Premier League Wrap – Round 13


Game 1

Wanderers 0.2 1.2 4.4 6.5 (41)
Tiwi Bombers 4.2 10.6 15.9 22.11 (143)


Wanderers: Mark White 2, Joshua Wilson 2, Jayden Adams, Joel Cubillo

Tiwi Bombers: Ross Tungutalum 5, Austin Wonaeamirri 4, Jeffrey David Simon 2, Simon Munkara 2, Albert Tipungwuti 2, Christian Burgess, Michael Cooper, Nathan Djerrkura, Patrick Heenan, Harley Puruntatameri, Jaque Sagiba, Adam Tipungwuti


The Bombers celebrate a well-deserved win against Wanderers.

Things started well for both teams with the ball moving at lightning speed around the ground. It was Tiwi who settled first and took the pace out, using good, clean kicks to find Nathan Djerrkura, who is playing his first game for the Bombers and against his old team. At the four-minute mark, he went back and slotted a beautiful right foot set shot from just outside the 50. For the next 10 minutes, the ball went back and forward and Wanderers had its chances but were unable to convert. With clean hands, Ross Tungatalum was next to mark in the Tiwi forward 50 and kicked his team's second goal before slotting the third from a converted 50-metre penalty. The Bombers pushed on and it was the man of the moment, Austin Wonaeamirri who marked truly next and kicked a goal which he saluted the crowd for, and they applauded back. 

The Bombers started the way they ended the first, with intent and purpose. In fine form, Ross Tungatalum had a chase down tackle that resulted in his third goal for the game, in the opening minute of the quarter before Austin Wonaeamirri marked another beautiful entry into the Bombers' forward 50. The 150-gamer then went back and made it two goals from two set shots. Not to be outdone, the young Wanderers outfit kept pushing and were well aided by some of their experienced played like Thomas Motlop and Nook Mansell, so that in the 12th minute Stanley Tipiloura had a long set shot on goal that landed a little short but right in the secure hands of Jayden Adam, who was left unmarked. He quickly went back from the square and kicked the Muk Muks first. The Tiwi pressure around the ball was relentless though and there was a fair bit of magic on display also as the Bombers went on to kick the next three, through Albert Tipungwuti, Jeffrey Simon and Jaque Sagiba. Albert Tipungwuti made it two for the term when the Bombers quickly rebounded from halfback and was kicked into the forward 50, rolling across the deck where he kicked it at full pace without picking it up.

At the start of the third quarter the temperature at TIO Stadium dropped as the storm clouds rolled in and with it, the Bombers were caught off guard, with a fumbley kick in defence landing in young Mark White's hands. Wanderers small forward then went back and kicked a nice set shot to get his team's second goal. As expected the Bombers lifted, with Nathan Djerrkura and Patrick Heenan the primary drivers, but Thomas and Aaron Motlop were up to the challenge and in the sixth minute of the term, ruckman Josh Wilson took a clean mark and kicked from 45 metres on a slight angle, and it would've gone through for a point if not for the defender running over the mark and Wilson then converting from a free kick in the square. With numbers to the contest and great pressure Wanderers gave itself more opportunities but in the 10th minute Michael Cooper found himself with space in the middle of the ground and hit the ground at pace, finding Ross Tungatalum over the top, who put the burners on Thomas Motlop, bouncing and running into an open goal to kick his fourth. The next to goal was Joel Cubillo for Wanderers, who jammed up against the goal post managed to throw the ball on his foot and kick it without going over the line. The Bombers put the brakes on Wanderers by kicking the next four goals, through Simon Munkara, Christian Burgess and the third to Michael Cooper who hit the centre clearance at full pace and earned a free kick when the opposition tried to slow him by falling into his back. Harley Puruntatameri was the fourth to add his name to the goal kickers' list to round out the quarter.

