Galiwin'ku Oval re-opens

Galiwin'ku oval reopening 2019

The first weekend in April 2019 marked the first senior game of football played on Elcho island since a sad death in the community occurred over a year ago. 

After much deliberation, the families involved officially re-opened the the Galiwin'ku Oval to allow football be begin again.

While it was closed the community held smoking ceremonies and Bungal (traditional dance) to follow the important cultural ways of dealing with such an incident.

The Galiwin'ku Football Association started the season with a weekend Lightning Cup Pre-season carnival that saw over 200 eager players participate. These players underwent free health checks provided to them by Miwatj at the oval as part of the activities.

They were also provided information and food by the Yaka Ngarali Mob (No Smoking).

The carnival was a great success and the Galiwin'ku Football Association will be starting Round 1 on Saturday 13 April.