Capture #myfootymoment, share in the celebration and WIN

My Footy Moment

Across the NT, the signs of footy returning are everywhere; the grass is being clapped off boots, fresh paint is being etched into the ovals and mums and dads are doing more laundry than a few weeks ago.

Whether it be playing games, returning to training or getting back into your home routines, we believe these are steps worth celebrating.

We'd love for players, parents, umpires, clubs and fans to help us capture the moments and raw joy of footy's return; whatever that means to you and wherever you are.

Capture a short video (20 seconds or less) of something that makes you excited about footy's comeback; a training drill, running onto the field for a big game of the season, lacing up your boots, standing on the 50m arc, testing the ground's siren, the first bounce from the umpire, pumping air into the Sherrin, a coach's address, singing the song after a win, you name it, we want to see it.

Or take a snap of your players, umpires, volunteers, coaches, committee members or fans soaking up the moment that footy is back.

What we're after:

A video or photo (maximum 20 secs video) that shows any moment from your (or your team/club/league) return to footy; whether it's something you do at home, at training or in games. Big or small, so long as it's a moment that makes you happy and gets you excited! 

How to submit your moments:

Upload to your Facebook or Instagram account and use the hashtag #myfootymoment. Make sure your share/privacy settings are set correctly if you want us to find it.

What next:

We might use your #myfootymoment in a compilation of celebrations and moments captured across Australia and there are prizes up for grabs!

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