AFLNT partner with Roper Gulf Regional Council to establish Southern Football Hub


AFLNT are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Roper Gulf Regional Council to establish a Southern Football Hub within the Big Rivers Football League. 

This Hub will allow teams within the Big Rivers Football League to play at Mataranka Oval, saving up to hundreds of kilometres in travel to other venues. 

“This is a huge game changer for the Big Rivers Competition as it will save teams like Ngukurr Minyerri and Jilkminggan considerable travel,” AFLNT Katherine Regional Development Manager Gavin May said. 

“It has also allowed Ngukurr to put an Under 16 side with the money saved from less travel”.

This partnership will also provide employment opportunities for locals to umpire, gate keep and canteen manage on game days at Mataranka Oval.

Roper Gulf Regional Council Mayor Judy MacFarlane says the partnership is a natural fit, with both AFLNT and Regional Council dedicated to providing opportunities for people in the Roper Gulf region to play footy. 

“Council is thrilled to be uniting with AFL Northern Territory to establish a Southern Football Hub in the region,” MacFarlane said. 
“We have seen the positive influence that AFL can have across the region, creating job opportunities and responsibility for local people as well as building a strong sense of comradery, and Council is excited to see this influence in our communities. 
“The township of Mataranka will host games over 14 rounds and the Jilkminggan community will host seven. This is huge for the people that live locally in these areas and is a credit to those who have worked hard to keep the ovals in excellent playing condition.”

The Big Rivers Football League’s first Mataranka Oval game is set to be played in Round 1 on 1 May 2021. 

The League’s full fixture will be announced in coming weeks.