Palmerston Magpies and University Rats join for Div 2

Uni Rats in action

See below for a release issued by the Palmerston Magpies Football Club and University Rats Football Club relating to a trial affiliation for Men’s Division 1 and Men’s Division 2 competitions in the 2019/20 TIO NTFL season.

As a result of this news, the Men’s Division 2 fixture will need to be adjusted to reflect the changes. AFLNT expects to release a new fixture next week. 


We are very excited to announce a trial affiliation agreement between Palmerston Magpies FC & University Rats FC for the 2019/2020 TIO NTFL Season. With the support of AFLNT, this will allow access for University to train at Palmerston Oval 2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and be able to utilise the facilities. 

What does this mean for the clubs……?
Under the Agreement, Palmerston Magpies will not field a Division 2 team and instead, University Rats will align with the Magpies and replace their Div2 game scheduling with the ability to be able to transfer players between the divisions.
The Division 2  fixture will be adjusted to reflect the withdrawal of the Magpies from Division 2, therefore, eliminating the bye meaning more games for all clubs. 
Whilst we see the opportunity for both clubs to thrive under this new structure it is not intended for Palmerston Magpies or University Rats to lose their own club identities and club structures under this new Agreement. 

What does this mean for the players………?
Any existing PMFC Div2 player still wishing to play will register with PMFC but if they wish to play Div2 it will be under a Type2 transfer which will not prevent them from moving between PMFC Div1 or University Div2. There will be no bias for the Div2 between the 2 clubs with the main aim to be able to pick the best available side each week based on merit rather than whom you are registered to. Train, commit and play well you’ll have no worries…….!
Any University Div2 players that wish to play Div1 with PMFC will also be based on merit and to be mutually agreed upon by coaches from both teams.

University Rats will commence training at Oval 2  from next Tuesday at 6 pm with Palmerston Magpies training continuing at Oval 1 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 pm. 

After several discussions between the 2 clubs, and seeing the success of this format at other clubs, we believe this is a fantastic opportunity for both clubs to have a long term sustainable future which in term will breed success and hopefully a few more flags on the wall.

PMFC would like to officially welcome University to the Club and look forward to building on this affiliation in the upcoming years.

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