CAFL receives apology from Papunya FC

AFL Northern Territory (AFLNT) advises it received the attached written apology from the Papunya Football Club (Papunya FC), following some undesired behaviour displayed at Sunday's Central Australian Football League (CAFL) community and country grand finals in Alice Springs. 
With more than 4,100 people in attendance, the vast majority of spectators, clubs and players were well behaved and attended in the spirit of the game.
AFLNT welcomes the steps Papunya FC took yesterday to visit the CAFL office and apologise for poor behaviour displayed by their supporters at the end of the Country League Grand Final.
Likewise, contact from several other community clubs to meet as a group to discuss issues and commit to stamping out antisocial behaviour is welcome, and AFLNT will look to invite all the key community leaders and facilitate a workshop in the next couple of weeks.
For the sake of clarity, AFLNT did engage the services of local police and security to assist with managing Sunday's event, and the bar remained closed, as it always does for the community and country CAFL games. However, the League will revisit the processes and procedures for future events, considering larger than expected crowd numbers.
This Saturday's grand finals will also have a police and security presence, and AFLNT has met with both parties to plan the requirements. An anti-social phone will also be in operation for people to text through and report any concerns they have. The number is 0457 682 210. Any reports sent through will be treated seriously and addressed by the AFLNT Match Manager with the assistance of security and police if required.

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