Premier League Wrap – Round 14


Game 1

Southern Districts 3.2 6.5 6.8 8.9 (57)
Tiwi Bombers 3.2 5.3 9.5 12.7 (79)


Southern Districts: Michael Mummery 3, Jess Koopman, Ed Barlow, Sebastion Guilhaus, Beau Schwarze

Tiwi Bombers: Ross Tungutalum 5, Austin Wonaeamirri 3, Albert Tipungwuti 2, Harley Puruntatameri, Adam Tipungwuti


Tiwi Bombers endures through the rain to earn their third consecutive win of the season against Southern Districts.

In an overcast opening quarter the evenly contested football being played had been accurately reflected on the scoreboard. Ross Tungatalum had been influential in the Bombers forward, setting up goals as well as snagging two of his own. While for the Crocs, Seb Guilhaus had been strong in the defence and Matthew Rosier had been working hard around the contests, in his first game back since Round 3. 

The heavens opened up in the second quarter making the ball very wet and heavy. Despite the weather in a display of teamwork and skill, it was the Crocs who took the lead early through young gun Michael Mummery after he kicked first goal in the opening 30 seconds. The Bombers then had most of the ball for the following 10 minutes, with Adam Tipungwuti and Harley Puruntatameri both kicking a goal each up forward. Before the Crocs took back the lead with another two goals to see the quarter out.

With the weather settling into overcast conditions, it was coming down to who can play better with a wet ball. Dylan McLachlan had been using his speed around the ball to create pressure around the stoppages for the Crocs. While, Travis Tambling and Patrick Heenan had been religiously contributing to Tiwi's defensive line. That quarter, the Crocs were kept goalless while Ross Tungalalum extended his total goal tally to four.

The Bombers stormed home to get their third consecutive win. It was a real team effort from the Bombers, but it was Austin Wonaeamirri who kicked the goal that sealed their victory. The Crocs didn't go down without a fight though, with Beau Schwarze and Jess Koopman both scoring goals that quarter but it wasn't enough to get them over the line come the final siren.

Game 2

Wanderers 0.3 2.5 4.9 9.12 (66)
St Mary’s 3.2 4.3 6.5 8.9 (57)


Wanderers: Thomas Motlop 5, Aaron Motlop, Mark Motlop, Beau O’Connell, Liam Patrick

St Marys: Nathaniel Paredes 3, Raphael Clarke 2, Francis Kinthari 2, Brayden Rioli


Wanderers swoop 'n snatch a very close win from rivals St Mary’s.

Raph Clarke opened the account for the Saints in the first 28 seconds, with a gather and goal on the run. And by the end of the fourth minute, Nate Paredes had a goal in very similar circumstances, with Anthony Long having a hand in getting the ball forward - his first Premier League game since the 2015/16 grand final between the two teams. In the following 10 minutes, things started to slow as the Muk Muks worked their way into the game, led by Thomas and Aaron Motlop, and it became clear Liam Patrick was the clear target up forward. The man from Lajamanu got his hands to the ball a few times but couldn't quite make it stick. Ex-AFL player Danyle Pearce, in his first game for Wanderers, also had plenty of the ball but it was the Saints who appeared to have cleaner possession in the muggy conditions. In the 19th minute, Francis Kinthari was paid a free kick for dispossessing an opponent, and a subsequent 50m penalty had him right in front converting the third goal for the Saints. Late in the term, young Ronald Fejo laid a sharp tackle on Tom Davies to line up with a shot hard up against the boundary but it fell short leaving Wanderers goal-less.

 A free kick and another 50m penalty started the Saints' second term with a major, Nate Paredes kicking truly for his second goal of the game. As the Saints continued to press the rain began to fall more steadily, but it only took half a chance and on the 7th minute, Thomas Motlop found himself delivering a perfect fend off and a capitalising on scrappy team play for the Muk Muks' first goal. Showing his strong hands and clean skills Ben Taylor was working hard at both ends of the ground for St Mary's but Wanderers' young gun Beau O'Connell was up to the task, first marking with clean hands at the top of the 50 before 20 seconds later chasing up an Aaron Motlop, to collect and quickly snap for the Eagles' second goal in a row. The rest of the quarter played out with a behind to Wanderers the only thing added to either team's score.