The Bombers came out with intent in the fourth quarter, Adam Tipungwuti acting very quickly to add his name to the scoresheet, using four bounces on the run to do it. That was followed up nicely with Jeffrey Simon kicking his second from a set shot before the milestone man, Austin Wonaeamirri had his third. It could've been four for Aussie, after, arguably best on the ground, Ross Tungatalum, went for another run through the middle and hit Aussie cleanly, who passed it over the top to fellow veteran and 198-gamer Simon Munkara, for his second goal. Meanwhile, for Wanderers, the time it could get the ball forward without being halted by Tiwi it was young gun Mark White who marked and kicked truly. But despite leading by more than 14 goals, the Bombers kept working hard to create opportunities and Tungatalum had his fifth goal, a right foot banana on the run. It was raining goals for Tiwi when Wonaeamirri kicked his fourth from a set shot near the 50, which was carbon copied by captain Patrick Heenan only moments later. Josh Wilson was the other goal kicker for the Muk Muks in the final term, slotting his second for the game.

Game 2

St Mary’s 1.3 7.4 7.6 8.7 (55)
Nightcliff 7.0 7.0 9.2 12.3 (75)


St Marys: Shaun Edwards 3, Raphael Clarke, Thomas Davies, Matthew Jeffery, Benjamin Rioli, Benjamin Taylor

Nightcliff: Simon Deery 2, Liam Holt-Fitz 2, Cameron Ilett 2, Trent Melville 2, Phillip Wills 2, Hugo Drogemuller, Micheal Hagan 


Nightcliff claw their way to victory against rivals St Mary’s.

The Saints had the run and carry early with multiple forward entries but were unable to capitalise. So, with its first forward 50 entry, it was a good strike rate for Nightcliff when Simon Deery marked and got the first goal of the game. It was quickly followed up with the competition's leading goalkicker, Trent Melville slotting the easiest of set shots following a down the field free kick and when reigning Nichols Medallist, Cam Ilett made it three in a row for the Tigers the Saints were quickly on the back foot. Thankfully some good ruck work by Ryan Smith and a clean entry into the forward 50 go the Saints on the board through Ben Rioli. But Melville got his second up the other end within 90 seconds and the Tigers had their fifth when lively small forward, Liam Holt-Fitz kept his feet and showed second and third efforts could pay off. Some more undisciplined play by the Saints handed Deery an easy second goal to make it six straight for the Tigers. For the next 10 minutes play see-sawed and there was some niggle and feeling in it but Nightcliff was well in control, applying pressure to the contest which allowed big forward Hugo Drogemuller the chance to sweep on a forward press to kick the last goal of the term.

What a quarter by the Saints to hold Nightcliff scoreless. They started the second term like they did the first but this time were quick to convert. When Raph Clarke took a mark on the wing he quickly kicked it into the forward 50 were Shaun Edwards' persistence paid off to get the goal. Raph Clarke was in the action again only moments later, laying a tackle from behind on Brodie Filo and again he turned and played on quickly but not to the same avail. At every stoppage, the Tigers pounced in a pack and did well to thwart the run and effort of their opponent a number of times but not completely as the Saints had the next opportunity in front of goal. Going the way of Edwards once more, this time he kicked a beautiful set shot from up against the right boundary. A couple minutes later and he had his third, a sneaky check side from scrambling play just in front, and just like that the margin was only 14-points in favor of the Tigers as the Saints had the momentum midway through the quarter. A stoppage on the 50 metres saw Ben Rioli lay a nice tackle on Filo, which saw the ball spill to Ben Taylor whose quick movement onto the boot got his first goal and the Saints were well and truly coming. As the quarter started to wind down Raph Clarke got some karma for his hard work around the ground, converting his own snap on goal after quick movement into the forward once again. A minute later and he had his hand in it again, after Shaun Edwards showed off with some basketball-like bouncing to keep the ball in front of him in the 50, Clarke pounced and a quick handball to Matthew Jeffrey had him running into an open goal and the Saints were up by four points. From there the Tigers scrambled but the Saints held firm to produce a 37-point turnaround!

