Experienced panel of umpires assembled for 2019/20 TIO NTFL Men’s Premier League Grand Final 

The 2019/20 NTFL Men's Grand Final Day umpires

AFL Northern Territory (AFLNT) congratulates the umpires who have been appointed for the Men’s Premier League Grand Final on Saturday 14 March at TIO Stadium. 

With a combined tally of over 1,200 Men's Premier League games and 42 grand finals under their belts, the blockbuster game between St Mary's and Nightcliff is in experienced hands. 

With the depth of experience in the likes of Mark Noonan and Michael Simpson, also comes four debutants to the line-up. Joel Morrision (field), Leonie Richards (boundary), Darien Blair (boundary) and William Wood (goal) will all make their grand final debut, however with over 160 Men's Premier League games between the four of them, they are no stranger to the intensity and pace of a Men's Premier League game. 

Jamieson Galbraith, Morrison and Noonan officiated the Men's Premier League Semi Final between Nightcliff and Southern Districts last weekend, while Blair, Richards, Michael Simpson, Jaren Walsh, and Wood also wore the green in that game. The only change coming into the grand final from last week is Tony Miles into the goal umpiring position in lieu of Mel Thiele, who will goal umpire the Under 18 Boys Grand Final. 

For boundary umpire Simpson, this weekend's game will mark his 29th Grand Final in what will also be his 552nd Men's Premier League game. 

Men's Premier League – St Mary's vs Nightcliff

Jamieson Galbraith (#3) - 91 Men's Premier League games, 4th Grand Final 
Joel Morrison (#4) - 35 Men's Premier League games, 1st Grand Final 
Mark Noonan (#20) - 272 Men's Premier League games, 8th Grand Final
Emergency field - Sam Wood (#25) 21 Men's Premier League games, 1st Grand Final
Third Scorer - Stewart Whiteaker - 23 Men's Premier League games, 1st Grand Final

Darien Blair - 41 Men's Premier League games, 29th Grand Final
Leonie Richards - 47 Men's Premier League games, 1st Grand Final
Michael Simpson - 551 Men's Premier League games, 29th Grand Final 
Jaren Walsh - 44 Men's Premier League games, 3rd Grand Final 

Tony Miles - 166 Men's Premier League games, 2nd Grand Final
Will Wood - 40 Men's Premier League games, 1st Grand Final

Men's Division 1- Nightcliff vs PINT
Field: Stephen Blume, John Rawsthorne, Patrick Rawsthorne
Boundary: Kelly MC, Jade Farey, Alastair Laird, Craig Laird
Goals: Kyriakos Lambrinidis, Stewart Whiteaker

Under 18 Boys - St Mary's vs Wanderers
Field: Andrew Modra, Ben Heaslip, Andre Price Quintner
Boundary: Donna Clements, Kyle O'Donoghue-Ellis, Cooper Ranie
Goals: Erin Ranie, Mel Thiele

Men's Division 2 - Waratah vs Nightcliff
Field: Peter Clark, Chris Lyndon, Gerry Wood
Boundary: Callum Modra, David Panjer, Luke Twartz, Sam Wright 
Goals: Jenny Roe, Jim Thiele

Under 16 Hickman - St Mary's vs Wanderers
Field: Ben Murphy, Kimble Perring, Sheryle Schmode
Boundary: Jadon Jenner, Gisubiso Niera, Allen Ryan
Goals: John Kidd, Jess Leeson

Under 14 Gunderson - Waratah vs Nightcliff Black
Field: Jack Broad, Garey Neenan
Boundary: Hamish Lovett, Taylor Lovett
Goals: Teresa Laid, Kim Rawsthorne

Under 14 Lew Fatt - Banks vs Southern Districts 2
Field: John Barnett, Emma Stark
Boundary: Jack Hewett, Tobias Jenner
Goals: Fraser Beard, Noah Pullino

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