joel Jeffrey was outstanding for the Muk Muks finishing with four goals and being instrumental setting up the win in the first quarter. Chris Williams scored an important goal for the Buffs in the final quarter followed by Joe Anderson who pushed forward and the crowd went wild. Chris Williams goaled and the margin was just 11 points. Javadd Anderson had the opportunity to make it 5 points at the 22 minute mark but his shot from 40 out was astray and the Wanderers won.