NTFL Breach Notice issued to Waratah Men’s Premier League team

AFL Northern Territory (AFLNT) advises that Waratah Football Club has been issued with a breach notice following the Round 3 TIO NTFL Men’s Premier League game played between Darwin Buffaloes Football Club and Waratah at TIO Stadium on Saturday 19 October.
The AFLNT football operations team received a complaint that Waratah played a player (#3 Brodie Carroll) in the game that was not listed on the submitted team sheet submitted for the game. 
This is a breach of AFLNT Rules and Regulations (2019 - 2020 edition):
3.9.2: If a team submits a team sheet that does not accurately represent the team that took the field during the match, that team will be deemed to have forfeited that match.

For the sake of clarity, after Carroll kicked a goal in the first quarter it came to the attention of the match manager that he was not listed on the team sheet, which had 22 names listed on it. The match manager issued the Waratah team manager with a directive to remove Carroll from the field as his absence from the submitted team sheet excluded him from insurance coverage if he was to get injured during the game. 

Carroll did not return to the field after the first quarter.

For the avoidance of doubt, the ‘submitted team sheet’ is that which the club hand to the umpires before the first warning siren for the game. Clubs also give team sheets to their opposition team, media and the club timekeeper. 
As a result of the above breach in AFLNT Rules and Regulations, Waratah was notified that the game in question will be amended to indicate a forfeit by Waratah; the result will be updated to show a Darwin Buffaloes 60 - 0 win, as per usual forfeit guidelines.
In accordance with AFLNT Rules and Regulations, Waratah had the right to appeal as per the appeals process outlined under section 9.1 but chose not to exercise this right. 

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