The third quarter started almost identically to the first, with the Saints scoring in the opening 28 seconds, this time Francis Kinthari on the run for his second goal. Some ill-disciplined play and backchat directed at the umpires saw both teams penalised with 50m penalties, but it was Wanderers who were best able to capitalise with a goal, Thomas Motlop slotting his second from directly in front. Continuing his blistering form, Nate Paredes kept his one-goal-per-quarter habit alive, marking skillfully up against the left boundary and then kicking truly. Up the other end, it was Thomas Motlop who was single-handedly keeping Wanderers in it. In the 18th minute with his feet barely leaving the ground, his strong hands plucked a mark deep in the forward while surrounded by four St Mary's players, and when he kicked his third for the game it was only an eight-point game.

Within the opening two minutes, the margin was only two points, Marlon Moltop converting a crucial free kick for Wanderers following a push in the back. And suddenly the Muk Muks had all the run and the better of the umpires' decisions which came off the back of applying great pressure and showing better run. Two young players, Beau O'Connell for Wanderers, and Brayden Rioli for St Mary's had running shots on goal that had the crowd on the edge of their seats but both shots went wayward. The 8th to 11 minutes are ones Jack Long would probably like to forget, first soccering the ball out of bounds on the full at centre half forward and then dumping Thomas Motlop late after his kick, which gave the Muk Muks their first sniff but they couldn't convert. However, by the 11th minute Thomas Motlop had taken a strong mark in front of Long and kicked truly for his fourth, which gave the Eagles their first lead of the day by five points. Three minutes later Liam Patrick had his first clean possession of the day and when he kicked truly it was an 11-point lead Wanderers way but that was quickly undone with some Rioli magic, this time a left side step from Brayden Rioli and a snap drawing it back to only five. Nate Paredes put the Saints back up by a point with his fourth goal that came from a 50m penalty but when the clock read 17:57 things were all-square. Enter Aaron Motlop who in the 19th minute turned the clock back a few years to pick the ball up on a dime, turn and goal. Thomas Motlop kicked his fifth a minute or so later when the goal square was left unminded and suddenly the Eagles were up by two clear goals. Defender-turned-forward, Tom Davies went on to mark cleanly deep in the final term for the Saints but his two set shots on goal both hit the post and Wanderers held on for their fourth win of the season.

Game 3

Waratah 2.1 4.4 5.9 5.10 (40)
Nightcliff 5.2 8.7 11.9 13.18 (96)


Waratah: Sam Godden 2, Kim Kantilla, Henry Kerinaiua, Errol Mcconnell

Nightcliff: Matthew Bricknell 3, Trent Melville 3, Hugo Drogemuller 2, Daniel Bowles, Simon Deery, Liam Holt-Fitz, Phillip Wills, Shaun Wilson


Nightcliff seal the deal on yet another high scoring win against the Tah’s.

Nightcliff got off to a fast start, controlling the opening minutes of play with Hugo Drogemuller booting the Tigers' first goal with a nice checkside kick only metres out. Up the other end of the ground, it was Kim Kantilla who came to life, pestering his opponent to snap his first goal, and could've easily had another with his effort and endeavor but his set shot went wayward. The league-leading goal kicker, Trent Melville was the recipient of some strong work in the midfield and the usual Liam Holt-Fitz display of magic to kick two quick goals before Drogemuller also had his second and Nightcliff had a 17-point lead. The Tigers showed outstanding ball movement and control right across the ground so it wasn't long before Drogemuller had his third goal. Not to be outdone, Henry Kerinaiua showed some real brilliance late in the term, overcoming the pull on his jumper and keeping his feet in slippery conditions, while turning his opponent around to snap the Tahs' second goal

The Tiger train rolled-on at the start of the second term, with Phillip Wills the recipient of a fast handball in the first minute that allowed him to run into the open goal. It was a deserved reward for Wills who had been in blistering form early. A minute later and Simon Deery had a goal in very similar conditions and it was a seven goal to two lead, in favour of the Tigers. A scrappy kick into the Tahs' forward 50 was made to look good when Sam Godden tapped it in front of him until he was able to collect it, shrug a tackle and snap it off the left for a much-needed goal. Trent Melville had his third for the game not too long later after converting a free kick from the goal square but Godden wasn't done yet, once again keeping his feet and dodging opponents for his second in only a few minutes. The rest of the quarter went on without another major being scored.

