NTFL Round 13 Nightcliff vs Darwin Buffaloes power outage

Just before the lights went out at TIO Stadium

AFL Northern Territory (AFLNT) advises the following information relating to the premature conclusion to Saturday night's Round 13 TIO NTFL Men's Premier League fixture between Nighcliff and the Darwin Buffaloes.
Approximately 17 minutes into the third quarter, TIO Stadium lost power, which amongst other things, impacted the lighting for the ground and areas where patrons were seated.
The only match running at the time was the Nightcliff vs Darwin Buffaloes men's game, which stopped immediately and players and officials headed towards their changeroom areas.
AFLNT staff on duty made a call to Power and Water and were informed that a substation that supplies power to the stadium and surrounding areas, including Marrara and Moil, had blown.
In accordance with AFLNT Rules and Regulations (2019-20 edition), rule 3.24 stipulates how matches run by AFLNT are to be handled should they not commence or are incomplete.
In particular, 3.24 (c) says:
If a match has commenced but is stopped for any reason during or after the half time interval and is unable to recommence within a period of thirty (30) minutes, that match will be deemed to have been completed and the scores at the time the match was stopped will be deemed to be the final scores for that match.
As the power supply to TIO Stadium was not restored within the allowed 30 minutes, the scores and result were entered as; Nightcliff 12.8.80 to Darwin Buffaloes 7.5.47.
It is important to note that rule 3.24 (b) refers to a different set of allowances had the match been a Premier League final. 

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