Umpires appointed for Women’s Grand Final Day


Umpiring appointments have been announced for the Women’s Grand Final weekend on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 March 2019 at TIO Stadium.

AFLNT Manager of Community Football, Rosanna De Santis said she is delighted to see the local umpires being recognised for their efforts throughout the season. 

"I'd like to congratulate all the umpires on their appointment this weekend. It's a recognition of their hard work on the training track and performance throughout the home and away season.

 "I hope they enjoy the big occasion as officiating in a grand final is an aspiration for many umpires," said De Santis.

Women’s Premier League – Waratah vs Southern Districts
Field: Andre Price-Quintner, Patrick Rawsthorne, Matthew Rawsthorne 
Boundary: Abigail Hensler, Louise Turner, Luke Twartz, Joanne Wood
Goals: John Kidd, Jennifer Roe

Under 18 Girls – Palmerston Magpies vs Darwin Buffettes
Field: Brandon Cubillo, Jamie Jones, Sheryle Schmode
Boundary: Choun Houn, Gemma Price-Quintner, Leonie Richards
Goals: Natalie Butt, Kim Rawsthorne

Under 15 Girls – St Mary’s vs Wanderers
Field: Stanley Cox, Ty Modra
Boundary: Jakob Donavan, James Farrar-Keane, Anthony Jenner
Goals: Isabelle Rawsthorne, Angela Wood

Under 12 Atkinson – Tigers Black vs Magpies Black
Field: Mahlea Anderson, Samson Bament
Goals: Isabelle Rawsthorne, Melisa Thiele

Under 12 Deslandes – Tigers Gold vs Tigers White
Field: Abigail Hensler, Gemma Price-Quintner
Goals: Garey Neenan, Kim Rawsthorne

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