Men's Under 16s

What is NT Thunder Academy Under 16s?

NT Thunder Academy Under 16s is the Territory’s representative team for male participants aged 15 and 16.

What competitions do they play in?

NT Thunder Academy Under 16s play in the National Championships in Division 2 against Tasmania, NSW/ACT and Queensland. 

When did the Under 16s squad first commence?


What have been some highlights?

Each year the squad members get the opportunity to travel interstate and compete against some of the best young footballers from across the Nation. Often going to AFL matches and observing the top level football players.

Who is the current coach?

Matt Campbell

2019 Squad Members 

Kye Alden 6/3/03 St Mary's FC
Jason Baird 29/12/03 Palmerston FC
Jaymie Baxter 9/2/03 Nygukal FC
Sandy Brock 14/12/02 Palmerston FC
Taj Buitenhuis 18/4/03 Southern Districts FC
Bruce Burnett 28/2/03 Palmerston FC
Liam Coach 28/12/03 West Alice FC
Nathan Dickson 22/4/03 Spitfires FC
Rory Fairchild 22/9/03 St Mary's FC
Tristen Gowley 5/4/03 Nightcliff FC
Braith Hodges 15/10/02 St Mary's FC
Antonio James 31/7/03 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Jamie Jones 17/7/03 Nightcliff FC
Tom King 25/3/03 Big River FC
Theo Kortesis 27/2/02 Nightcliff FC
Brodie Lake 16/5/02 Peel Thunder/ Southern Districts FC
Jacob Long 27/3/02 St Mary's FC
Ariki Lowe 4/3/03 Federal FC
Tyrell Lui 6/2/02 Wanderers FC
Tyrell Martin 12/2/04 South Alice FC
Andy Moniz-Wakefield 26/10/03 Nightcliff FC
Gungdjarra Mununggurr 17/3/03 Darwin Buffaloes / Djarrak FC
Wanharrawurr Mununggurr 2/3/03 Darwin Buffaloes FC / Djarrak FC
Zac Pietzsch 7/2/03 St Mary's FC
Daniel Quinn 16/9/03 Nightcliff FC
Brock Reynolds 6/3/02 Big River FC / Katherine Camels
Brayden Rioli 29/4/02 St Mary's FC
Isaac Seden-Kurnoth 18/2/02 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Ned Stevens 7/6/03 Nightcliff FC
Riley Stone 11/8/03 Palmerston FC
Beau Tedcastle 29/3/04 St Mary's FC
Preyben Tipiloura 14/3/03 St Mary's FC
John Tipiloura 12/6/02 Wanderers FC
Jaeden Watts 31/8/03 Palmerston FC
Mark White 29/1/03 Wanderers FC
Colin Wilson 13/3/03 St Mary's FC

2019 Under 16 Championships fixtures and results:

10.30am Sunday 23 June
NT Thunder vs Tasmania
Blacktown International Sportspark (BISP), Blacktown, NSW

Tasmania 16.13.109 defeated NT Thunder 8.8.56


NT Thunder: Mark White 4, Liam Coach, Jamie Jones, Tyrrell Lui, Gungdjarra Mununggurr


NT Thunder: Antonio James, Taj Buitenhuis, Brodie Lake, Mark White, Ned Stevens, Jame Jones

10am Tuesday 9 July
NT Thunder vs NSW/ACT
Metricon Stadium, Gold Coast, QLD

NSW/ACT 12.9.81 defeated NT Thunder 10.5.65


NT Thunder: Brodie Lake 2, Jaeden Watts 2, Jamie Jones, Ariki Lowe, Tyrrell Lui, Ned Stevens


NT Thunder: Brodie Lake, Brock Reynolds, Tyrrell Lui, Sandy Brock, Jaeden Watts, Ned Stevens

12:15pm Saturday 13 July
Queensland vs NT Thunder
Yeronga Oval, Brisbane, QLD

Queensland 14.9.93 defeated NT Thunder 6.5.41


NT Thunder: Preyben Tipiloura 2, Taj Buitenhus, Tom King, Brodie Lake, Mark White


NT Thunder: Brodie Lake, Taj Buitenhus, Jason Baird, Tom King, Brock Reynolds

How do you qualify for this squad?

Athletes are identified through local leagues and can be nominated by someone from their club. They may also invited to participate in the Under 16s program from game observation throughout the season by other officials.  

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