Tahs take lead in race for $7,000 Club of the Year Award

Waratah are COTY leaders

After Round 12 of 2018/19 TIO NTFL season, the Waratah Football Club has taken the lead in the Statewide Super Club of the Year Award and is first in line to claim the $7,000 cash prize in the Big Club division.

Sitting on 137.1 points, 3.6 points higher than it had accumulated at the conclusion of Round 9, Waratah’s consistency on-field, combined with their strong club documentation and behaviour has pushed them up. 

It’s also good news for St Mary’s (124.4 points), who has moved into second place off the back of better on-field results, as well as submitting their Domestic Violence Action Plan (DVAP) and club strategy document, while Nightcliff (105.8) retain third position. 

In the Small Club division, there has been a shuffling of the clubs who were in the top five at the end of Round 9. 

Continuing with its winning ways and yet to have a player carded or suspended, the Jabiru Football Club is in the lead on 120.8 points with the $2,000 first prize within grasp. 

Not too far behind and a realistic chance, the Tiwi Bombers (112.8) have jumped from fourth spot to second also off the back of having a clean record in the behaviour category and with the Bombers notorious for finishing off the season with strong on-field performances they’re in with a shot.

Banks remain in third place on 79.5 points, while Big River Hawks and PINT are sitting in equal fourth on 61.1 points. It has been a slip in on-field performance and losing points for behaviour that has seen PINT relinquish top spot.

But AFLNT Manager of Community Football Rosanna De Santis said its still anyone’s prize for the taking.

“We’ve been pleased with the number of clubs who have submitted their DVAPs and have been working hard to ensure they meet the strong club criteria, which along with behaviour, are areas more within their control than relying on wins. 

“There are still six rounds to go though, and we’ve already seen how quickly things can change after three weeks.

"We strongly encourage clubs to do all they can to get the easy but important points like making sure they submit a current business or strategic plan and being signed up to the Good Sports Program. Get in touch with us to find out what documents we have and which you can still submit to add to your score,” she said. 

Any club with eight or more teams was put into the Big Club division, and any clubs with seven or fewer teams were put into the Small Club division for the Statewide Super Club of the Year Award. 

Each division has its own prize money and the total prize pool for season 2018/19 is $15,500. 

The criteria for both the Big Club and Small Club is the same and can be found online here: https://www.aflnt.com.au/competitionsntfl/ntfl-club-of-the-year-award

Statewide Super Club of the Year 
Leaderboards as of Thursday 10 January 2019

Big Club Division

1st prize - $7,000
2nd prize - $3,000
3rd prize - $2,000

Club on field performance strong club behaviour running total
Waratah 54.6 142.5 - 60 137.1
St Mary's 64.4 140 - 80 124.4
Nightcliff 53.3 162.5 - 110 105.8
Palmerston 41.8 165 - 120 86.8
Wanderers 39.8 135 - 100 74.8
Southern Districts 50 115 - 100 65
Darwin Buffaloes 54.1 127.5 - 120 61.6

Small Club Division

1st prize - $2,000
2nd prize - $1,000
3rd prize - $500

Club on field performance strong club behaviour running total
Jabiru 83.3 37.5 0 120.8
Tiwi Bombers 30.3 82.5 0 112.8
Banks 59.5 50 - 30 79.5
Big River Hawks 26.1 45 - 10 61.1
PINT 48.6 62.5 - 50 61.1
University Rats 58.3 17.5 - 50 25.8
Tracy Village 14.9 62.5 - 60 17.4


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