Umpires appointed for Men’s Grand Final Day

2017/18 NTFL Men's Grand Final appointed umpires

AFL Northern Territory (AFLNT) would like to congratulate all the umpires appointed for a game on Men’s Grand Final Day this Sunday 18 March at TIO Stadium.

After many training sessions, fitness tests and umpiring weekly games during the season, the NTFL Umpires Association had some tough decisions to make. Reducing their 256 registered umpires, normally covering the 51 weekly games, to a list that only need cover the eight grand finals being played this weekend. 

2017/18 NTFL ABC Umpire of the Year, Tomas McIntee, as been appointed the Men’s Premier League Grand Final in his first NTFL season. Hailing from Tasmania McIntee is an interstate umpire who came up as part of the NTFL Interstate Field Umpires Program.

With over 1,000 Men’s Premier League games between them the umpiring panel for this season’s Grand Final have plenty of experience behind them:

Tomas McIntee (2) - 22 PL Games 1st GF
Jamieson Galbraith (3) - 61 PL Games 2nd GF
Simon Walker (25) - 204 PL Games 9th GF

Michael Simpson – 519 PL Games  26th GF
Lachlan Pietzsch – 15 PL Games 1st GF
John Rawsthorne – 81 PL Games 2nd GF
Samuel Wright – 24 PL Games 1st GF

Melissa Thiele – 104 PL Games 3rd GF
Tony Miles – 45 PL Games 1st GF

Emergency Field Lachlan McDonald (10) 21 PL Games
Third ScorerJoanne Wood 140 PL Games

AFLNT Manager of Community Football and Facilities, Russell Jeffery, said that after a lengthy selection process this is the perfect opportunity for the umpires to display why they were appointed a grand final.

“Players are judged on their performance in big games and so are our umpires.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for our local umpires to perform on our biggest day,” Jeffery said. 

The following umpires have been appointed for 2017/18 Men’s Grand Final Day.

Men’s Premier League

Field: Jamieson Galbraith, Tomas McIntee, Simon Walker
Boundary: Lachlan Pietzsch, John Rawsthorne, Michael Simpson, Samuel Wright
Goal: Tony Miles, Melissa Thiele
Emergency Field: Lachlan McDonald
Third Scorer: Joanne Wood

Men’s Division 1

Field: Ashlon Gardner, Stephen Panjer, Tim Somerville
Boundary: Kathryn Flynn, Merlene Hutt, Louis Reid, Leonie Richards
Goal: John Trott, Joanne Wood
Emergency Field: Ethan Spiritosanto

Men’s Division 2

Field: Ben Heaslip, Andrew Pietzsch, Isaac Reid
Boundary: Darien Blair, Jessie Brock, Garey Neenan, Jenny Roe
Goal: Erin Ranie, Jim Thiele
Emergency Field: Greg Ostler

Under 18 Boys

Field: Craig Garland, Lachlan Kendrick, Brodie Morcom 
Boundary: Michael Butler, Sally Ellis, Ryan Gosper, Anthony Newlove 
Goal: Georga Sallows, Jack Whitehead 
Emergency Field: Ashley Manicaros

Under 16 Hickman

Field: Peter Clark, Sam Cunningham, Ben Ogden
Boundary: Abigail Hensler, Cooper Rainie, Matthew Rawsthorne, Luke Twartz
Goal: Peter Buckland, William Wood

Under 16 Leverence

Field: James Ashby, Andre Price-Quintner, Sheryle Schmode
Boundary: Matthew Chapman, Steven Kalikajaros, Zach Pietzsch, Donny Shao
Goal: Peter Buckland, Kyriakos Lambrinidis

Under 14 Gundersen

Field: Michael Cormack, Ben Griffiths
Boundary: Mahlea Anderson, Cameron Brodie, Zoe McDowell, Dakota Petti-Holmes
Goal: Fraser Beard, Kim Parnell 

Under 14 Lewfatt

Field: Alastair Laird, Chris Lyndon
Boundary: Andrew Jones, Charlie Pettersen, Ryan Van de Venter
Goal: Angel Holliday, Isabelle Rawsthorne

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