Once again, the Saints started with pace and intent, controlling the ball in their half of the ground in the opening five minutes but only managed a couple of behinds. The next six minutes were mostly played in Nightcliff's forward with the only stoppages being around the ground as both teams played tightly on one another. In the 11th minute, it was the experience of Phillip Wills that prevailed, the quick-footed midfielder sitting off the back of the pack to run into an open goal for the Tigers first since the opening quarter and to put them back up by one point. Liam Holt-Fitz had his second goal of the game when the Saints got a little sloppy in defense but it was made up for moments later when Nightcliff were pressing again and missed gettable kicks and marks not too far out from goal. Despite the quickness of the game the quarter ended within 22-minutes as the only team to goal was Nightcliff.

Ryan Smith won the quarter's opening tap down but it was Brodie Filo, through a free kick, who kicked quickly into Nightcliff's forward 50 where once again Phillip Wills swooped and ran into an open goal. The Saints would capitalise next when Nathaniel Paredes took an intercept mark from Nightcliff's kick out and kicked it to Francis Kinthari who goaled truly. The play went back and forth with neither team able to score a goal for about 10 minutes before Michael Hagan was collected high and received the free kick. It looked like he would come off injured, but he went on to kick the goal, which was followed up a minute later by Cam Ilett's second goal of the game, a set shot at the top of the 50. The game ended without any other goals or major plays, the third win to Nightcliff over St Mary's for the season.

Game 3

Southern Districts 3.2 7.2 11.8 15.9 (99)
Darwin Bufffaloes 2.4 9.8 12.9 15.10 (100)


Southern Districts: Jess Koopman 6, Dean Staunton 3, Dylan Mclachlan 2, Robert Young 2, Michael Mummery, Rory O’Brien

Darwin Buffaloes: Matt Campbell 4, Adam Sambono 4, Darren Shillabeer 3, Jarrod Stokes 2, Malcolm Rosas, Darryl White


The Buffaloes hold on for a 1 point win in a nail biting match against fierce rivals Southern Districts.

It was a heavily contested ball from the outset with both sides getting plenty of hard balls and stopping at nothing to get possession of the ball. Jess Koopman kicked the opening goal of the game for the Crocs kicking it on the goal line. Darren Shillabeer would answer with a juggling mark in the pocket before goaling truly. The goals went back and forth with goals to Dean Staunton, Darryl White and Dean Staunton again. Both sides were very strong in defence taking plenty of intercept marks.

Darwin came storming out of the gates with the two opening goals to Matt Campbell and Adam Sambono. Jess Koopman kicked the next with a beautiful kick from the forward flank. Darren Shillabeer answered quickly with a goal from outside 50, before Rory O’Brien kicked the next after a mark in front of goal. Adam Sambono kicked the next two goals for the Buffs to get Darwin out to a 15-point lead. The Crocs kicked the next two through Robert Young and Jess Koopman who kicked his third for the half and the Crocs got to within a goal. The Buffs kicked the final two goals through Matt Campbell and Adam Sambono. Both sides managed to find plenty of space which led to a high scoring third quarter. Matt Campbell had been prolific for the Buffs and is a huge reason for the Buffs’ lead at half time.

Jarrod Stokes kicked the opening goal of the half to give the Buffs a 23-point lead. The Crocs whittled down the score by kicking three goals in a row to get within five points. Darwin kicked the next two through Darren Shillabeer and Adam Sambono before the rain started bucketing down. The wind was very strong which made kicking very difficult especially with the Buffs kicking against the wind and some kicks even going backwards. Michael Mummery kicked the first goal after the rain hit, with the wind assisting his shot for goal. The ball lived inside Southern Districts’ forward line during the storm but the Crocs couldn't capitalize.

