University and Banks to contest STOP! One Punch Can Kill Shield

2020 sees the return of the STOP! One Punch Can Kill Shield

Old rivals University Rats and Banks Bulldogs football clubs meet again this weekend in the second STOP. One Punch Can Kill Shield match.

The shield was initiated last season after one of the Uni players suffered serious head injuries in an assault while on a night out in the city.

The match aims to raise awareness of the dangers of a “coward’s punch”.

University Rats President Monique Rauseo said; “The message is as important for offenders as it is for victims. Some people who commit such assaults never intended to cause such damage, but as a result of the serious injury or death that these assaults cause, the lives of both victim and offender can be turned upside down in an instant. We want to get this  message out to people to reduce the chance of that happening.”

Although the player is recovering from his injuries and is back at work, he has still not returned to competitive footy.

Game details

2020/21 TIO NTFL Men's Division 2
University Rats vs Banks Bulldogs
2pm Saturday 10 October
TIO Oval 2

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