Premier League Wrap – Round 12

Round 12 wrap

Game 1

Nightcliff Tigers 4.0 7.3 9.9 9.12 (66)
Darwin Buffaloes 5.1 5.4 7.5 7.10 (52)


Nightcliff Tigers: Micheal Hagan 4, John Butcher 2, Wade Derksen, Cameron Ilett, Trent Melville 

Darwin Buffaloes: Darryl White 2, Matt Campbell, Jalen Clarke, Bradley Mitchell, Ryan O’Sullivan, Darren Shillabeer


The Tigers score their tenth win of the season against the Buffaloes.

First goal went to Buffs in Darren Shillabeer then Adam Sambono set up the second goal to big Ryan O’Sullivan to get the double blues off to a great start. Evergreen Darryl White then kicked their third after a good mark 50 out. Bradley Mitchell roved his own smothered kick and evade a tackle for goal number 4 only seconds later. Tigers finally got it inside their 50 at the twelve-minute mark with Michael Hagan goaling against his old club. League leading goalkicker Trent Melville kicked his first after a great delivery by Cam llett. John Butcher kicked another for the Tigers after receiving and fifty against Matty Campebll and followed up with one more to draw the score back to one point after being four goals down early. Matty Campbell gave away his second 50 metre penalty for some rough play on Cammy Ilett so the coach might need to chat to him at the quarter time break. Shillabeer then got revenge with a 50 against Hagan and kicked in to Darryl White’s safe hands. White goaled to put the Buffs back in front with the quarter ending on a fiery note.

Tiger Michael Hagan opened the goals in the second quarter kicking two in two minutes after being fired up by a mouthful on the bench from opposition Darren Shillabeer at the quarter time break and the Tigers hit the lead by 5 points. Cam Ilett booted the Tigers third for the quarter to take the lead out to 11 points. Jalen Clarke came into the game for Buffs and he and Adam Sambono both had shots on goal but didn’t make the distance. Ryan O’Sullivan and Darryl White also missed set shots in a low scoring quarter - the Buffs left goalless only adding three points to their tally. Drogemuller, Ilett and Bowles best for the Tigers while for Buffs Sambono, Matty Campbell and O'Sullivan had been good.

The Tigers increased their lead by another four points that quarter in a low scoring game - both teams kicked two goals apiece. Jalen Clarke and Matty Campbell tried hard for Buffs but reigning Nichols Medallist Cam Ilett has been outstanding for the Tigers settling them into the game

It was a quiet final term with no goals being scored, allowing Nightcliff to hold onto the early lead and take home their tenth win for the season. That quarter Cameron Ilett was a strong contender in the midfield for the Tigers while Malcolm Rosas was light on his feet providing the Buffs with some movement down the wing.

Game 2

St Mary’s 0.6 1.10 3.13 5.15 (45)
Waratah 1.2 5.4 6.7 11.9 (75)


St Mary's: Shaun Edwards 2, Raphael Clarke, Jack Musgrove, Anthony Wilson

Waratah: Kim Kantilla 3, Samuel Weddell 2, Samuel Flanegan, Sam Godden, Henry Kerinaiua, Jordie Mckenzie, Timothy Mosquito, James Wray


Waratahs run away with the win against tough rivals St Mary’s.

Throughout the opening term the ball moved quickly out of the centre however a strong cross breeze made it challenging for the players to stay accurate in front of goal. But for Waratah's James Wray this wasn't the case, who from set shot got the sole goal for the quarter. St Mary's milestone players, Ben Rioli and Ryan Smith had been good at finding space for the ball while Timothy Mosquito was in the right spot at the right time for the Tahs. Adding additional depth to their midfield.

It was a much more entertaining second quarter with five goals scored. St Mary's Raphael Clarke slotted his teams first major of the game, from a set shot 45 meters out. Before Waratah responded with four unanswered goals thanks to the likes of Jordie McKenzie, Samuel Weddell, Timothy Mosquito and Henry Kerinaiua. There had been plenty of scoring opportunities for the Saints however they had just struggled to finish off good strings of play.

Continuing with the momentum gained before the big break, Waratah's Samuel Weddell kicked truly in the second minute of the third term (his second goal for the game). In response, Shaun Edwards snapped the next two goals for St Mary's bringing the margin back to 12 points.

It was the same amount of scoring shots but resulted in a 30-point margin. Waratah's Sam Godden booted a goal and Kim Kanitilla snapped one thanks to the quick hands of Abraham Ankers. In the 18th minute Jack Musgrove got one for the Saints to keep them in the game however the Tahs soon responded through Kim for his second for the game. In a final effort both teams scored another goal but the winners had already been decided.

