Boys Under 16s

What is NT Thunder Academy Under 16s?

NT Thunder Academy Under 16s is the Territory’s representative team for male participants aged 15 and 16.

What competitions do they play in?

Nt Thunder Academy Under 16s play in the National Championships in Division 2 against Tasmania, NSW/ACT and Queensland. 

When did the Under 16s squad first commence?


What have been some highlights?

Each year the squad members get the opportunity to travel interstate and compete against some of the best young footballers from across the Nation. Often going to AFL matches and observing the top level football players.

Who is the current coach?

Jimmy Driscoll 

2017 squad members:

Player # Player League Club/Local Club
1 Jacon LAMPTON Palmerston FC
2 Robert CAMPBELL Big River Hawks FC
3 Dillen BROWN Wanderers FC
4 Ben JUNGFER Waratah FC
5 Brandon RUSCA Southern Districts FC
6 Deacon BRAUN South Alice FC
7 Dominic FORBES Federals FC
8 William GILMOUR Southern Districts FC
9 Francis BRUCE Pioneers FC
10 Jack NELSON Southern Districts FC
11 Shawn FOSTER Pioneers FC
12 Maurice RIOLI (JNR) Darwin Buffaloes FC
13 Marly MCGREGOR Nightcliff FC
14 Raymond PROWSE Southern Districts FC
15 Steven RORY (JNR) Big River Hawks FC
16 Braith HODGES St Mary’s FC
17 Malcolm ROSAS Darwin Buffaloes FC
18 Deshaan GINDIKINDI Elcho Island
19 Joel BUDERICK Big River Hawks FC
20 Jack PALMER Southern Districts FC
21 Mitch MUSGROVE St Mary’s FC
22 Jackson COLE Pioneers FC
23 Joel STEVENS Waratah FC
24 Daniel FULLER Wanderers FC
25 Timothy SMITH Waratah FC
26 Joel JEFFREY Wanderers FC
27 Leonard FERREIRA St Mary’s FC
28 Kaiya JONES Waratah FC
29 Cody TAYLOR Southern Districts FC
30 Barrindi NGURRUWUTHUN Gove

2017 fixtures and results:

12 June, Blacktown International Sportspark
Tasmania 19.13 (127) d Northern Territory 6.4 (40) 

Tas: Rand 4, Peppin 3, Green 2, Dakin 2, Turner 2, Gordan 2, Paprotny, Cooke, Ireland, Chaplin
NT: Gindikindi 2, Jeffrey, Ngurruwuthun, Rusca, Palmer 

Tas: Gordan, Peppin, Reeves, Ireland, Burrow-Cheng, Dakin, Rand
NT: Brown, Braun, Rioli, Ngurruwuthun, Lampton, Rusca

11 July, Metricon Stadium
NSW/ACT 20.16 (136) d Northern Territory 1.10 (16)

NSW/ACT: Delahunty 5, Thorne 4, Barling 4, Ellem 2, McGuire 2, Swaney, Russell, Allen
NT: Gindikindi

NSW/ACT: Grant, Delahunty, Thorne, Martin, Barling, Rannan
NT: Forbes, Jungfer, Rosas, Cole, Rioli

15 July, Metricon Stadium
Queensland 17.11 (113) d Northern Territory 6.6 (42)

QLD: Tozer 5, Hewago 4, Jeffery 3, Wischnat 3, Gore, Marytn
NT: Ngurruwuthun 3, Brown, Bruce, Rioli

QLD: Fitzpatrick, Tozer, Moloney, Jeffery, Liessi, Budarick
NT: Braun, Jungfer, Lampton, Rusca, Rosas, Brown

2017 support staff:

Mat Creeper – Assistant Coach
Peter Lake – Assistant Coach
Greg Bain – Assistant Coach
Matt Campbell – Assistant Coach
Michaela Long – Team Manager
Belinda Creer – Wellbeing Coach
Jake Shannon – Strength and Conditioning Coach
Tim Fitzgerald – Physiotherapist
Jan Wray – Head Trainer
Chelsea Mulcahy – Trainer
Kathy Hutt – Trainer

How do you qualify for this squad?

Athletes are identified through local leagues and can be nominated by someone from their club. They may also invited to participate in the Under 16s program from game observation throughout the season by other officials.  

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