Women's Under 16s

What is NT Thunder Academy Women's Under 16s?

NT Thunder Academy Women's Under 16s is the Territory’s representative team for female participants aged 14 - 16.

What competitions do they play in?

NT Thunder Academy Women's Under 16s will play exhibition National matches throughout 2019.

When did the NT Thunder Academy Women's Under 16s squad first commence?


Who is the current coach?

A coach will be appointed soon.

2019 training invitations

Below is a table of the players who have been invited to either the Top End Women's Academy or Pinktails training sesisons as a first step to being selected for the NT Thunder Women's Academy Squad/Team.

Top End Women's Academy training invitation list - Under 16 Women's

First name Last name DOB Club
Kiera Kurnoth 27/06/2003 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Jenaya Yarran 25/02/2003 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Grace Mulvahil 18/04/2003 Southern Districts FC
Breanna Williams 27/10/2003 Southern Districts FC
Kasey Marsden 13/08/2003 Southern Districts FC
Shavayah Lee 29/04/2003 St Mary's FC
Ieasha Friel 2/12/2003 St Mary's FC
Madison Harris 26/06/2003 St Mary's FC
Elisa Niki 16/04/2003 Wanderers FC
Georgia Johnson 18/03/2003 Waratah FC
Shaniya elly Duncan 24/12/2003 Waratah FC
Chloe Everingham 18/01/2003 Waratah FC
Shanoah Leedie 2/11/2003 Palmerston FC
Toya Norris 3/12/2003 Palmerston FC
Kaleisha White 10/03/2003 Palmerston FC
Iesha Ronberg 12/11/2003 Palmerston FC
Letoya McCoy 4/06/2003 Palmerston FC
Katie Whittaker 9/11/2003 Palmerston FC
Silvana Goldbach-Eggert 31/01/2003 Big River Hawks FC
Jaimie Bryant 1/04/2003 Big River Hawks FC
Cassie McWilliams 25/02/2003 Nightcliff FC
Teagan McWilliams 25/02/2003 Nightcliff FC

Pinktails training invitation list - Under 16 Women's

First name Last name DOB Club
Jasmine Bathern 29/05/2003 Rovers FC
Maya Jakubiszyn 12/06/2003 Rovers FC