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Eight items have been kindly donated for the main auction with bids for each auction item only available at the event.

Sweet Water Dreaming

An artwork by Yulyurla – Lorna Napurrula Fencer titled Sweet Water Dreaming and painted in Lajamanu is valued at $770 and was donated by Mimi Aboriginal Art & Craft in Katherine. Yulyurla Napurrurla’s Water Dreaming travels between Urrpalarla, Pururru, Lungkardajarra, Kamir, Kulpurlunu and eventually up to Mikunki and Munkularri, stopping at each site and then possibly travelling further west. Following in the wake of this Water Dreaming was a Giant Dreaming Kangaroo, an obvious reference to the reliance of species, including humans, especially desert dwellers, to follow a reliable water supply. 

The curator notes that in Fencer’s “beautiful, restrained and elegiac Water Dreaming, the work has overt Tingari visual references, involving conjoined circles and lines, iconography connoting co-initiates, forever connected by their shared, life altering experiences, while simultaneously referencing the waterholes and lines, rivulets and creeks forges by rainfall.” Fencer states the piece “is an important story of good water in the Tanami desert. This story is from my grandfather’s side.”

AFLNT Code #01

Sweet Water Dreaming

Lightning Spirit People

A painting by Edward Blitner titled Lightning Spirit People and valued at $1,200 when it was purchased four years ago, has been donated by the Hull family – the family of Tai Martin-Page. Images of Lightning Spirits can be found throughout Arnhem Land in caves and rock surfaces. The sacred sight of Namarrkon, the Lightning Spirit for the Kunwinjku people living at Gunbalanya, is about 56 kilometres away to the east of Nimbuwah rock, which towers into the sky from the surrounding plains. It is here that Namarrkon dwells throughout the dry season. When the wet monsoon season stars to build up in November, Namarrkon flies into the sky and sits on storm clouds made by the Rainbow Serpent. From there he emits deep growls of thunder and sends lightning flashes across the sky, although no rain falls until the Rainbow Serpent releases it.

AFLNT Code #10

Lightning Spirit People

Yellow and Black Richmond 2017 Premiers dual signed litho

A moment in AFL history that won’t soon be forgotten the Yellow and Black Richmond 2017 Premiers dual signed litho has been donated by the AFL and is valued at $695. The piece has been signed by Richmond premiership captain, Trent Cotchin, and Norm Smith Medallist, Dustin Martin. It features replica medals of the Premiership medallion and the Norm Smith medal and features a portion of the official match ball. The piece also has performance descriptions of all 22 Richmond players who won the 2017 AFL Grand Final. Richmond broke a 37-year premiership drought and this is a piece that any Tiger fan or AFL enthusiast will want to get their hands on to secure a piece of history.

AFLNT Code #11

Yellow and Black Richmond 2017 Premiers dual signed litho

2 tickets to the 2018 AFL Grand Final

The AFL has donated two tickets to the 2018 AFL Grand Final to be played on Saturday, 29 September 2018. Last year these tickets sold for $300 each. The last two Grand Finals saw two teams break long premiership droughts with the Western Bulldogs breaking a 62-year drought and Richmond breaking a 37-year drought. Tickets for both Grand Finals were very difficult to secure and this is a chance to get your hands on tickets to this years’ Grand Final to ensure you see a piece of history as another team vies for the top prize.

AFLNT Code #12

AFL Grand Final tickets

Framed signed Adelaide AFLW guernsey

Adelaide FC has donated an AFLW indigenous guernsey signed by the whole 2018 squad and it's valued at $600. The 2018 team will enter the season trying to defend their premiership and the squad includes Territorians Sophie Armitstead, Calista Boyd, Jasmyn Hewett, Abbey Holmes, Sally Riley and Stevie-Lee Thompson, in addition to Jessica Allan, Sarah Allan, Georgia Bevan, Dayna Cox, Anne Hatchard, Eloise Jones, Rachael Killian, Ebony Marinoff, Jenna McCormick, Rhiannon Metcalfe, Justine Mules, Sarah Perkins, Erin Phillips, Jessica Sedunary and Brianna Walling. The guernsey has a gold AFLW logo at the front, which pays respect to the 2017 Premiership won by the Crows. It has been framed with thanks to Darwin Picture Framing.

AFLNT Code #20

Framed signed Adelaide AFLW indigenous guernsey

Signed Richmond guernsey

After breaking a 37-year premiership drought, this premiership designed guernsey is one for the Tigers fans. The guernsey was donated by The Cricket and Footy Shop and is valued at $700 and above. The guernsey has been signed by Richmond premiership captain, Trent Cotchin, and Norm Smith Medallist, Dustin Martin. Apart from the premiership, the significance of the guernsey is that it has been signed by the two most recently announced Brownlow Medal winners, Dustin Martin who won for his 2017 season and Trent Cotchin who was retrospectively awarded for his 2012 season.

AFLNT Code #31

Richmond FC guernsey

A day's fishing trip for 3

A massive prize for any fishing fan is a day’s fishing trip with champion barra fishermen Shane Compain and Nathan Corpus aboard the Megatron Barra Boat to Shady Camp or Daly River depending on conditions. This fishing trip has been donated by NT Plumbing and is worth upwards of $2,500. The trip has all travel costs included for three people, in addition to all food and non-alcoholic beverages are all supplied.

AFLNT Code #33

day’s fishing trip

Native Bush Comb

An artwork depicting native bush comb by Lynette Nampijinpa Granites, a renowned artist from Yuendumu. Her work has a national and international profile and its art has been featured in hundreds of exhibitions and publications in Australia and around the world.
This piece was donated by Ambre Philpott and is valued at $1,200
Hang It Darwin donated their services for the framing.

AFLNT Code #70

Native Bush Comb