With nearby lighting causing the quarter to be suspended for just under 25 minutes, the Crocs were the ones who came out firing from the break. Dylan McLachlan kicked the opening goal of the quarter to get the Crocs within one point. Jess Koopman kicked his fifth goal of the match to give Crocs the lead at the 13-minute mark. The Buffaloes struggled for composure after the break, but not Steven Anderson who kicked a check side goal at the 15-minute mark, with Matt Campbell kicking another check side less than a minute later. Ed Barlow kicked the next goal for the Crocs to get them back to within a point. A throw by Clint Gallio gave the Buffs another shot on goal with Jarrod Stokes kicking the goal from 45 out at a slight angle. A deliberate rushed behind allowed Rory O’Brien to kick the goal to get the Crocs back within a point. But it was the Buffs in the end who took out the game by a solitary point!

Game 4

Palmerston 1.3 5.3 9.3 11.5 (71)
Waratah 2.4 4.7 7.11 9.13 (67)


Palmerston: Kyle Emery 3, Broderick Church 2, Mitch Bunworth, Matthew Dennis, Ezekiel Frank, Aaron Lonergan, Samuel Talbot, Jamanie (ratjparrwarr) Wunungmurra

Waratah: Sam Godden 2, Shem Tatupu 2, James Wray 2, Abraham Ankers, Henry Kerinaiua, Brendon Minkulk


The Magpies swoop down for a win against the Tahs in their round 13 clash.

First goal of the day went to Waratah in the opening minutes to big man Shem Taputu who is an imposing figure on the field and was surrounded by teammates after opening the scoring.  Magpies returned fire within a minute as Brod Church kicked truly. Abe Ankers and Sam Godden both missed set shots on goals and the Tahs could have had a two-goal lead early. Godden then chased down a loose ball to kick his first. A strong mark to Jimma Smith on the boundary line pocket in front of the crowd was a highlight but he was unable to convert it.  

Waratah again opened the goal kicking early in the second but Jamaine Wunungmurra kicked a lovely goal for Palmerston followed by MItchy Bunworth followed by big Matty Dennis for three in a row. The Tahs got one back to reduce the margin but then Aaron Lonergan took a free kick in front of goal for Magpies and did not waste his opportunity taking the margin back out to 8 points in a good quarter for the black and white set up by Matty Dennis and coach Alwyn Davey in the midfield. Sam Godden, Justin Buegelaar and Jimmy Wray were kept busy in defence for the Tahs.
Sam Talbot kicked a long bomb in the opening minute of the third quarter which brought a cheer from the crowd. Matt Dennis and Shem Taputu had an entertaining duel in the ruck. Brod Church then kicked an almost identical goal to Talbot’s opener. Kyle Emery said, ‘if you can do this I can do it too’ and swapped pockets for the same result and the Magpies were up by 20 minutes early in the third. Taputu floated into the forward line for Tahs and was able to goal for Tahs temporarily stopping the Magpies run on. Tahs Abe Ankers and Sam Godden worked their way into the game getting in and under the packs and leading from the front. Jimmy Wray capitalised on a Magpie kick in that was called ‘not 15’ and kicked a goal and then Tahs were awarded a 50 metre penalty and Abe Ankers didn’t miss. Kyle Emery kicked a goal on the siren for the Magpies to regain the lead and didn’t the Palmy Army like that!!  Stay tuned folks a massive final quarter coming up.
Kyle Emery showed why he has been so good for the Magpies all year marking and goaling in the opening minute of the final quarter. Tahs got it into their forward line and James Arratta slotted a nice goal in return followed by one to Henry Kerinaua and the chant of ‘ooh aah Waratah’ went up in the crowd. Palmy worked hard to get it in their forward line but Samuel Flanagan kept chopping it off and Tahs worked it back into their attack to Jimma Smith but his kick went across goal for a behind. Ezekiel Frank and Kyle Emery worked hard in the forward line to provide options in the final quarter. A tight finish which saw the Magpies hold on by 4 points in another nailbiter this season between these two clubs.

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