Nightcliff had taken control of this match and kicked the opening three goals of the quarter through Daniel Bowles, Shaun Wilson and Matt Bricknell. It took until the last minute of the quarter for Waratah to score their only goal, with Errol McConnell getting the clearance and kicking the goal. It can be argued that Nightcliff should have been further in front, but slippery conditions had made kicking for goal accurately difficult. Waratah’s defence held strong despite mounting pressure with the Tahs unable to get the ball out of their defensive half.

It took until the 17th minute for the first goal to come with Matt Bricknell soccering the ball through. Marks inside 50 were difficult to come by which led to the long goal drought. Liam Holt-Fitz backed up a minute later to give the Tigers their second goal of the quarter. Both sides held the ball inside their forward 50s for extended periods of time, but without marks inside 50, both teams were snapping for goal and ultimately missing. Both teams struggled to get a clear break from the midfield, which led to scrappy kicks inside 50 which caused both sides finding it difficult to mark inside 50.

Game 4

Palmerston 3.2 4.4 7.4 9.7 (61)
Darwin Buffaloes 2.2 7.5 9.6 11.8 (74)


Palmerston: Kyle Emery 3, Mishai Perry 2, Alwyn Davey, Ezekiel Frank, Aaron Lonergan, Jamanie (ratjparrwarr) Wunungmurra

Darwin Buffaloes: Lindsay Thomas 5, Adam Sambono 3, Jalen Clarke, David Johnston, Jarrod Stokes


The Buffaloes stomp their way to a 13-point win in an exciting match against the Magpies.

Kyle Emery got the Magpies off to a great start with an early goal after marking and taking a set shot. The Magpies managed to keep Buffs goalless for several minutes thanks to outstanding defensive efforts by Aaron Davey who kept rebounding out of his team’s defense until another former AFL star Lindsay Thomas was able to kick a goal for the double blues. Matty Dennis and Ryan O’Sullivan had an entertaining duel in the battle of the big men with Chris Atkinson also rucking. Kyle Emery kicked another goal for Magpies before Jarrod Stokes kicked a crowd pleaser for Buffs. His cousin Cameron Stokes was back for Buffs after serving his suspension and provided great leadership and stability through the middle.

The second quarter got underway and Lindsay Thomas added another goal to his tally for the Buffaloes. He and Aaron Davey continued their entertaining battle and with Davey taking points for clearing the ball out of defense numerous times with help from Ezekiel Frank. Joe Anderson showed his class through the middle putting on some massive tackles. Kyle Emery continued his outstanding season marking everything that went into him but he missed two shots on goal which could prove costly the end of the game. Jalen Clarke kicked a goal for the Buffs and celebrated with his trademark double fist pump and the Buffs hit the lead by 5 points. Emery kicked another for the Magpies but the Buffs quickly got one back after David Johnston received a 50-meter penalty to take his kick in front of goal.

Lindsay Thomas continued his good game with another goal after some strong body work by Jarrod Stokes to get the ball into him. Aaron Davey was moved off him and by three quarter time Thomas had 5 goals to his name. Kyle Emery returned serve for the Magpies however in what seemed to be the story of the game and has kicked 3 goal and 2 behinds. Magpies coach Alwyn Davey came into the game that quarter providing strong body work along with Mitchy Bunworth. Kevin Maroney was outstanding at full back for Buffs driving the ball out of defense but at the final break it's just 14 points the difference so the game could go either way.

The first goal was scored in the opening minute by Adam Sambono and was a ripper much to the large Buffs crowd delight. Jesse Marshall kicked in to big Mishai Perry who was showed super quick reflexes to kick a goal for the Magpies. Perry struck again second later pinning Matty Campbell for held ball but his kick trickled over the line and Buffs eventually cleared it out through Jarrod Stokes. Darryl White pushed up the field to try and force the ball down and Steven Anderson put on probably the chase of the match but his snap on goal missed. The two ‘K’s’ Kevin Maroney and Kelvin Williams were outstanding in defence for the Buffs with nothing getting past and Matty Campbell running past with quick hands every time. The Magpies worked hard and Brod Church wheeled around 360 degrees to kick on goal but it went through for a point much to the home crowd’s disappointment. After five minutes of back and forward Ezekiel Frank finally dribbled a goal through and the margin was back to 7 points with not much time left. Jarrod Stokes cleared the centre tap to the Buffs forward line and it was Adam Sambono who put the icing on the cake for Buffs to take the win by 13 points.

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