Women's Under 18s

What is AFLNT Women's Under 18s?

AFLNT Under 18s is the Territory’s representative team for female participants aged between 15 - 18

What competitions do they play in?

AFL Women’s Under 18 Tri-Series
AFL Women’s Under 18 National Championships

When did the Women’s Under 18s squad first commence?

In 2014 and 2015 the Northern Territory had a joint team with Tasmania known as the 'Thunder Devils'. Until 2016 when the Northern Territory had their first stand alone team.  

What have been some highlights?

Having seven players selected in the Allies squad to compete in the 2017 AFL Women’s Under 18 National Championships.

Who is the coach?

Chris Baksh

2017 squad members:

Player #PlayerLeague Club/Local Club
1Tabitha MAYPalmerston FC
2Madeline GAULTWaratah FC
3Calista BOYDWanderers FC
4Teka VOYSEYWanderers FC
5Tilly GrotaersSouthern Districts FC
6Tishara DAVERNWanderers FC
7Arthurina MOREENTiwi Bombers FC
8Danielle PONTERSt Mary's FC
9Shoneeka ABBOTTPinktails FC
10Phylisia PALIPUAMINNITiwi Bombers FC
11Joelle KANTILLATiwi Bombers FC
12Chiarah RUSCASouthern Districts FC
13Indra MAYOSouthern Districts FC
14Freda PURUNTATAMERITiwi Bombers FC
15Alysha HEALEYWaratah FC
16Stephanie WILLIAMSMinjilang, Croker Island
17Bella CLARKESouthern Districts FC
18Kiara WHITEPinktails FC
19Eliza WEARWaratah FC
20Natasha DUNN-RICHARDSSt Mary's FC
21Jessie BROCKPalmerston FC
22Evelyn RAAPARKElcho Island
23Janet BAIRDPalmerston FC
24Kyanne WARLAPINNIDarwin Buffaloes FC
25Mattea BREEDDarwin Buffaloes FC
26Julieanna KERINAIUAWaratah FC
28Ursula TIPUNGWUTITiwi Bombers FC
29Michaeline MUNGATOPITiwi Bombers FC
30Samantha VANDERBURGPalmerston FC

2017 fixtures and results:

12 May, Adelaide Oval
South Australia 15.9 (99) d Northern Territory 1.3 (9) 

NT: Moreen

NT: Gault, Boyd, Ponter, Baird, Brock

14 May, West Adelaide
Tasmania 6.5 (41) d Northern Territory 4.5 (29) 

NT: Moreen, Ponter, Puruntatameri Breed

NT: Breed, Boyd, Ponter, Moreen, Davern

National representation and selection:

A record seven Territorians have been named in the Allies team to play in the AFL Women’s Under 18 National Championships:

  • Janet Baird
  • Calista Boyd
  • Jessie Brock
  • Madeline Gault
  • Tabitha May
  • Arthurina Moreen
  • Danielle Ponter - All-Australian U18 selection

In January 2017, Danielle Ponter was also selected for the inaugural NAB AFL Women's National Academy (Level 1). 

Allies 2017 fixture and results:

10 July, Bond University
Allies 4.2 (26) d NSW/ACT 3.5. (23)

NT representatives: Baird, Boyd, Gault, May, Moreen

12 July, Broadbeach Sports Club
Allies 3.7 (25) d WA 3.2 (20)

NT representatives: Baird, Boyd, May, Moreen, Ponter

14 July, Broadbeach Sports Club
Allies 5.3 (33) d QLD 3.8 (26)

NT representatives: Baird, Boyd, May, Moreen, Ponter

For video replays and more information on the Allies or the AFLW Under 18s visit the AFL website

2017 support staff:

Graham Vanderburg – Assistant Coach
Karina Gray – Assistant Coach
Trudy Hopgood – Assistant Coach
Belinda Creer – Wellbeing Coach & Team Manager
Amy Chittick – Runner
Tim Fitzgerald – Physiotherapist (also selected as the Allies team physio for National Championship).
Jan Wray – Head Trainer

How do you qualify for this squad?

Athletes are identified through the NTFL, CAFL and local competitions and can also be nominated by someone from their club. Once the Under 18s have completed the Tri-Series against Tasmania and South Australia, a representative team known as the Allies is selected to participate in the AFL Women’s Under 18 National Championships.