NTFL Tribunal Appeal: Round 17

AFL Northern Territory (AFLNT) wishes to advise it received notification from Southern Districts Football Club that it will appeal the penalty handed to Women’s Premier League coach, Tarmon Elliott at Wednesday night's Tribunal. 

Elliott contested the charge of using abusive language to an Umpire and also contested a charge of abusive behaviour to an Umpire in the TIO NTFL Women’s Premier League match between PINT and Southern Districts at TIO Oval 2 on Saturday 9 February 2019.

On hearing the evidence provided, the Tribunal found Elliott guilty of the charge of using abusive language to an Umpire and not guilty of abusive behaviour to an Umpire, and issued him with a one-match penalty. 

Southern Districts lodged an appeal by Thursday evening’s deadline and in accordance with the 2018 State & Territory Tribunal Guidelines

It is appealing under section 4.3, subpoints:

(a) that there was an error of law; and

(b) that the decision was so unreasonable that no Tribunal acting reasonably could have come to that decision having regard to the evidence before it; and

Since receiving notice, AFLNT worked diligently to try and fill an independent Appeal Board panel so that the Appeal could be heard tonight, before Southern Districts play tomorrow morning, but subsequent advice from Southern Districts was that representatives to be involved would not be available to attend a hearing tonight. 

Therefore, the Appeal will be heard at 6:30pm on Wednesday 20 February.

It should be noted that under AFL Regulations, rule 16.1 Suspension and Disqualification;

“Subject to Regulations 16.3 and 16.5, a person who is suspended or disqualified by the Commission, the Tribunal, the Appeal Board or any other League, Association or body affiliated to or recognised as being competent by the AFL, as a result of committing a Reportable Offence or otherwise, shall not play with any Club or hold any office or act in any capacity for a Club until such suspension or disqualification has expired or has been removed by the body which imposed it.”

In summary, Elliott cannot coach in Round 18 and will not be allowed access to the playing surface or to the coach's area.

Due to the appeal process now being active, AFLNT cannot make further comment until the Appeal Board meets.

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