AFLNT Life Member Inductions and Director Re-appointments


AFLNT held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday evening which saw new Life Members inducted and Directors re-appointed.

Current TIO NTFL players Hayley Davey (Palmerston Magpies), Kylie Duggan (Darwin Buffaloes) and Michaelia Roberts (Darwin Buffaloes) were endorsed for player life memberships.

To be eligible, past or present players must exceed playing in 150 Women’s Premier league or 200 Men’s games Premier League, NT Thunder or representative team to be endorsed. 

Former TIO NTFL umpire of 49 years, Dean Dempsey and Melissa Thiele who umpired more than 430 games in her career, along with current TIO NTFL and prior NEAFL umpires Dean O’Donoghue and Joanne Wood were also endorsed for Umpire Life Membership. 

To be endorsed as an Umpire Life Member, past or present nominees must exceed 200 Men’s or Women’s Premier League or representative games as a field, boundary, or goal umpire.

As per AFLNT’s constitution, up to two Honorary Life Membership can be awarded each year. For outstanding service to football in the Northern Territory, Andrew McLeod and Shaun Cusack were endorsed for Honorary Life Memberships based on their contribution to the game.

Andrew McLeod is a terrific role model for aspiring footballers. He played senior football with the TIO NTFL Darwin Buffaloes Football Club (DBFC) and was named Captain of the AFLNT Team of the Century. He was also awarded Life Member (Legend Status) of the DBFC in 2010, won the Steve Abala Medal for Administrators in 2013 and was inducted into the AFLNT Hall of Fame in 2014 with Legend Status. In 2010 McLeod retired from playing football before returning part time in 2011 with NTFC in the inaugural NEAFL season and became a Premiership player with NT Thunder. 

Central Australian Football League (CAFL) representative and multi-Premiership player, coach, umpire, and commentator Shaun Cusack has extensive involvement in Territory footy, ranging over 30 years dating back to 1991. He has an impressive football resume including awards for winning the Best on Ground award in the 2001 CAFL vs Spencer Gulf League and CAFL’s leading goal kicker in 2008. 

Head of AFLNT Stuart Totham acknowledged the new life members.

“Warm congratulations to those who acknowledged for their service to NT footy by receiving AFLNT Life Membership at our AGM this evening,” he said. 
“All recipients thoroughly deserve their Life Membership, and we are looking forward to honouring and formally inducting them as new Life Members at the TIO NTFL Grand Final Life Members Luncheon.” 

AFLNT Chairman Sean Bowden also congratulated the Life Member inductees. 

“The Territory is lucky to have such great role models and leaders to look up to in our game. Congratulations to everyone who has received Life Membership.”

In addition to Life Member endorsements, there have been three Director re-appointments for an additional 3-year term:
Andrew Dillon 
Dianne Borella 
Kathleen Cole 

They join Ted Liddy, Lincoln Jenkin, Thomas Wilcox and David Ross after Bowden announced the retirement of Ross Coburn and Colleen Gwynne. 

“I want to take this opportunity to thank retiring AFLNT Directors, Ross and Colleen for their outstanding contribution to Territory footy and to also thank the re-appointed Directors for their continued commitment to the game.”