Territory Talent Triumphs at Combine


Our young Northern Territory talent did us proud at the 2019 NAB AFL Draft Combine and AFL State/Allies Combine in Melbourne last week.  

During the testing period, each player’s strength and skills were assessed through several tests. 

Malcolm Rosas not only shaved a huge 17 seconds off his personal best in the 2km time trial but also finished third overall in the 20-metre sprint, showcasing his speed and endurance at the 2019 NAB AFL Draft Combine. 

Ben Jungfer, Nigel Lockyer and Kieren Parnell took part in the 2019 AFL State/Allies Combine ahead of the AFL Draft in November, finishing with impressive results. Eighteen-year-old Jungfer finished fourth in the agility component, Alice Springs’ based Lockyer finished fifth in the 20-metre sprint and vertical jump, and Round 12 NEAFL Rising Star nominee, Parnell came in equal third in the Yo-Yo test.

The four young men will now wait and see if their hard work and performance at the relative Combines will progress their AFL careers. 

Northern Territory Individual Results 

Malcolm Rosas
Agility - 8.527 seconds
20m - 2.924 seconds
Vertical jump - 67 cm
Running Vertical jump - 82 cm
Yo-yo - 20.5
2km time trial – 6 minutes 33 seconds

Kieren Parnell
Agility - 8.420 seconds
20m - 3.115 seconds
Vertical jump - 59 cm
Running Vertical jump - 74 cm
Yo-Yo (level) - 21.5 
Nigel Lockyer 
Agility - 8.599 seconds
20m - 2.933 seconds
Vertical jump - 76 cm
Running Vertical jump - 87 cm
Yo-Yo 9 (level) - 20.1

Ben Jungfer
Agility - 8.140 seconds
20m - 3.019 seconds
Vertical jump - 63 cm
Running Vertical jump - 78 cm
Yo-Yo (level) - 20.6

NAB AFL Draft Combine top getters in each category

Vertical jump (cm)
Miles Bergman - 77

Combine record: Jordan Gallucci (89cm, 2016), Aiden Bonar (89cm, 2017)

Agility (seconds)
Hayden Young - 7.940
Combine record: Stephen Hill (7.77 seconds, 2008)

20m sprint (seconds)
Sam Philp - 2.867

Malcolm Rosas - 2.924 (3rd)

Combine record: Joel Wilkinson (2.75 seconds, 2010)

Running vertical jump (cm)
Brady Rowles - 98

Combine record: Kyron Hayden (103cm, 2017)

Yo-Yo test (level)
Jay Rantall - 21.8 

Combine record: Andrew Brayshaw (level 22.4, 2017)

NAB AFL State/Allies Combine top getters in each category

Vertical jump (cm)
Andrew Courtney - 81cm
Nigel Lockyer  - 76cm (5th)

Agility (seconds)
Bior Malual - 8.018
Ben Jungfer - 8.140 (4th)

20m sprint (seconds)
Bigoa Nyuon - 2.855
Nigel Lockyer - 2.933 (5th)

Running vertical jump (cm)
Jeremy O'Sullivan - 96cm

Yo-Yo test (level)
Bior Malual - 21.8
Kieren Parnell - 21.5 (=3rd)

Ben Jungfer, Nigel Lockyer and Kieren Parnell