Diversity Talent

What is AFLNT Diversity Talent?

Diversity talent encompasses Indigenous (Kickstart) and Multicultural (All Nations) programs. 

What competitions do they play in?

Each year AFLNT Diversity talent participates in the Diversity Championships.  

When did the Diversity Talent squad first commence?


What have been some highlights?

The Northern Territory have had several athletes selected for either the Flying Boomerangs, World Team, Woomeras or the Medley squads over the years. In 2016 Michael Mummery represented the Northern Territory in the Flying Boomerangs squad and subsequently the AFL National Academy.

How do you qualify for this squad?

Both male and female Indigenous, multicultural and Torres Strait Island footballers are eligible for positions within these squads.

The Flying Boomerangs is an all-Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander AFL squad for young men aged 14 - 16. Meanwhile, the AFL World Team is comprised of the best upcoming multicultural players Australia-wide.

The Woomeras is a female program for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders aged 14 - 18. The program seeks to develop the athletes in an elite environment and strengthen their leadership skills. The Medley squad is the female equivalent of the World Team, is comprised of 30 multicultural players to represent Australia.