Boys Under 18s

What is NT Thunder Academy Under 18s?

NT Thunder Academy Under 18s is the Territory’s representative team for male participants aged 17 and 18

What competitions do they play in?

NAB AFL U18 Academy Series
NAB AFL U18 National Championships (Allies)

When did the NT Thunder Academy Under 18s squad first commence?


What have been some highlights?

Seeing players who have gone on to be drafted in AFL. In 2017 Zac Bailey (Brisbane), Dom Barry (Port Adelaide) and Tony Olango (West Coast). Other past players such as Cyril Rioli (Hawthorn), Daniel Motlop (Port Adelaide), Daniel Rioli (Richmond), Steven Motlop (Geelong) and Nakia Cockatoo (Geelong) have also been drafted after coming up through the Thunder Academy ranks.

Who is the coach?

Jimmy Driscoll 

2017 squad members:

Player # Player League Club/Local Club
1 Liam HOLT-FITZ Sporties Spitfires FC
2 James QUINN Nightcliff FC
3 Ryan ALTHOUSE-COOPER Nightcliff FC
4 Rodney BAIRD Palmerston FC
5 Zac BAILEY Southern Districts FC
6 Nelson SONNTAG Nightcliff FC
7 Coen HUTT Waratah FC
8 Rohan ARMSTRONG South Alice FC
9 Zackery DERKSEN Nightcliff FC
10 Xavier CUBILLO Wanderers FC
11 Josh O’BRIEN Waratah FC
12 Daniel FULLER Wanderers FC
13 Matthew GREEN Sporties Spitfires FC
14 Beau SCHWARZE Southern Districts FC
15 Michael MUMMERY Nightcliff FC
16 Kieran PARNELL St Mary’s FC
17 Domonic GRANT  Wanderers FC
18 Jackson RENZI West Alice FC
19 Isiah FARRELL-NELSON Sporties Spitfires FC
20 Jack KLUSKE St Mary’s FC
21 Matt BLAKE Waratah FC
22 Shawn FOSTER Pioneers FC
23 Matthew BRICKNELL Nightcliff FC
24 Jamie HAMPTON Pioneer FC
25 Jasper HUTT St Mary’s FC
26 Ryan PROWSE Southern Districts FC
27 Jeremiah SCRUTTON Darwin FC
28 Keenan WATERBURY Southern Districts FC
29 Ankin ABBOTT Pioneers FC
30 Marcus VALASTRO Waratah FC
31 Ryan MU Nightcliff FC
32 Leslie MARONEY Wanderers FC
33 Tony OLANGO St Mary’s FC
34 Jack PALMER Southern Districts FC
35 Jacon LAMPTON Palmerston FC
36 Nathan MU Nightcliff FC
37 Thomas BROWN Waratah FC
38 Matt COTTERILL Rovers FC
39 Joel STEVENS Waratah FC
40 Braydon WEILY Federal FC

2017 Academy Series fixtures and results:

26 March, Blacktown International Sportspark
Tasmania 13.10 (88) d Northern Territory 5.9 (39)

Tas: Buechner 3, Mundy 3, B.McGuinness 2, Jones, Pearce, Millucci, Dixon, Williams
NT: Althouse-Cooper 2, Kluske, Scrutton, Hutt 

Tas: Jones, Hutchinson, Sawdy, Gadomski, Buechner, B.McGuinness
NT: Hutt, Althouse-Cooper, Hampton, Bailey, Scrutton, Valastro

1 April, TIO Stadium
Sydney Swans 18.12 (120) d Northern Territory 9.9 (63)

Sydney Swans: Hardman 5, Skrivanic 3, Blakey 3, Maze 2, Rankin, Carr, Kilpatrick, Stern, Loone
NT: Schwarze 5, Derksen, Bricknell, Bailey, Prowse

Sydney Swans: Rogers, Stern, Bell, Maze, Robertson, Hardman
NT: Bailey, Scrutton, Baird, Schwarze, Bricknell, Althouse-Cooper

