Initial squads to don the ochre, black and white announced

Cameron Ilett, Abe Ankers and Jasmyn Hewett feature in the initial squads for the Territory side that will take on Glenelg on 23 January 2021.

The men’s and women’s clashes will mark the first time rep footy has been played in the Territory for 15 years and is an exciting opportunity to inspire younger players to get involved and show the other end of the country what we’ve got up in the north.  

“There have been many great family names who have represented our great Territory,” Men’s Chairperson of Selectors Shannon Rusca said. 

“We are now trying to re-establish this amazing concept for our future starts to look up to and wear the prestigious ochre, black and white with pride.”

Men’s head coach Chris Baksh is confident the names announced in the squads today will help shape strong teams on the day. 

“It’s an exciting time leading into Christmas with the announcement of the squad today and a great opportunity for the players in the initial squad to push hard and maintain momentum into the New Year ahead of what will be an exciting game,” Baksh said. 

The selection philosophy that guided the initial lists centred on including local emerging draftable talent with a passion for footy. To be eligible for the squad players must also reside in Darwin. 

Colleen Gwynne who is the women’s Chairperson of Selectors said it was hard to pick out the best of the best to represent the Top End.

“The selection process for the NTFL Representative Team has been challenging with so much talent in our Women’s Premier League,” Gwynne said. 

“Our mix of youth and experience will provide the best of what Territory football has to offer and I’m sure those selected will play with pride.” 

The lists announced today are fluid and open to change depending on a number of factors.  

“This is a very fluid squad that will be added and deleted to as the season continues with form, availability, injury and suspension,” Rusca explained. 

“The players must maintain the high standards both on and off the field. The initial squad will be reassessed frequently. So the message is you are never out of contention.”

The first training session for both the men’s and women’s sides will take place on 9 December at 5:00pm at TIO Stadium. 

Early bird tickets for the hotly anticipated rep games will go on sale next week with a special pre-Christmas deal. Keep an eye on AFLNT social media channels for updates.

Men’s squad list
•    Matt Campbell – Darwin Buffaloes
•    Jarrod Stokes – Darwin Buffaloes
•    Brodie Foster – Darwin Buffaloes
•    Bradley Stokes – Darwin Buffaloes
•    Ryan Pendlebury – Darwin Buffaloes
•    Abe Ankers – Waratah 
•    Brodie Carroll – Waratah
•    Zach Westerberg – Waratah 
•    Robert Campbell – Waratah
•    Callum Searle – Waratah 
•    Shaun Edwards – St Mary’s 
•    Kieren Parnell – St Mary’s 
•    Nathaniel Paredes – St Mary’s 
•    Dylan Landt – St Mary’s 
•    Harley Puruntatameri – Tiwi Bombers
•    Mason DeWit – Tiwi Bombers
•    Adam Tipungwuti – Tiwi Bombers
•    Liam Holt-Fitz – Nightcliff
•    Cameron Ilett – Nightcliff
•    Brodie Filo – Nightcliff
•    Kyle Emery – Nightcliff
•    Joel Budarick – Nightcliff 
•    Daniel Bowles – Nightcliff
•    Dominic Brew – Nightcliff
•    Mack Rivett – Nightcliff 
•    Nigel Lockyer Jnr – Palmerston Magpies 
•    Matthew Dennis – Palmerston Magpies 
•    Eric Guthrie – Palmerston Magpies 
•    Beau O’Connell – Wanderers 
•    Simon Bates – Wanderers 
•    Joshua Cubillo – Wanderers 
•    Brett Eddy – Wanderers 
•    Braedon McLean – Wanderers 
•    Brodie Newman – Wanderers 
•    Dane McFarlane – Wanderers 
•    Ronald Fejo – Wanderers 
•    Jay Dahlhaus – Southern Districts
•    Lionel Ogden – Southern Districts 
•    Michael Bowden – Southern Districts 
•    James Tsitas – Southern Districts 
•    Dean Staunton – Southern Districts 

Women’s squad list 
•    Machaelia Roberts – Darwin Buffettes 
•    Molly Althouse – Darwin Buffettes
•    Ashanti Bush – Darwin Buffettes
•    Tayla Hart-Aluni – Darwin Buffettes
•    Dominique Carbone – Darwin Buffettes
•    Jemma Iacono – Darwin Buffettes
•    Jenna Singh – Waratah 
•    Caitlin Couch – Waratah
•    Georgia Johnson – Waratah
•    Isabella Rapson-Staropoli – Waratah
•    Molly Cooper – Waratah
•    Lisa Roberts – Waratah
•    Alana Coombes – St Mary’s
•    Eliza Shannon – St Mary’s
•    Shailyn Doreen Peris – St Mary’s
•    Amy Chittick – PINT 
•    Casey Morris – PINT
•    Cassie Henderson – PINT
•    Jasmyn Hewett – PINT
•    Rebecca Pryer – PINT
•    Gemma Cusack – PINT
•    Katie Streader – PINT
•    Claudia Fabris – PINT
•    Mickayla Ward – Nightcliff 
•    Lauren Gooden – Nightcliff
•    Eliza Morrison – Nightcliff
•    Iesha Ronberg – Palmerston Magpies 
•    Tabitha May – Palmerston Magpies
•    Laquoiya Cockatoo-Motlap – Palmerston Magpies 
•    Litonya Cockatoo-Motlap – Palmerston Magpies 
•    Shanoah Leedie – Palmerston Magpies 
•    Kaitlyn Armstrong – Wanderers 
•    Tishara Davern – Wanderers 
•    Morgan Johnston – Wanderers 
•    Tayla Thorn – Southern Districts 
•    Bella Clarke – Southern Districts
•    Grace Mulvahil – Southern Districts
•    Ebony Miller – Southern Districts
•    Rhiannon Busch – Southern Districts
•    Malory Nankervis – Southern Districts
•    Lateesha Jeffrey – Southern Districts