Women's Under 18s

What is NT Thunder Academy Women's Under 18s?

NT Thunder Academy Women's Under 18s is the Territory’s representative team for female participants aged between 15 - 18.

What competitions do they play in?

AFL Academy Series
AFL Women’s Under 18 Central Allies Selection 
AFL Women’s Under 18 National Championships

When did the NT Thunder Academy Girls Under 18s squad first commence?

In 2014 and 2015 the Northern Territory had a joint team with Tasmania known as the 'Thunder Devils'. In 2016 the Northern Territory had its first standalone team.  

What have been some highlights?

Having eight players selected in the Central Allies squad to compete in the 2018 AFL Women’s Under 18 National Championships. 

Who is the coach?

Heidi Thompson - NT Thunder Academy Manager is the Head Coach. 

2019 Academy Series for the northern states:

7pm Friday 10 May
NT Thunder vs Brisbane Lions
C.ex Coffs International Stadium, NSW

3pm Saturday 11 May
NT Thunder vs Gold Coast Suns
C.ex Coffs International Stadium, NSW

9am Sunday 12 May
NT Thunder vs NSW/ACT
C.ex Coffs International Stadium, NSW

How do you qualify for this squad?

Athletes are identified through the NTFL, CAFL and local competitions and can also be nominated by someone from their club. Once the Under 18s have completed the two-match series against South Australia, a representative team known as the Central Allies is selected to participate in the AFL Women’s Under 18 National Championships. 

2019 training invitations

Below is a table of the players who have been invited to either the Top End Women's Academy or Pinktails training sessions as a first step to being selected for the NT Thunder Women's Academy Squad/Team.

Top End Women's Academy training invitation list - Under 18 Women's

First name Last name DOB Club
Sarah Assmus 9/04/2002 Big River Hawks FC
Madison Hohn 15/12/2002 Big River Hawks FC
Connie Maxwell 8/02/2002 Big River Hawks FC
Ayesha Kay 3/10/2001 Big River Hawks FC
Lasharn Dean 4/04/2001 Big River Hawks FC
Stephaniea Williams 27/01/2002 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Tayla Hart-Alluni 4/08/2001 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Johanna Dodsworth 6/05/2001 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Dominique Carbone 25/09/2001 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Molly Althouse 5/07/2002 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Martha De Santis 13/04/2002 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Anju Goninon 14/12/2001 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Ashanti Bush 18/08/2002 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Talia Corrie 21/05/2002 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Kristal Tak 14/08/2001 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Mattea Breed 31/10/2001 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Johanna Dodsworth 6/05/2001 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Monique Hewitt 8/08/2001 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Tiahne Clarke 10/09/2002 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Clessae Desatge 30/03/2002 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Phylisia Palipuaminni 31/08/2001 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Michelle Sliwinski 16/07/2002 Darwin Buffaloes FC
Olivia Hatzismalis 18/4/2002 Nightcliff FC
Cassie Reeve 17/7/2002 Nightcliff FC
Leah Gregory - Bader 2/02/2001 Nightcliff FC
Shantel Miskin-Ripia 8/05/2001 Nightcliff FC
Marijian (Rayma) Singh 22/05/2001 Palmerston FC
Mesapa Frank 12/05/2001 Palmerston FC
Tedisha Bush 22/11/2000 Palmerston FC
Ashleigh Whittaker 20/08/2002 Palmerston FC
Makayla Siddons 12/09/2002 Southern Districts FC
Bella Clarke 22/05/2001 Southern Districts FC
Leticia Lloyd 19/08/2001 Southern Districts FC
Kiyanah Toy 30/09/2002 Southern Districts FC
Emma Forsyth 06/04/2001 Southern Districts FC
Jacinta Anderson 16/05/2001 St Mary's FC
Elouise Calma 14/06/2001 St Mary's FC
Chinette Suapero 18/09/2001 St Mary's FC
Toni Sagiba 31/08/2001 St Mary's FC
Holly Beattie 14/05/2002 St Mary's FC
Aaliyah Bailey 15/01/2001 St Mary's FC
Samara Puruntatameri 22/03/2002 Tiwi Bombers FC
Michealine Mungatopi 22/12/2001 Tiwi Bombers FC
Ursula Tipungwuti 13/09/2001 Tiwi Bombers FC
Freda Puruntatameri 20/03/2001 Tiwi Bombers FC
Taquila Angel 15/07/2001 Tracy Village FC
Yasmin Roe 25/12/2001 Wanderers FC
Djimila Totham 26/09/2002 Wanderers FC
Olympia Lilly Mullany 1/08/2002 Wanderers FC
Kayllah Motlop 14/02/2002 Wanderers FC
Tulaha Jeffrey 4/06/2001 Wanderers FC
Grace Johnson 21/02/2002 Waratah FC
Jenna (aggie) Singh-Lippo 4/01/2002 Waratah FC
Shakira Henry 5/06/2002 Waratah FC
Matisse Hunter 6/02/2002 Waratah FC
Monet Hunter 6/02/2002 Waratah FC
Claudia Fabris 4/11/2001 Waratah FC
Stephanie Rayner 05/06/2002 Waratah FC

Pinktails training invitation list - Under 18 Women's

First name Last name DOB Club
Shoneeka Abbott 5/10/2001 Alkamilya FC
Jorja Weily 2/04/2001 Pioneer FC
Charlotte Birch 9/06/2001 Pioneer FC
Laissa Crowby 7/06/2001 Rovers FC
Racheal Hartung 14/06/2001 Rovers FC
Jordyn Kindness 1/07/2001 Rovers FC
Janaya Kopp 19/12/2002 Pioneer FC
Christine Davis 11/09/2002 West FC