8 April, TIO Stadium
Brisbane Lions 16.8 (104) d Northern Territory 8.6 (54)

Brisbane Lions: Drake 3, Johnson 3, Fletcher 2, Kristelly, Aston, Stackelberg, Coleman, Lambert, Fleming, Franks, Warren 
NT: Schwarze 4, Mu, Hutt, Bricknell, Althouse-Cooper

Brisbane Lions: Matthews, Franks, Johnson, Payne, Tomkinson 
NT: Valastro, Schwarze, Holt-Fitz, Green, Bull, Hutt

29 April, Blacktown International Sportspark
GWS 17.14 (116) d Northern Territory 9.11 (65)

GWS: Corbett 3, Shipley 3, Briggs 2, Peatling 2, Pollock 2, Fitzgerald, Highmore, McInnes, Stevens, Walker
NT: Cubillo 2, Bailey, Baird, Bricknell, Foster, Hampton, Lawrence, Scrutton 

GWS: Fitzgerald, Powell, Gaynor, Peatling, Shipley, Corbett
NT: Bailey, Baird, Scrutton, Green, Holt-Fitz, Cubillo

6 May, Broadbeach
Gold Coast Suns 17.7 (109) d Northern Territory 4.3 (27)

Gold Coast Suns: Burke 6, Crossley 3, Foster 2, Simington 2, Arnold, Bowie, Charlesworth, Olarenshaw
NT: Lawrence, Cubillo, Foster, Schwarze

Gold Coast Suns: Dawson, Foster, Burke, Heron, Graham, Simington
NT: Hutt, Bailey, Green, Schwarze, Lawrence, Baird

National representation

Congratulations to the three players who were selected in the NAB AFL Draft for 2017:

  • Zac Bailey - pick No.15 (Brisbane Lions)
  • Dom Barry - pick No.66 (Port Adelaide) - mature age pick
  • Tony Olango - rookie draft (West Coast Eagles)

In 2017 seven boys were named for Allies selection:

  • Zac Bailey - All-Australian U18 selection
  • Rodney Baird
  • Domonic Grant
  • Matthew Green
  • Tony Olango
  • Adam Sambono (NT Thunder)
  • Jeremiah Scrutton

In July 2017, Zac Bailey and Adam Sambono were selected for the NAB AFL Draft Combine testing. 

In August 2016, Domonic Grant (Level 2) and Michael Mummery (Level 1) were selected for the NAB AFL Academy squad.

Allies 2017 fixture and results:

11 June, Blacktown International Sportspark
Vic Country 10.8 (68) d Allies 8.8 (56)

NT representatives: Bailey

17 June, Adelaide Oval
SA 17.10 (112) d Allies 9.7 (61)

NT representatives: Bailey, Green

25 June, Leederville Oval
WA 12.12 (84) d Allies 6.8 (44)

NT representatives: Bailey, Green, Sambono

ROUND 5 (Round 4 was a bye for Allies)
5 July, Simmonds Stadium
Allies 11.10 (76) d VIC Metro 10.13 (73)

NT representatives: Bailey, Sambono

For more information on the Allies or the AFL Under 18s visit the AFL website

2017 support staff:

Andy Bilske – Assistant Coach
Ryan Ayres – Assistant Coach
Matt Cannard – Assistant Coach
Stewart Carr – Assistant Coach
Matt Large – Assistant Coach
Matt Campbell – Assistant Coach
Michaela Long – Team Manager
Belinda Creer – Wellbeing Coach
Jake Shannon – Strength and Conditioning Coach
Tim Fitzgerald – Physiotherapist
Jan Wray – Head Trainer
Annette Duffy – Trainer
Chelsea Mulcahy – Trainer
Kathy Hutt – Trainer

How do you qualify for this squad?

Athletes are identified through local leagues and can be nominated by someone from their club. They may also be invited to participate in the Under 18s program following participating in the Under 16s squad.  Once the Under 18s have completed the Academy Series against Tasmania, Gold Coast Suns, Brisbane Lions, Sydney Swans and GWS Giants, a representative team known as the Allies is selected to participate in the AFL National Championships against Victoria Country, Victoria Metro, Western Australia and South Australia. 

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