Umpires appointed for Men’s Grand Final Day


AFL Northern Territory would like to congratulate all the umpires appointed for a game on Men’s Grand Final Day this Saturday 16 March at TIO Stadium.

After many training sessions, fitness tests and umpiring weekly games during the season, the NTFL Umpires Association had some tough decisions to make. Reducing their 280 registered umpires, normally covering the 53 weekly games, to a list that only need cover the eight grand finals being played this weekend. 

2017/18 NTFL ABC Umpire of the Year, Josh Hardy, as been appointed the Men’s Premier League Grand Final in his first NTFL season. Hailing from South Australia Hardy is an interstate umpire who came up as part of the NTFL Interstate Field Umpires Program.

With over 1,000 Men’s Premier League games between them the umpiring panel for this season’s Grand Final have plenty of experience behind them:

Josh Hardy (1) - 20 Men’s Premier League Games 1st Grand Final
Jamieson Galbraith (3) - 72 Men’s Premier League Games 3rd Grand Final
Mark Noonan (20) - 248 Men’s Premier League Games 7th Grand Final
Jasper Hutt – 79 Men’s Premier League Games 2nd Grand Final
Merlene Hutt – 67 Men’s Premier League Games 2nd Grand Final
Michael Simpson – 536 Men’s Premier League Games 27th Grand Final
Jaren Walsh – 23 Men’s Premier League Games 1st Grand Final
Melissa Thiele – 128 Men’s Premier League Games 4th Grand Final
John Trott – 30 Men’s Premier League Games 1st Grand Final
Emergency Field – Stephen Panjer (8) 38 Men’s Premier League Games
Third Scorer – Dean O’Donoghue 152 Men’s Premier League Games

Men’s Premier League

Field: Jamieson Galbraith, Josh Hardy, Mark Noonan
Boundary: Jasper Hutt, Merlene Hutt, Jaren Walsh, Michael Simpson
Goal: Melissa Thiele, John Trott
Emergency Field: Stephen Panjer
Third Scorer: Dean O'Donoghue

Men’s Division 1

Field: Lachlan Kendrick, Lance Hutt, Thomas Manning
Boundary: Taylor Ria, Darien Blair, Kathryn Flynn, Kelly McKenzie-Campbell
Goal: Dean O'Donoghue, Kyriakos Lambrinidis
Emergency Field: Ashley Manicaros

Men’s Division 2

Field: John Rawsthorne, Peter Clark, Andrew Modra
Boundary: Joshua Strang, Leigh Pleiter, Garey Neenan
Goal: Amos Wachira, Jim Thiele
Emergency Field: Greg Ostler

Under 18 Boys

Field: Ben Heaslip, Sam Cunningham, Ben Ogden, Stephen Shields
Boundary: Donna Clemmens, Louis Reid, Sam Wright, Steven Kalikajaros
Goal: Sharyn Morcom, Kevin Godden

Under 16 Hickman

Field: Jonty Beard, Sheryle Schmode, Andrew Smith
Boundary: Jack Clemmens, Christiana Lees, Gary Edwin
Goal: Kevin Godden, Kiim Parnell

Under 16 Leverence

Field: Mateo Charlton, Chris Lyndon, Duncan Lindsay
Boundary: Alastair Laird, Craig Laird, Thomas Fitzgerald, Mahlea Anderson
Goal: John Kidd, Stewart Whiteaker

Under 14 Gundersen

Field: Kain Fuller, Gerry Wood
Boundary: Joshua Healey, Andrew Jones, Abdul Roach
Goal: Jess Leeson, Jennifer Roe

Under 14 Lewfatt

Field: Tyler Engels, Ben Murphy
Boundary: Alan Day, Jadon Jenner, Callum Modra
Goal: Raymart Adhikari, Greg Lawler

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