Game 3

Wanderers 3.1 3.2 5.4 6.8 (44)
Southern Districts 3.3 3.10 7.13. 14.16 (100)


Wanderers:  James Box, Jarred Erlandson, Keenan Smith Thompson, Stanley Tipiloura, Marcus Totham, Joshua Wilson

Southern Districts: William Farrer 4, Dylan Mclachlan 2, Timothy brook, Jackie Brown, Clinton Gallio, Michael Mummery, Dean Staunton, Steve Rusca, Richard Tambling, Shane Thorne


Districts Seal the deal on yet another win with an impressive final quarter.

In a seesawing opening term it was Keenan Smith Thompson from Wanderers who kicked the first goal, closely followed by teammate Stanley Tipiloura. However the Crocs soon responded with three quick goals from Dylan McLachlan, William Farrer and Jackie Brown to take the lead. Then in an effort to narrow the margin Wanderers Robert Howard slotted the last goal for the quarter in the 21st minute.

It was a quick second term, with the clock just passing the 20 minute mark before the siren sounded. This was because no goals being scored however that wasn't due to the lack of opportunities. It's just that no team could capitalize on them.

Both teams came out firing in the third term after a goalless second quarter. Jarred Erlandson kicked things off before the first minute was up, booting a goal before Will Farrer responded with a goal of his own for the Crocs. Southern Districts then went on to pepper a few more goals through Dean Staunton and Jackie Brown (his second for the game). Then it only took a few minutes before Joshua Innes nailed a set shot for the Muk Muks, narrowing the margin. However, this was short lived as Dylan McLachlan managed to sneak another goal in just before the siren.

After battling it out for the first three quarters Southern Districts ran away with it in the end. The Crocs went into the final term 21 points up and then pumped on an additional seven goals. This was through Shane Thorne, Clinton Gallio, Michael Mummery, Timothy Brook, Will Farrer (2) and Steve Rusca. But just when it looked to be over the Eagles had different ideas with James Box getting the last goal of the night.

Game 4

Tiwi bombers 6.3 10.8 14.12 19.14 (128)
Palmerston Magpies 4.3 6.6 11.7 14.12 (96)


Tiwi Bombers: Adam Tipungwuti 5, Ross Tungutalum 4, Jeffrey David Simon 2, Ashton Hams, Patrick Heenan, Harley Puruntatameri, Albert Tipungwuti, Michael Wilson, Austin Wonaeamirri

Palmerston Magpies: Alwyn Davey 4, Kyle Emery 4, Aaron Lonergan 2, Samuel Talbot 2, Mitch Bunworth, Matthew Dennis


The Bombers Snatch a well-deserved win from the Pies.

Tiwi got off to a flyer kicking four out of the first five goals and left Palmerston stunned with the Bombers playing with their trademark speed and finding plenty of space in the forward line by outrunning their opponents. Palmerston were undisciplined at points in the quarter by giving away two 50 metre penalties with both resulting in goals. Ross Tungatalum has been very lively in Tiwi’s forward line, but has been inaccurate, kicking one goal and three behinds. Adam Tipungwuti has also been industrious in the forward line, kicking three goals. Tiwi’s other goal kickers were Albert Tipungwuti and Jeffrey David Simon. Alwyn Davey, Kyle Emery and Matt Dennis (2) kicked truly for the Magpies.

Palmerston slowed the game down which led to a lower scoring quarter. It took until the 13th minute for Tiwi to score their first goal as they were not given space in the corridor to play with speed. Aaron Davey has been very important for Palmerston with his run and carry off of half back. There was a short break in play with Jeffrey David Simon lying injured on the ground, but he managed to run off the ground and returned to play. Tiwi found accuracy difficult in the first half of the quarter, with snaps on goal missing, which saw the Magpies get to within a goal. However, four goals in a row to the Bombers sees them with a 26-point lead at half time. Tiwi’s goal kickers were Austin Wonaeamirri, Ashton Hams, Adam Tipungwuti and Ross Tungatalum. Palmerston’s were Alwyn Davey and Kyle Emery.  

Tiwi had continued playing with speed which has seen them kick goals very quickly from transition, with Palmerston slower and more methodical in their approach to goal. Tiwi’s defence has also been very strong, taking plenty of intercept marks. Palmerston have had more inside 50s than Tiwi, but whenever Tiwi go inside 50 it nearly always resulted in a goal. Palmerston outscored Tiwi in the quarter, but still face an uphill battle in the last quarter. Tiwi’s goal kickers were Ross Tungatalum, Paddy Heenan and Simon Munkara (2). Palmerston’s were Kyle Emery, Aaron Lonergan, Sam Talbot and Alwyn Davey (2).

It looked like it may have been a repeat from the last round with Palmerston scoring the first two goals through Kyle Emery and Mitch Buntworth to get within two goals. Palmerston held all the momentum before Adam Tipungwuti put a halt to the Magpies with a brilliant midair goal. Tiwi then held possession of the ball to regain control of the game and kicked another through Ross Tungatalum. Palmerston kicked the next through Aaron Lonergan, but couldn’t get back to back goals with Tiwi kicking the next three through Michael Wilson, Ross Tungatalum and Harley Puruntatameri.